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  1. It is my understanding that the entire Steveston/99 interchange is to be redesigned with the construction of the new bridge/or tunnel. Whichever is decided on.
  2. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I would respectfully disagree with your statement quoted above. As a Spareboard Operator out of RTC I have driven many different suburban runs over the last few years. With 'Service Optimization' in full swing there have been a significant number of times that runs have been 'scheduled' 3 minutes or less of 'recovery' time at Bridgeport Station during Rush hour. This is insufficient to unload an single door coach with a narrow aisle. Let alone to attend to personal needs etc. Particularly if the bus is full and may have a chair aboard. And during rush hour it is seldom possible to actually arrive on time.
  3. Not all of us, I moved up and gave space for others to unload. Please don't paint all drivers with the same brush. TIA
  4. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    This morning, Monday 04/09/2017, I counted 24 12xxx coaches in RTC yard or shop. I may have missed the one remaining. I think it is safe to say that all 12xxx Hybrid Artics have safely returned home to RTC.
  5. Traxx Transportation

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this but, is TRAXX still based out of Alberta ? I saw a TRAXX liveried coach this afternoon with legals that stated 'Owned and Operated by Vancouver Tours and Transit' (Previous CBL legals). The coach was showing a CBL type fleet number and wearing Alberta plates. I have also notices that every CBL liveried coach I have seen is now sporting Alberta plates. HOwever Quick Coach (a Division of CBL AFAIK), still wears BC plates. Just curious about the merger of CBL and TRAX.
  6. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    You are partially correct. RTC saw a net increase of 73 drivers at the consolidated signup for the Sept 2017 sheet. While some of the incoming operators had driven at RTC previously many had not and required Route training. Those operators were given three days of route familiarization and used two buses to do it. They all seem to be great people !!!
  7. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I sit and type corrected. Thanks. To the best of my recollection the bus that was at RTC was the same type/style as the ones we will be testing. As long as it fits the tunnel. The SuperLo must have even less head room on the upper and even on the lower decks. I am not all that tall and had insufficient head room at the back of the lower deck. Even the front of the lower deck was very low head room. I have difficulty imagining actuall people on either deck of a coach just under 12'10' tall !!
  8. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    The one that was at RTC is 13'6" tall. Or so said the Alexander Dennis Rep. I am pretty sure that makes it a Super Lo Height model. We were told that it WILL fit in the tunnel and will fit anywhere a legal height tractor trailer will fit. The rep also said that Alexander Dennis has a number of shows to attend before they will be delivering our trial models and they will have a 'transit configuration seating' rather than the configuration on the demonstrator that he was driving. We will likely not get the trial units until Late September or October according to what the rep told me.
  9. Whats up with the board

    I see the same thing, but only when using the 'Blue' theme. The other themes do show the current page rather than an 'empty' space. Seems to be a theme highlighting issue.
  10. Vancouver Special Sightings

    If I'm 'on the clock', I go where they send me ... I may need a pilot car, but I go where they send me !!!
  11. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Also 16111 was on that transfer. I ought to know as I rode it up to Grouse !!! CMBC has supported Variety for at least 30 years, and likely since the first telethon 50+ years ago. The Company very generously donates buses and a number of drivers also generously donate their time to operate the coaches, some drivers have been involved for almost three decades. I would like to thank all that participated this year.
  12. The 49's are coming back to RTC in September. In fact we are getting all of them, not just weekdays but weekends as well. The 410's are not coming back, at least they do not appear on the preliminary sign up sheets. As to what vehicles we will be getting ... Come look in RTC on the evening of Sept. 03 2017, cause your guess is as good as mine !!! As far as I know the 480's are staying at RTC but what line they may be coming off I don't know. Not sure about the 32' either. I will try to get in touch with our sheet committee people and find out.
  13. Not sure of any timelines, but we seem to be hiring a significant number of drivers at the moment. I think it would depend on how many trainees have successfully completed the pre-employment screening prior to you. Personally though, I would likely not turn down any offer of employment unless I was certain that CMBC was going to hire me in the near future ( I like to eat ). When I got hired by BCTransit, (prior to CMBC being created), I had recently been hired with another employer. Employers know and understand that often times employees move on to other endeavors.
  14. Collisions and Incidents thread

    Hey now, back in the 'bad old days' I DROVE that route !!! Come to think of it ... I still do !!! They are all like that. LOL
  15. New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    She will never get towed to the scrap yard. She will drive there when her time comes. She will know.