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  1. now that weve debated that a bi artic might be legal (HTA )we can use it as the fast bus for Cambridge /Fairview service to apeese residents and councilors in Cambridge...and make the buses less crowded and when they make the proposed move outa Cambridge Centre to the intersection of Hespler and Dunbar(proposed new terminal) will make the bi articulate easier to menuver on the IXpress fast bus service... they could also be used on line routes like 7 the new 12 realingnment (going to Westount from Fischer Hallman in fall 2011),51 Hespeler road(it would not interligne with 65 or 66) and Fishe
  2. yes have the itl system anouce a magor stop like say next stop cambridge centre transfer for route 51,56 60,61,64,67,75 ixp pleese use rear doors when high volumes or when possible.. next stop uptown waterloo ...shops at waterloo square transfer for 5 and 35 use rear doors please the note could have a kindly move to the rear anouncment when a driver needs it by keying in the screen to have it anounce it when they are at a busy stop and the bus is somewhat full but empty near the back.. next stop willam street 4 waterloo city hall and region helath /social services building next stop kin
  3. What about doing a bus rapid transit train kinda articulated like but 2 trailing sections instead of just one that curantly is the articulate norm...it would have a person in the tail section in a second cab controlling the doors and steering issues in the trailing section(section 3) ...This way theyd have a mass capacity bus train that might come in cheaper then trains and unlike rail trains would not have problems when a train breaks down or is stuck by an accident , building fire ect. They could do legitimate stations with ticket machines/benches/bike lockers, and heat in the winter with
  4. tell the universitys to lessen the use of there cards for bus fares and theres less left behinds and over crowding ...As for cambridge they deserve the same level of service as KW especcily on sundays and holidays inclusive of earlier and later in the evenings on sundays/holidays and the region should have region wide sunday service routing and levels in the early morning hours on friday saturday..to get folks in all areas of the tri citys home from partys and bars ..To start with make the last 2 evening 52's mon/sat that end at fairview go back to ainslie and the 1st of the 2 (12am fairview)
  5. THEY should go to either orion or flyer for buses to make alternete buses as we all no the the feb snow of 08 had mostly novas stuck with the exception of a couple flyers and one cambridge solid floor orion(ironicly stuck in hespler on guelph av) and novas are not so good in deepening snow..of retirments the 500s mci classics and orionVs are less then 16 years old making them good candidates for getting chair lifts
  6. how bout doing a bus rapid transit train in dedicated bus lanes and utilizing a 2 piece articulate with main bus section and 2 artic sections with the rearmost section home to a second cab in the rear for additional braking and steering it coulld in a desiel bus have a second smaller deisel motor(would be in TTC Subway parlance the Guards car) ..And if its a electric trolly bus it could work on electricity fed by a region owned wind turbine...the bus train could use dedicated rights of way on street running like the TTC street car Rapid TRANSITS ON Spadina/St clair and harbourfront..IT COULD
  7. im all for artics comming hopfuly sooner then 2017 maybe with public (private )donations to make the 2 garages acomidate artics this could be done with a couple lifts in each and a extention of a greese pit in both north and south yards and a starting run of 30 artics as follows between both yards SOUTH YARD 5 for hespeler road 3 for 52 4 for IXPRESS NORTH YARD 8 for mainline 6 for north IXPRESS buses 4 for 12 con/farview mall and with testing routes would not always have the number alocated ie 4 for 12 or 3 for 52
  8. COULD the retired buses be on a hook heading for magor refurbishment in missisauga at orion as they might be getting hight refurbishment with chair lifts and such like early lift equiped orion 5s in toronto might be hitting the scrapper but this is just a thought as the orion 5s and classics are slightly smaller then the longer orion lows and solid floors and novas making the O'5 perfect for feeder routes .. just my 2 cents jeff
  9. im all for a system that reaches all areas of the buildup that means either buses or trains but trains all the way from ainslie to conestoga mall or this idea not on the table trains from cambridge centre terminal to the university of waterloo with the piece from the UW to conestoga mall/st jacobs mkt and camb centre to ainsle built later..this way it pleases the masses especilly residents of cambridge and the cambridge regional councilors of which mayor craig has allies in former mayors of cambridge jane brewer and claudette miller...This is my idea dont know if it would be much cheaper b
  10. GRT nova hybrid 8024 and a IXPRESS 209model mired in quickly acumulating snow at Fairview park mall teminal on 6th feb my 209 ainslie bound on IXPRESS left at 5:07.1707 pm and didnt get to the power centre in Cambridge till1735 and was treading in snow a few inches deap in less then an hour from 16:30 ish to 17 50 the snow became more light by 18:00
  11. sighted 2weeks ago wierdly was south service bus 533 or 535 (ex Cambridge transit )cant remeber which solid low floor oirion runing on route 7 was riding it to conestoga mall .....My guess it was put on the 7 for afternoon rush after have camera instalations..of note both 533 and 35 have been seen in there home turf of Cambridge of late just seemed wierd seeing it on the mainline..
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