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  1. translink

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Here’s a random factoid for you; when I spoke with the designers of the Canada Line years ago. Brighouse was designed that if needed for the future it could be converted to an island platform. For a cost of corse. Basically the design idea was that the current concourse and staircase as well as the elevator would be torn down to make way for a second track. As well as a partial expansion to the current platform to the east. If need be of course. In addition to reconstructing the single track section as well. Right now as it stands the only thing holding back would be if HSBC were to be torn down. As well as funds to double track. From lansdowne south.
  2. Track work. There’s at least one other slow section; NB midway through false creek between Olympic Village and Yaletown.
  3. Usually you get one two car set running around during am peak and pm peak. Sometimes all day... but not usually.
  4. translink

    Transit Fanning Trips

    As the title says... transit fanning trips, recent or not post them here, and since i started this i'll go first... NEXT TRIP: Today (thursday) and friday Where: 8 rinks in Burnaby Time i'll be there: 10:40 am-11:15 am (today) So, yea post your trips.... pictures too , if you have them...