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  1. Yeah what Ninja said, unfortunately the buses have since been moved. As well they’ve been historically stored inside the warehouse as well.
  2. They’ve installed the overhead charger over the weekend at Marpole loop. Edit: Added a couple of photos.
  3. Something something 2019s first day something
  4. Speaking of new radios, I wonder if these are it. Its the only thing remotely close to what we use. They look cool, but I doubt that’s the upgrade. https://www.handheldgroup.com/rugged-computer/tablets-notebooks/algiz-8x/ ^^ Also just in case anyone wants to be the odd one out and really dive into the details.
  5. Consistency has never been TransLinks strong point. Neither has graphic design either.
  6. I feel like I answered this question before but, whatever. CNG tanks have historically been rated and/or certified for 12-15 years. There’s various pressure testing ways that can recertificate CNG tanks. Previously, when tanks are about to expire, they’ve been changed over to Diesel(See C40/C40LF) For slightly more power and/or reliability. Or retrofitted with new tanks/engines. (LACMTA). Based on what the agency’s needs are and such. But as it stands right now, translink can do one of two things. 1) Have then recertified. Which might actually be cheaper and replace whichever tanks aren’t able to be certified. 2) Convert them to Diesel and lose the CNG parts. Highly doubt this will happen with all the CNG orders and upgrades. Personally and professionally I could see translink recertifing them and keeping them in service after being rebuilt. But I’ve been wrong before!
  7. Sweet thanks for the reminder! They poured the footing for the charger itself today.
  8. In before it’s an excuse to have it say on the roofline “BatteryBus” 🙄 I swear the current trend with translink is to have labels on rooflines.
  9. I don’t know what your definition of a bit is. But... I can understand if they only had one set of wires. However there are two sets; passing and the stop set. That’s about 9-10 feet across and 80 feet in length. In order for translink to move the overhead. They would have to move the overhead 10 feet further north as well as move traction poles and switches. As well by the time you’ve moved all of the associated overhead, you’re already half way across the loop and basically in bay 5 already. Logistically speaking, it would be a nightmare. It just wouldn’t be worth the time or the effort. Or the money. Especially since the charging station itself isn’t much bigger than half a park bench, or an ancient telephone booth. The base is a 3ft by 3 ft square, the pole is 10-12 feet high and arm stretches about 9ft across; with those dimensions in mind. It is logistically easier to have it installed at bay 5 rather than anywhere else at Marpole.
  10. Trolley overhead is in the way of the charger at bay 1. Bay 5 doesn’t.
  11. So as of Monday the 15, Marpole is open. All that’s left is the concrete pad for the 100.
  12. Yeah unfortunately they'll be reusing the old 100 stop in the middle of the loop. Instead of the one on the sidewalk.
  13. Quick update on marpole loop. They finished repaving the loop and are just letting the pavement cool before adding in all the charging equipment. The concrete bus stop pads are being poured within the next week or two. If they haven't started doing so already.
  14. 9704 with a green condo ad.
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