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  1. Yes, I didn't realize know that. Why Valley Metro can't have get rid of the older buses? Because the older buses should be phase out. When they will accepted delivery sometimes in early 2011. Last time that I heard Valley Metro is suffers loss $22 millions dollars and some of those routes is eliminated & changes the routes due to struggling economy. So that's why it was not good enough at all. Wow!! Cool! Thanks for sharing the photos. They don't have one here on routes 44 yet.
  2. Where I can find something the website about new buses for BCT? I need to know all of those info about new buses will delivery in 2011. I wasn't sure about this one. Can you guys try to figure it out for me.
  3. Wow!! Way cool! Thanks for sharing the photos and I didn't see it recently. I saw looks inside new buses is look so amazing! I am never see it before. I'm glad you guys took a nice photos opportunity. I'm sure the new buses will done very well. I have heard I-95 Express routes will be changed. I'll find out any more news from BCT if they approved from Broward County Commissions by last week.
  4. No, does not have Disneyland transport. Only they have Disneyland buses to/from airports. I remember where we rode on Disneyland buses from LAX.
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