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  1. Not sure of any timelines, but we seem to be hiring a significant number of drivers at the moment. I think it would depend on how many trainees have successfully completed the pre-employment screening prior to you. Personally though, I would likely not turn down any offer of employment unless I was certain that CMBC was going to hire me in the near future ( I like to eat ). When I got hired by BCTransit, (prior to CMBC being created), I had recently been hired with another employer. Employers know and understand that often times employees move on to other endeavors.
  2. Hey now, back in the 'bad old days' I DROVE that route !!! Come to think of it ... I still do !!! They are all like that. LOL
  3. She will never get towed to the scrap yard. She will drive there when her time comes. She will know.
  4. RTC yard is EMPTY in the AM and PM peak hours. We have no buses to spare.
  5. The driver with THE MOST years of service of ANY driver in the history of the company does not rate a thread of his own ??? Why not ?? That is one heck of an accomplishment.
  6. When I started at (then) BCTransit, Brother Don had 21 years on the job. I worked with him most days, particularly after RTC opened. I learned much from him and can attest to his sense of humor. RTC Depot will not be the same without him. He is missed already !!
  7. That is what I have heard from those involved with the project. The 620 will have priority for the rack equipped coaches
  8. As to the 602 being an XD40 bus this morning, remember that today was and oddball day as it was Easter Monday and it was neither a Weekday, Saturday nor a Sunday schedule. Boy were the passengers confused.
  9. Not a new run, just a different hook up. RTC already does all those routes. Hook ups change all the time.
  10. It arrived at RTC on 'The Hook'. Seemed to be headed for the shop doors. Update: 8033 is parked with the coaches for decommissioning and the new shuttles waiting for radios, fareboxes etc.
  11. As a RTC operator, I can assure you that RTC has virtually no spare coaches. During the morning and afternoon rush hours the yard is pretty much empty. I am told that the other yards are the similar.
  12. Was there this morning and saw what you are referring to. There used to be a garbage can outside the window and from the height of the scorch marks I suspect that the can was on fire.
  13. Likely the main flasher unit is BO and the coach has switched to the Aux flasher unit. That usually cause the signals to flash in the manner you described.
  14. I was not aware that it was possible to 'kneel' the rear doors. How is this done ???
  15. Possibly the stop is on EB 41 NS Granville because the stop on SB Granville FS 41 would be difficult to access properly/safely after making the turn, particularly in an artic.