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  1. Two things: 1: I did not give permission to anyone to post MY photos on this forum. If I wanted to I would have done it myself. 2: There were papers on the small window next to the front doors that said "ATUQ-STO" on both buses and there was an STO sticker on the small door of both buses as well as a "Crime Stoppers" sticker on the rear of both buses. So, in my book, they are STO units. P.S.: The member of my Transit in Quebec group that posted my photos without my permission will be warned and be dealt with accordingly as I see fit. Thank you very much.
  2. I was taking photos of STM buses at Honoré-Beaugrand station on Tuesday before joining my wife for lunch and I got a photo of 22-354. First thing I know, the driver is out of his bus and came up face to face with me with his cell phone in his hands and snapped a photo of me. When I saw the flash, I gave his a nice big smile and told him to send it to my friend who's a driver at Mont-Royal. He mumbled something and scurried back to his bus. The friend in question, I've known for the past 30 years.
  3. Catch the newest buses running at LYNX, HART and Citrus Connection, more Amtrak (Silver Service), SunRail trains and the TECO Line Streetcar while on our Disney family trip this summer and finally get my arse down to Rutland Vt and go back to West Lebanon or Hanover, NH to get more Advance Transit buses and Dartmouth Coach and og see the new Downtown TC in Burlington, VT.
  4. Saw 2-0006 and 2-0011 at terminus Longueuil Friday morning between 8 and 9 am.
  5. Saw one in the yard at Stinson on Tuesday when I was on the Mascouche train going to Mont-Royal station. Couldn't make out the number though.
  6. That's why I avoid going to Panama, first it's a bitch to park there and I always get the feeling I'm being watched. Went near terminus Longueuil on Friday, stood on Saint-Charles across the street from the terminus, no problems. So looking forward to going back to Florida this summer, will be able to peacefully fan at LYNX Central Station in Orlando, Lakeland Downtown terminal, Orlando Health/Amtrak station, Marion Transit Center in Tampa, PSTA 34th Street Transfer Center in St. Petersburg and near the TECO Line streetcar car barn in Tampa without being hassled by annoying security guards.
  7. Saw one with the remains of the same decal on Thursday on A-10 near R-132.
  8. There's a 99% chance we'll be in the Maritimes that week visiting my stepfather-in-law.
  9. Yes, I didn't go into the details here.
  10. 105-110 km/h on a 42-0XX series New Look on the 211 back in the late 1980s.
  11. Last Monday @huz66511 and I were taking pictures at Côte-Vertu and photographed a 171 going west. The driver slowed down, opened the doors and asked me why we were taking pictures. Told him that we like buses and it's our hobby. He closed the doors and drove off.
  12. Routes 11 and 21 will be merged. Gone will be route 21 and route 11 will be still in service. And that also meaans routes 1, 1a and 111 will be scrapped. http://www.rtcquebec.ca/Default.aspx?tabid=355&language=fr-CA
  13. I was 29 and working at McDonald's at terminus Longueuil as a swing manager and one of the other managers came into work and told us two planes hit the Twin Towers in NYC. I thought he was joking until he told me to go in the break room and look at the TV. We put in on LCN and there they were. In flames. With work and all, I actually saw the North tower collapse. I was in shock. I was living with my ex at the time, my oldest daughter wasn't born yet and as we were watching the news that evening on TVA (I would have preferred CTV, but I had to go along...) my ex told her daughter, who was four at the time, it has to make you sad seeing this and she just started crying, and I remember saying to myself, that's smart... Not! I remember the next day buying all the different newspapers I could get my hands on at the terminus' newsstand. I also remember watching the skies for the next few days and found it eerie not seeing any planes flying over. Ever since then, whenever I see a plane, I always try to follow its trajectory as long as I can. I only saw the Towers once in my life, in 1995 from the Garden State Parkway in NJ with one of my best buddies as we were driving to Wildwood. My wife passed in front of them around 1996-97 when she was part of the Université du Québec À Montréal choir when they were performing at Carnegie Hall and she got to see part of the Towers on an overcast city tour on a day they were not performing.
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