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  1. A late model D Coach was spotted near the Boston, MA area. Cannot get the unit number or the new operator's name. It just has the Saskatchewan Transportation livery but no vinyl lettering. I heard Prince Albert Northern Bus Lines and Moose Mountain Bus Tours each bought a few.
  2. I do know that PW does buy used buses and buying STC buses is not a bad idea and closer to Alberta than buying ex-GO buses. It could be anyone who has bought them.
  3. NeOn Bus Rider

    Safeway Tours

    It's Pacific Western. They did not use the 58xx series. It must be at the request of Safeway to use the 88xx series. They all got new buses, PW numbered the new buses in the 88xx series.
  4. I have confirmed with some sources that Angel has purchased up to 6 or 7 2016 Prevost X3-45s for their newly acquired Casino Rama Line Service. I'd assume with those additions, farmed out runs to Coach Canada and Pacific Western may be reduced, but I am just speculating. I know they have a white H3-45 XOXO and a older X3 HALO, 1 or 2 older H3-45s and a older DL3. If any of you are interested in their schedules to Casino Rama, click here.
  5. Since there is no thread on Tai Pan Tours or AZ Bus Tours, I guess I'll start one up! According to my sources, since all 10 Setras have been retired and sold off, AZ Bus Tours can't do outbound Charters for Tai Pan Tours due to fleet shortage with their Casino Rama Line Runs. Tai Pan has contracted to Attridge Transportation to specifically do the outbound Charters. Before Attridge, Tai Pan would use Autocar Preference (which in my opinion Preference has better buses compared to Attridge) to do outbound Charters. In regards to Attridge, I heard that they will decal their buses with Tai Pan Tours just like the AZ Bus Coaches. However, its unclear if Attridge plans on getting new Coaches or use their current fleet. That's all I know for now.