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  1. It’s a Kiteboard company. Based out of Scotland. Chances are it was used by a distributor for product demos and/or deliveries. https://ozonekites.com/distributors/north-america/canada
  2. Oh. Huh... I thought they were being driven over. Yeah I’m gonna read a bit more carefully next time.
  3. If it’s green and white it’s for Victoria.
  4. Yeah they were delivered this past Tuesday. So... yesterday.
  5. Potato quality photo for prosperity.
  6. Edit: Never mind. Figured it out. Why do we have to use acronyms that require a google search. Can’t we just use the full names?
  7. I really really really don’t think you understand the ramifications of a strike. How much it’ll paralyze the system. So unless you’re under 5 km of a walk to a SkyTrain station, I wouldn’t hope for a strike.
  8. Saw one of the new blue top shuttles on the WB HWY 1 off ramp at Braid today. Not gonna lie, they look weird with both the blue roof and A/C units.
  9. Doubtful. Best case scenario, some university student is trolling. With Shaw being TransLinks Wi-Fi provider, I’m almost certain the Wi-Fi would be the same name as on the SeaBus. “ShawOpen”
  10. 19131 Spotted WB on I-80 in Central Wyoming early this morning. Should be here by, early next week.
  11. Oh Richmond never change. Personally, I would absolutely, not re-instate the 98. They screwed up, no B-Line for you. Want to get to Vancouver; you take what you get now.
  12. We’ve been over this time and time again. What everyone is claiming to be A/C in buses pre-2012. Is actually the drivers running the fan in the heater box in the summer. All of the rooftop boxes that we’ve seen pre-2012 non withstanding the 1998 C40LF has been just heaters/fan boxes. I swear we have this discussion at least once a year. We could probably turn it into a drinking game, with how often it comes up. Edit: No the 1998 C40LF did not have rear A/C either; so get that out of your heads. Just heating.
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