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  1. It’s more than likely a regular assignment due to COVID. It shows, twice, that run was assigned 1210, then changed off with an artic, and 1606, then was changed off with an artic. It’s got an artic on it tonight as well.
  2. Could have been a wrong assignment. It was changed off with 714.
  3. Normally, the 6/7/8 also gets them. Right now, though, it’s anyone’s guess as they have been running 40 foot buses due to COVID and social distancing.
  4. As for 0913, it has been retired as per Seashore_518203.
  5. Thank you for the clarification! Stay safe!
  6. They were to be used as last resort buses in case they were needed. Bus 520 used to be with them. They just recently put 520 back into service. I’m unsure as to why they put 520 back into service and not one of the 0700’s.
  7. I’ve heard the Barton buses have been packed. Social distancing makes sense as to why they’d run artics. Only one 40-foot on Barton today. REMEMBER: SATURDAY service starts March 23rd until further notice.
  8. The truck at 3 was, in fact, refurbished. The number(300169) is still the same.
  9. I hadn’t heard anything on the 0700’s that had been put into storage. Did they end up retiring them? Why bring back bus 0520 if the 07’s are still being stored?
  10. Saw it a few weeks ago. Has had it’s new blues installed. I had wondered if it was a new truck as it looked brand new. New paint makes sense. Thanks
  11. Per a text I got from one of my contacts at HSR.
  12. Does anyone know what happened to E3? They’re still using P43
  13. 1845-1849 are now in service.
  14. 615 is currently assigned to a King run.
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