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  1. Coach Canada

    In an event of a break down in the US, the Coach Canada driver can simply get a Coach USA owned bus and continue the trip. Whereas the other companies, a replacement bus has to come from their respective garage which may result Safeway running behind on their Tour because the wait for a replacement bus and the other companies to find someone else to do the trip while the replacement bus is on its way. Fallsview Casino runs are double runs which the total mileage for the day is 650 - 700 km a day! 650 - 700 km x 365 days x 4 years = Ridiculous maintenance costs and frequent Schedule 4 inspections. Not to mention a driver does experience fatigue which is why Coach Canada introduced their modified HOS. Safeway's Casino Service today is running at its worse with a lower tip for the driver compared to 5 years ago and majority of the driver's refuse to do Safeway Casino Service and even the US Tour start runs. Great Canadian Coaches is now experiencing this with their drivers and soon the other companies will be experiencing driver's issues with Safeway Tours. Coach Canada has made money with other Tour Clients, they don't need Safeway Tours anymore!
  2. Coach Canada

    Yes. Not Weird, Unit #s for Safeway can't have "4" in them. lol Yes, they have been stripped since Safeway has already put in their order for Graphics with Turbo Images but Coach Canada has taken their own resources (assuming with Team Coach Imaging) to have them renumbered. It will take Turbo Images sometime to produce the Graphics since they have to do it for all contractors. Not to mention installation which is done by a small team from the Mississauga location. You just answered the first question with that last sentence. lol Coach Canada is buying nothing for them! They can take the Js or leave them! Safeway needs Coach Canada but Coach Canada does not want Safeway! Safeway needs Coach Canada for the Coach USA backbone for their US trips.
  3. New Prevost

    I saw some white X3's at the Toronto Yard with First Canada Graphics on them. I am not sure if they're new or refurbished hand me downs.
  4. Coach Canada

    That's not new, that's from last year, it was renumbered for Safeway Tours. Coach Canada did not buy any new buses for Safeway. It's rumored to be the beginning of the end relationship for Safeway Tours and Coach Canada.
  5. Pacific Western and their Diversified division
  6. IIRC from the Prevost H3-45: one is for engine heater and the other is for the battery charger which allows you to have the lights on while the engine is off. You'd use a extension cord, female to the bus and male to the outlet.
  7. Tai Pan Tours/AZ Bus Tours

    Same, I think the AZ Bus Owners just cut their losses with the sale of the Buses and the Bus Garage Facility.
  8. New BZ driver

    Congrats! Just keep in mind with this career change, you are dealing with "People who do talk back" so customer service experience is a must! Transit can be repetitive depending on your route but the people on your bus can change that, whether an incident or lame arguments. You do have split break in your shift in most cases its 4 hours. You can start with TTC, Go Transit (Part-time), Mi-Way, Oakville Transit and Burlington Transit. You can also try the private sectors who have contracts such as Pacific Western doing Durham Region Transit, Veolia, Miller and TOK doing York Region Transit. Hopefully this helps!
  9. No heat on Greyhound Bus

    Guess the mechanic was in a rush to get it on the road that they must have forgotten to turn on the hot water valve.
  10. oh good, I got one question to ask, I notice when the driver stops the bus, lets say at a red light, and then when the driver steps on the accelerator for a green light, does it have a anti roll back feature similar to the ZF AsTronic? It makes a air discharge sound before the engine revs, the exact same way with the ZF AsTronic.
  11. Today's Special Sightings

    Check 19, it's minor
  12. Coach Canada

    Spoke with a friend at Coach Canada, its the 85xxx series up for sale. They said that series actually drives like new, well maintained! So far, Belca Tours & Coach has at least bought 1 unit, not sure which unit was bought or how many was bought. I assume Belca is buying these unit(s) for the Angel Tours Casino Rama Contract.
  13. Coach Canada

    I shall ask my Coach Canada friends about this lol
  14. Prevost

    The i-Shift is still an option. For 2016, Trailways of NY and Coach Canada bought their H3s with Allison. Both of them usually get the i-Shift but Trailways of NY wanted to try out the Allison and Coach Canada had to put in the Allison due to Safeway Tours' request. Great Canadian Coaches still likes the i-Shift. As far as I know one 2016 H3-45 came with i-Shift but the Safeway Tours' units come with Allison, again at Safeway Tours' request. Attridge bought 2 this past summer. They were used on Safeway Tours' Fallsview Casino Run as extra buses.
  15. Safeway Tours

    Most of the 2014 MY Coaches have been "retired" from Safeway, I know for Great Canadian: 1000, 1002, 1005, 1206, 1209 and 1210 are no longer doing Safeway. GTA Crew 7201 has been "retired" from Safeway. 2013 MY and prior have been "retired" from Safeway for Coach Canada. It seems for PW most of the 2014 MY Coaches have "retired" from Safeway, some of them have the PW livery. As for New Buses for 2018: Great Canadian will be getting 3 and GTA Crew will be getting 2. Not sure about the other companies.