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  1. Good to know Victoria’s buses hasn’t aged a day since my last visit in 2013. Maybe by Christmas I’ll make another visit.
  2. So I finally got a chance to check out the double decker today in person. I won’t judge the ride quality till they’re in service. But some initial thoughts; seats aren’t nearly as crappy as I thought they would be, the exterior tail pipe does not detract looks from the bus, there’s more than enough USB ports than I was expecting, i do expect a lot of arguments about the upper deck and the first three rows, if you’re over 5’9” the upper deck is not recommended, also really glad they kept the pop out rear doors. Honestly... all things considered. Some decent choices were made, as well as some okay choices. Now it’s the waiting game. Do wish they added a second iNiT display behind the stairs. Instead of that red LED stop bar. Maybe for future orders.
  3. Why not a thumbnail with a link?
  4. Spotted 449-452 still being tested today.
  5. Pretty sure they already did the consolation. But I’ve been wrong before.
  6. It is possible to have buses do both. In fact both the Xcelsiors and LFS that has been ordered; either have been or is being tested to do both.
  7. R30? What is this insulation?! 🤣 I know that’ll be for the 430, but what the hell is 21? North shore?
  8. Peak Hours only. A la 43 circa 2014. Every 15 minutes peak hours only. Both directions.
  9. When you can hear either the fan belt squealing when you take off, the turbo whistling on take off, or the fan itself when driving.
  10. 441-444 spotted testing today.
  11. Spoiler: Most of the people here, just care about the buses. Not about how the system works. You’ve got a better chance getting a decent response from Facebook or a drunk Irishman at a bar then here.
  12. Yeah what Ninja said, unfortunately the buses have since been moved. As well they’ve been historically stored inside the warehouse as well.
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