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  1. Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. Will HSR be able to manage without these buses? I would think it’d be manageable due to the remaining 06/07’s coming back.
  2. Just wondering what’s happening with 0601/0602 and 0702/0703/0705/0706 and 0709. Someone here mentioned 709 might be used for parts. I’ve also seen one of the 0600’s(number escapes me) on training. If anyone knows what’s going on with 610 and 615 as well, I’d love to know. Thanks all!
  3. It was being used as a training bus. Any bus can be used as a training bus. The only exception, I believe, is the DuPont Trolley’s
  4. The Vicinity buses are back on some of the 6/7/8 runs.
  5. No articulated buses on Barton today. I am trying to find where it had mentioned they’d be permanent on Barton. I apologize, that’s on me for not paying attention to where I read it.
  6. From my understanding, there are certain runs that aren’t getting artics for the reasons Wonka mentioned, and, also, depending on the finish time of the run. If there’s a B-Line that ends at 1830, they may assign it a 40-footer and give the 60-footer to a Barton run. They’ve been able to reassign some artics from BLine because McMaster is also closed. AM/PM tripper pieces usually get 40ft buses. Runs like Upper James, for example, are getting 40ft buses because Mohawk is closed(interlined with the 35). The artics are becoming permanent on Barton as well, even after the pandemic.
  7. Bus #1821 has become the first RNG(Renewable Natural Gas) bus in Ontario. It rolled out this morning. Pictures taken from Twitter and here’s a link to the press release. https://www.hamilton.ca/government-information/news-centre/news-releases/enbridge-gas-partners-city-hamilton-fuel-ontarios
  8. It’s more than likely a regular assignment due to COVID. It shows, twice, that run was assigned 1210, then changed off with an artic, and 1606, then was changed off with an artic. It’s got an artic on it tonight as well.
  9. Could have been a wrong assignment. It was changed off with 714.
  10. Normally, the 6/7/8 also gets them. Right now, though, it’s anyone’s guess as they have been running 40 foot buses due to COVID and social distancing.
  11. As for 0913, it has been retired as per Seashore_518203.
  12. Thank you for the clarification! Stay safe!
  13. They were to be used as last resort buses in case they were needed. Bus 520 used to be with them. They just recently put 520 back into service. I’m unsure as to why they put 520 back into service and not one of the 0700’s.
  14. I’ve heard the Barton buses have been packed. Social distancing makes sense as to why they’d run artics. Only one 40-foot on Barton today. REMEMBER: SATURDAY service starts March 23rd until further notice.
  15. The truck at 3 was, in fact, refurbished. The number(300169) is still the same.
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