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  1. Sutharsan

    TTC Electric Buses

    Thanks for your information
  2. Sutharsan

    TTC Electric Buses

    was it driven by contract driver or by truck with flatbed?
  3. Sutharsan

    TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

    If it is going to rebuild, will they paint the old livery maroon and cream color?
  4. Sutharsan

    McNicoll Bus Garage - Updates and Discussion

    Thanks drum118
  5. Sutharsan

    McNicoll Bus Garage - Updates and Discussion

    I though Summer 2021, isn't?
  6. 1001 as well. It was operated on 47 Lansdowne bus this morning.
  7. Thanks for the info! I need to ride on it someday.
  8. Does anyone have ridden on Nova Hybrid buses on Brimley Road lately? If so, what is the engine sound like? Thanks
  9. Sutharsan

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    The reason why they are at Malvern is because 1500/1600 and 1700/1800 buses are nearly retired so that means it will be replaced them a new one. This is what I think.
  10. Sutharsan

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Thanks for a clarification message here.
  11. 3449 "NIS" arrived here as well. it was 3:25pm on HWY 401 at Yonge street.
  12. Sutharsan

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    so that means 4513 will be done delivery by end of this month? I think because they are closing the plant for christmas holiday. Hopefully, 4514 will delivery on January 2019 and then continue to delivery for the rest of the fleet by end of next year.
  13. Sutharsan

    TTC Electric Buses

    Are the TTC getting those of the current order in the between 2018-2022?
  14. Thanks for your quick response, sir.