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  1. NeOn Bus Rider

    Missing in Action buses

    My friend who works for TBM at Birchmount told me 7709 fuel door was tapped shut, parked in C Track, more than likely being held by the shop.
  2. NeOn Bus Rider

    Greyhound Run/Schedule Changes

    Noticed that Greyhound Canada and Trailways of New York got back their pool agreement. Saw a New York Trailways Bus doing the 6am Toronto to NYC Run driven by a Greyhound Canada Driver.
  3. A late model D Coach was spotted near the Boston, MA area. Cannot get the unit number or the new operator's name. It just has the Saskatchewan Transportation livery but no vinyl lettering. I heard Prince Albert Northern Bus Lines and Moose Mountain Bus Tours each bought a few.
  4. I do know that PW does buy used buses and buying STC buses is not a bad idea and closer to Alberta than buying ex-GO buses. It could be anyone who has bought them.
  5. NeOn Bus Rider

    Safeway Tours

    It's Pacific Western. They did not use the 58xx series. It must be at the request of Safeway to use the 88xx series. They all got new buses, PW numbered the new buses in the 88xx series.
  6. NeOn Bus Rider

    Today's Special Sightings

    In my experience with Motor Coaches and New Flyer D40LFs, If the Motor Coach, like a Prevost H3, is 3-5 years old the latch that locks in the housing to hold the engine door would come out of adjustment and then just needs to be adjusted, simply with a mallet, giving the housing a couple of bangs and then its good for another 3 to 5 years. The driver can do that on their own. On a Prevost H3, the pax side engine access door is the first one to just open on its own when the driver makes a left turn. The reason why this door opens first, in a typical operation its opened 2 twice a day 365 days every year one for the driver to pre-trip and washbay to dump the lav. While in motion the engine access door would follow as well usually when its 5 years old. On the MCI J Coach roughly 3-5 years the rear engine access door would open on its own as well. The MCI J Coach does use a strut but even if its weak the locking mechanism is the one that keeps it closed. When you drive a Prevost H3, it's obvious in your mirror if either access door opens but on the MCI J Coach, you have no idea until another motorist tells you. On a New Flyer D40LF the only time the engine access door would open on its own in motion, is if both struts are weak. Again, the driver has no idea until a motorist tells them. All of the these models I mention have been highway driven and these cases of engine doors opening on its own while motion to experience happened while driving on the highway. As for TTC, could be weather or weak struts.
  7. NeOn Bus Rider

    Megabus US/Canada

    That should help...
  8. NeOn Bus Rider

    Megabus US/Canada

    Not gonna happen, Trentway-Wagar is banned from doing any Intercity Run between Ottawa and Toronto according to a license agreement with (back then) Voyageur which now Greyhound owns that license. The only way Megabus can do a Ottawa-Toronto route is another company has to own and operate the service like Dattco doing NYC-Boston.
  9. NeOn Bus Rider

    Coach Canada

    Chinese Tours are good for that lol Just hearing this does not surprise me, seems to be the beginning of the end for Safeway... I would not call it an extension, it was more like "Take the Js, or get nothing!" lol Probably, anything with a Megabus re-wrap was refurb'd
  10. NeOn Bus Rider

    Coach Canada

    In an event of a break down in the US, the Coach Canada driver can simply get a Coach USA owned bus and continue the trip. Whereas the other companies, a replacement bus has to come from their respective garage which may result Safeway running behind on their Tour because the wait for a replacement bus and the other companies to find someone else to do the trip while the replacement bus is on its way. Fallsview Casino runs are double runs which the total mileage for the day is 650 - 700 km a day! 650 - 700 km x 365 days x 4 years = Ridiculous maintenance costs and frequent Schedule 4 inspections. Not to mention a driver does experience fatigue which is why Coach Canada introduced their modified HOS. Safeway's Casino Service today is running at its worse with a lower tip for the driver compared to 5 years ago and majority of the driver's refuse to do Safeway Casino Service and even the US Tour start runs. Great Canadian Coaches is now experiencing this with their drivers and soon the other companies will be experiencing driver's issues with Safeway Tours. Coach Canada has made money with other Tour Clients, they don't need Safeway Tours anymore!
  11. NeOn Bus Rider

    Coach Canada

    Yes. Not Weird, Unit #s for Safeway can't have "4" in them. lol Yes, they have been stripped since Safeway has already put in their order for Graphics with Turbo Images but Coach Canada has taken their own resources (assuming with Team Coach Imaging) to have them renumbered. It will take Turbo Images sometime to produce the Graphics since they have to do it for all contractors. Not to mention installation which is done by a small team from the Mississauga location. You just answered the first question with that last sentence. lol Coach Canada is buying nothing for them! They can take the Js or leave them! Safeway needs Coach Canada but Coach Canada does not want Safeway! Safeway needs Coach Canada for the Coach USA backbone for their US trips.
  12. NeOn Bus Rider

    New Prevost

    I saw some white X3's at the Toronto Yard with First Canada Graphics on them. I am not sure if they're new or refurbished hand me downs.
  13. NeOn Bus Rider

    Coach Canada

    That's not new, that's from last year, it was renumbered for Safeway Tours. Coach Canada did not buy any new buses for Safeway. It's rumored to be the beginning of the end relationship for Safeway Tours and Coach Canada.
  14. Pacific Western and their Diversified division
  15. IIRC from the Prevost H3-45: one is for engine heater and the other is for the battery charger which allows you to have the lights on while the engine is off. You'd use a extension cord, female to the bus and male to the outlet.