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  1. Terry. My condolences. COVID has made things... even more difficult. Take care of yourself.
  2. Current rumours state that it will be Hamilton. Due to its proximity to Scott Road. Though nothing will be confirmed until the winter sheet in December.
  3. Unfortunately that’s not how that works. Anything that was ordered for 2021, will not be delivered until 2022. AFAIK, manufactures like New Flyer and NovaBus will adjust their build schedule based on transit agency needs.
  4. Can I just make quick suggestion on flight schools? (Try looking into Kitchener On)
  5. They’ve just started testing this set as of... Thursday morning.
  6. So here’s how it works; over time, rainwater will soak through the concrete, and overtime you get what are called calthemite https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calthemite Which results in the white staining you often see in subway tunnels and sometimes even stalagmites due to the calcium in the cement. If you want to see this all in person, if you check out Burrard and Granville. Look up in the WB platform and on the walls in the EB direction. The white cracking in the walls and ceiling, is the same effect but in person. As well, look under the Edmonds passenger overpass, there might
  7. Oh god no. I’ve dealt with a system like that. It’s super frustrating, and god forbid your card gets demagnetized. Suddenly you’re SOL. Worst. Idea. Ever.
  8. No... it’ll have to be one of the standard floor buses. They only ever change it... every... 5 years... so whatever VTC gets in five years time that is ordered.
  9. I’m gonna play devils advocate and say NovaBus. If only for something different. Realistically, it’ll probably be New Flyer. In terms of depot... honestly... I’d love to see them in HTC/MTC. (Seeing that M prefix will look very strange) . Something I’d like to see are CNG artics. But the stop request strip... I haven’t seen those since the D40LFs. They were always in the disabled section. Sometimes they worked... often times not. Man... this RFP is a little different. It’s like going to a convention, asking an artist to draw... whatever just based off some text you wrote at 3am the night b
  10. Edmonds has RapidBus transfers on signs too. Was installed Wednesday night.
  11. The last few posts have confused me. There’s not a single depot that has ever explicitly said that they want specific buses. Regardless of type, or fleet number. Or even specific models.
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