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  1. I suspect that the number (24) of seats actually refers to total number of pax as all bus operations other than transit are restricted to NO STANDEES. Therefore for all other operators the number of seats would equal number of passengers permitted.
  2. Is an Alberta Class 4 unrestricted DL the same as a BC one ??
  3. So far as I know CMBC only trains Shuttle drivers to Class 4 (unrestricted) standards. Only licensed to carry 24 pax and no air brakes.
  4. Actually, each evening the DD's are swapped between RTC and PCTC. Apparently RTC is the only depot currently able to service the DD's. They don't fit into the service bays etc, other than at RTC. So each night, the one at RTC is serviced and fueled and then driven to (currently) PCTC and the one at (currently) PCTC is brought back to RTC for fuel and service. At RTC some modifications were needed to at least one service bay to allow the DD's to be raised on a hoist. It is my understanding that STC will be handled the same way when testing begins on the 301.
  5. I believe so. Also, most mornings the decker(s) don't appear on the assigned track until shortly before their out driver report times. They seem to be stored either in the shop or on the maintenance slots to the west of the shop.
  6. Isn't that one of the fueling/servicing tracks for all buses in the evening ?
  7. That is correct. We were told during the Decker training that they would be pulled from service if it snowed because they are loaners and not owned by TL.
  8. As I understand things, BOTH Deckers will be running on 620's this weekend. Starting Monday, they will be running regular route/runs. Unfortunately I am not sure which ones at this time. I will try to find out for Monday.
  9. 535 Departure from Scottsdale as a 311 610 (Approx) Departure Bridgeport as 351 WhiteRock Centre. Can't remember the rest of the times but it will be doing 351 WR Centre trips until about noon. I tend to run about five minutes in front a regular 351.
  10. Tuesday afternoon schedule has been cancelled. 1009 (scheduled as a training vehicle) went BO due to an apparent sensor problem. 1008 was used for training and the schedule was cancelled as it was being used as an extra (unscheduled) run only. I anticipate 1009 being back in service for tomorrow.
  11. This, and 1009 are Demo buses only. Any actual orders for CMBC will be specced to CMBC specs and may be quite different inside. Tuesday morning's schedule has been changed slightly from Monday's. It will be running approximately 30 minutes later in the morning and the 601 trip has been turned into a 351 White rock Centre. The afternoon trips also have been changed slightly and I do not have them handy. When/if I get them and have time I will post them.
  12. Yes, currently all trips are 'unscheduled'. Both the morning and afternoon trips using the Deckers appear to be created specifically for them.
  13. For those that may be interested. R1009 is scheduled to be out an about tomorrow 27 Nov 2017. Schedule is as follows: Leave Scottsdale as 311 @ 0515 Leave Bridgeport as 351 White Rock Centre @ 0550, 0735, 0923 Leave White Rock Centre 351 Bridgeport @ 0642, 0836, 1028 Leave Bridgeport as 601 South Delta Exch @ 1105 Then NIS into RTC Enjoy
  14. No pics as the 1009 did not go into service Friday afternoon. No training was scheduled at RTC for Friday afternoon. As I understand it, 1008 is going to be used for training operator both at RTC and STC for the moment. Primarily at STC as they expect to test the Double Deckers on the 301 also.
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