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  1. As a RTC operator, I can assure you that RTC has virtually no spare coaches. During the morning and afternoon rush hours the yard is pretty much empty. I am told that the other yards are the similar.
  2. Was there this morning and saw what you are referring to. There used to be a garbage can outside the window and from the height of the scorch marks I suspect that the can was on fire.
  3. Likely the main flasher unit is BO and the coach has switched to the Aux flasher unit. That usually cause the signals to flash in the manner you described.
  4. I was not aware that it was possible to 'kneel' the rear doors. How is this done ???
  5. Possibly the stop is on EB 41 NS Granville because the stop on SB Granville FS 41 would be difficult to access properly/safely after making the turn, particularly in an artic.
  6. As I recall the 98 did have a stop a 63rd both north and south. BTW, I'd go back to driving one in an instant !!!
  7. Probably due to the snow and the fact that the Canada Line was down between Bridgeport and Marine Drive (at least). Road supervisors were commandeering almost any thing available to build a bus bridge. 601, 351 and 620 was going to Marine Drive and therefore were very late. There were 403's sent into Ladner and South Delta. It was great fun !!!
  8. None in RTC as of 02 Feb
  9. Actually I did respond on Thursday to this question. The numbers of all future vehicle purchases have been changed to reflect the year of the vehicle. The first two numbers identify the year of the vehicle. As to whether Fleet numbers can be reused, I can't answer that question.
  10. I can't answer regarding the new font, but they changed to 5 digit fleet numbers to use the first two digits indicate the year of the vehicle. 12*** indicates a 2012 vehicle and so forth.
  11. I believe that the 601 is getting increased service levels with the implementation of the April Sheet. I have been told that there will be a noticeable increase in service hours for the April Sheet due to funding from Government.
  12. Rear door problems such as this usually require that the bus be taken out of service until the problem is resolved.
  13. Thanks, I learn something new every day !!!
  14. I believe that was meant to be 'a BRT'. BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit.
  15. No stranger than seeing an Artic on a 354 ...