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  1. Torrance also had 5 1985 35-foot Orion Is (422-426)
  2. There are some of each series still in service (I saw a 9900 yesterday). It seems that MD-T is retiring the worst buses (maintenance wise) of each series rather than an entire series at once. I would say that there are probably fewer 9900s running than any of the other groups. I wouldn't know where would be the best lines to find them, however, it seems that Coral Way Division has the fewest of the newer buses, therefore, a higher percentage of the older buses. Their routes generally operate in the south part of the county, from Flagler St on down. Some routes that serve the downtown area or nearby are the 8 (SW 8 St), 11 (Flagler St), 51 (Flagler MAX (limited stops)), 24 (Coral Way) and so on.
  3. I saw 1702 on the 3 last Saturday. Tried to get a pic, but it didn't come out well.
  4. Just remembered, D16 got some near the end of that division's operating career (1994). Hi 3600s and maybe the 3700s. They closed out service at that division along with the remaining 9900-series Neoplan double-deckers.
  5. They were at D3 in the beginning (1984). D3 had some high-3600s and 3700-3714. Toward the late 80s, they left 3 and went elsewhere. D12 also had them in the beginning, lost them around late 1984, then got some back around the late spring of 1985, when RTD did a major bus reshuffling They didn't stay long, by the beginning of 1986 they were gone, replaced by Grummans (blah). Division 2 got some Neoplans (3441-3449 and 3451-3471) in late 1990, when it reopened as a revenue division after 5 years non-revenue. In the beginning, they just ran weekday-only runs on the 420 and 424, I guess to cut down on deadhead mileage. In June 1992, D2 became a full-time division again. The Neoplans stayed there, and they may have gotten some others after awhile. I think a few made it to D1 in the later days. The only divisions that I can think of that never got them were D6 and D7.
  6. I wonder what happened to 0509 that it is up for auction. Wreck? Technically, it is eligible for retirement at 12 years of age, but AFAIK, BCt isn't retiring the 0500 series yet.
  7. Thanks for the update. Looks like all the buses I saw during my last visit to C/U (June 2006) will soon be gone.
  8. Thanks for the info. IIRC, the "C" cars had a cab at one end.
  9. Nice! I assume those will replace the 0300 series D40LFs?
  10. I guess the new cars are considered "D" cars? Also, I wonder what the numbering will be, I'm guessing they'll start at 2000 or 2001.
  11. It seems that no one quoted in the article noticed that Metrorail is a third-rail system, which kind of precludes street-running. But having lived down here for 18 years, I am rarely surprised about the lack of knowledge about things transit-related.
  12. I wouldn't worry that much, check his (OCTD) profile.
  13. Thanks for the update. C-UMTD doesn't get much coverage here, but always good to see. I lived in Urbana for 3 years in the early 70s, while my mother was a graduate student at the University of Illinois. In fact, I was present for the very first day of MTD service in August 1971 (rode the Red Line from Church & Neil to Race & Florida (lived in orchard Downs). We left in 1974 to return to NYC, but I've been back several times, the most recent in 2006. It has been nice to see MTD develop from a small transit system with 25 GMC Fishbowls to the system that it is today!
  14. It's been almost 20 years since I've been on a BART train, but the fleet hasn't really changed in all that time, so... The "A" cars (the ones with the slanted end), you can kinda see through the door to the cab, but the seat nearest to the cab door is facing away, so you have to kind of turn to see. Even then, IIRC, you mostly see the train operator and not much of the track. I think you can't even see that much on the C and C2 cars We'll see how much of a view there will be on the new cars.
  15. This is a good idea. It does get warm occasionally in San Francisco (like during my very first visit in August 1988. Record high temperatures, including 92 one day!) The Breda LRVs which started coming in 20 years ago are air-conditioned, so it makes sense for the buses to be as well. I think most if not all of the other agencies in the Bay Area have A/C vehicles, so why not Muni?
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