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  1. I saw a couple of nova buses were parked at the back of McNicoll bus garage this afternoon.
  2. Question about New Streetcars. Why are these new streetcars parking or storing at Russell Carhouse?. They should have been parking or storing at Leslie Barns at some point.
  3. For the second batches, will they be redesigned at the back of the bus? Ottawa bus was displayed at the show. The only thing they changed is headlight make smaller circle than bigger one. I couldn't find the Ottawa bus was displayed the picture in this board. Thanks
  4. was it driven by contract driver or by truck with flatbed?
  5. If it is going to rebuild, will they paint the old livery maroon and cream color?
  6. Does anyone have ridden on Nova Hybrid buses on Brimley Road lately? If so, what is the engine sound like? Thanks
  7. The reason why they are at Malvern is because 1500/1600 and 1700/1800 buses are nearly retired so that means it will be replaced them a new one. This is what I think.
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