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  1. As crazy as it sounds, I spotted what looked like TTC 9411 in Aurora at the 404/Wellington P&R lot yesterday evening.
  2. Downtown Markham, beside the VIP movie theatre. You'll spot the buses around 3-4pm waiting for employees. Think it's a M-F operation.
  3. When did the TTC get "event support" buses? Seems a bit nifty, all black with a front crash bar. The first few seconds of this Twitter video shows what the buses look like, is this a recent addition to the fleet? Video in question...
  4. Spent two days at the Ex recently, noticed that some of the streetcars are using pantographs, and some still use the old pole style. What determines using which? The Flexitys I've seen are equipped with both.
  5. Does anyone know the fate of the non-low height Enviro500 series? Soda cans or sold off to other agencies?
  6. I swear to god, I did a double take but today I spotted a New Look in a Maroon/Cream livery driving along 14th Avenue and Warden at noon. Had a roll sign equipped as well. Came out of a parking lot on Alden Road in Markham. Fleet number was a 3808 on the rear window or something similar.
  7. Maybe they had a ton of that fabric leftover since the V's are retiring?
  8. What did they refresh? Just the paint or interior + drivetrain?
  9. Cornell in 2018? Until I see shovels digging into the ground and concrete poured this date isn't going to happen.
  10. Bit early...I don't recall any serious collisions or whatnot. What happened, fell off a hoist?
  11. There was a unplated 84xx still in factory wrapping driven up Woodbine right before YRT Miller depot...not sure if it turned in.
  12. Saw 301 leaving the yard today heading to Finch, so it's still kicking.
  13. I'm at Finch station almost every day at around 1130pm-1200am and I almost always see a 9400 either going down Yonge or sitting at Finch.
  14. I've consistently seen a 9400 series on the 42 at around 12am at Finch.
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