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  1. NeOn Bus Rider

    Username Change

    Since NeOn Bus is longer offered by Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways, could I change my name to Megabus Rider Thanks!
  2. NeOn Bus Rider

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    I did mention it was a program, my friend said it was a Pilot Program with a actual end date of March 29 unless told otherwise.
  3. NeOn Bus Rider

    Angel Tours & Entertainment

    No, they have their own group tour leaders they deal with.
  4. NeOn Bus Rider

    Bieber Tourways

    Bieber is done!
  5. NeOn Bus Rider

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    To my knowledge they did bring the remaining fleet from Alberta and they are just sorting through on what they want to keep. This will be a common sight for the next few months,
  6. NeOn Bus Rider

    Badder Bus.

    Sounds about right according to my sources. Here is a interesting fact, The Coach Operations Manager at Pacific Western Toronto is related to the Cherrey family that once owned Cherrey Bus Lines.
  7. NeOn Bus Rider

    Pacific Western Transportation

    Employee Shuttle from Toronto to Waterloo I should add, Great Canadian Coaches does the same thing for Google Canada. Both Van Hools (1975 & 4942) are Google Canada Employee Shuttles (Toronto - Waterloo) but no wraps like Open Text.
  8. NeOn Bus Rider

    General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    They are also the preferred Carrier for Compass Tours. See my post on the Safeway Tours thread
  9. NeOn Bus Rider

    Ontario Northland

    They are now CMVSS compliant and Mississauga Bus is the authorized Canadian Dealer! They should be doing a show and tell at this year's OTE!
  10. NeOn Bus Rider

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    My friend told me, one of the Vision techs told him they will be packing up soon and going to Eglinton Garage. As for my friend, he will no longer be employed with TBM starting next week Friday. TTC has ended the day wash program due to budget reasons. The Janitors are not happy because the PM Drivers will take the garbage from their buses and throw all over the yard and the Janitors have to clean up after them. For those that enjoyed clean afternoon rush buses, good luck after the following week! lol
  11. NeOn Bus Rider

    Safeway Tours

    There will be not much new Coaches this year with Safeway as they are forecasting poor ridership for their Multiday Chinese Tours due to trade relations between China and the US and the detention of the Huawei executive ordered by US Law. As far as I know Attridge is getting 5 H3-45s, Great Canadian Coaches was told to only buy 1 H3-45 instead of 3. I am not sure of the other operators if they're each buying at least 1 H3-45. Coach Canada will remain with Safeway until the end of this year and only 1 unit will be left with Safeway wrap on it. Great Canadian has already took off the wrap from 1515 last year and then was re-wrapped in white for another client, 1516 just had its Safeway wrap taken off. Also with Great Canadian Coaches, they did buy 2 brand new 2018 MCI J4500s (8847 and 8848) last year fall. They are both powered by a DD13 Engine just like their Van Hools (1975 and 4942) with Allison Transmission. The MCIs with Great Canadian Coaches feature the Audi dash display with a 360 Camera. The new MCIs at Coach Canada are also powered by DD13 Engines which were used for Safeway. This is all I know.
  12. NeOn Bus Rider

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    No. My friend is on the day crew so they only work 4 hours a day Monday to Friday with weekends and holidays off.
  13. NeOn Bus Rider

    Greyhound in the news

    Anybody can get a copy of any PV Licenses
  14. NeOn Bus Rider

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    E Track My friend at TBM (Birchmount) told me a flatbed Truck was positioned to pick up the unit without the fleet number and decals which most of you are saying is 7808. He did not see that bus loaded on the flatbed but it was positioned. The Trucker was waiting for one of the towed in Nova's to be moved since the Truck had no room to directly load the bus onto the flatbed. Now my friend could be wrong, it could the Trucker may have been waiting to see which retired wheel-trans buses to load. When my friend knows or if Bus Medic sees anything, I am sure there will be an update.
  15. NeOn Bus Rider

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    Possibly Training, my friend told me Eglinton and Malvern are using Birchmount for Training such as backing up and securing wheelchairs. It pisses off the cleaners because they do it right in front of Tracks 1 to Tracks 6.