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  1. Well this is a lot to process! Like literally lol My friend posted these Screen Grabs from Flixbus' Trustpilot Review web page on his personal Facebook. I checked myself and there are on Flixbus' Trustpilot Review web page. It seems there was a breakdown of sorts on the night of July 27 into the morning of July 28 on the NYC to Toronto run operated by Skyway Coach Lines. Literally Skyway Coach Lines just stranded the passengers in a Mall parking lot in Scranton, PA for 12 hours before a replacement bus arrived to pick up everyone. To make matters worse, the engine could not run so no A/C and the passengers ended up sleeping on the grass for the rest of the night into morning. My friend who does Ourbus between Toronto and Buffalo said they have had break downs with Fitzgerald Brothers several times but with a yard in Geneva, NY, Fitzgerald can get everyone moving in 2 hours whether a replacement bus or road call for repair. Ourbus would even put passengers in rideshares as Ourbus has an account with Uber. Adirondack Trailways has buses all over New York State and Trailways has been in the business for years. Happy Reading lol
  2. Ourbus is and they seem successful with the NYC - Toronto service out of GWB Terminal.
  3. My friend at Equinox Bus Lines test drove the TS 30 but he's more wanting the 35 ft Coach. That one was a demo with Damera Bus Sales.
  4. I believe those buses are wrapped and the First logo is printed instead of 'stuck' on.
  5. ' "For more than 100 years, Greyhound provided accessible travel across North America," said Dave Leach. "And for over 30 years I have been proud to be a part of such an incredible team and legendary brand. I have every confidence that Kai and Flix North America will not only protect that legacy but improve upon it with its global approach, smart technology, and an environmental-friendly focus. ' Sorry, 'protect?' With how Greyhound is going curbside and stranding people, I just have to laugh lol
  6. I am guessing its a rest stop and they decided to make it a stop at the same time. Niagara Falls, ON is a rest stop as well with Equinox Bus Lines/Ourbus. Cortland, NY is also a rest stop with Niagara Scenic Tours/Ourbus.
  7. TBM Cleaner is to blame, I am guessing they saw it dirty after maintenance was done, cleaned it and just put it with the other buses to be dispatched. The funny part is how did the dispatcher not realize that bus does not belong to the division and just dispatched it anyway? Lol
  8. Interesting, when were they auctioned?
  9. Ourbus got to them with the Slippery Rock - Pittsburgh - Breezewood - Harrisburgh - Philadelphia - NYC service launched not to long ago. Adirondack Trailways has hired a handful of Canadian Drivers for the Toronto - Buffalo portion of the Toronto - NYC service. Most of the Drivers are former Greyhound Canada Drivers. Adirondack Trailways parks and cleans the buses at Luxury Coach in Concord, ON in York Region, just north of Toronto. The Canadian Drivers report out of Luxury Coach,
  10. Any luck in finding out if the MCIs are retired? Wiki has most of the 24xx retired but 1 was sold to Peel Regional Police.
  11. It really looks like Flixbus is running the show especially not finding replacement staff and another staffed terminal. I should mention, when you book on Greyhound's website for Toronto - NYC, it now shows Flixbus departures along with Greyhound departures.
  12. July 15 is the date. The issue is nobody on the Coach USA side wants to sign up to drive between NYC & Buffalo, and DC & Buffalo. It's working out to Ourbus, Flixbus, Trailways and Greyhound's advantage for now.
  13. That's why he does not run on Tuesdays, he would have to use income from the other 5 days to cover Tuesday Departures, it's more profitable for my friend to not run on a Tuesday. Thursdays are a hit or miss, some Thursdays would just break even and that's it. My friend did run on a Tuesday after Victoria Day and called that day a Overload run for Canadians who left on Saturday and coming back on Tuesday. My friend has another Tuesday scheduled for the Canada Day/4th of July Weekend. My friend has to be careful on what Tuesdays to run to coordinate with Ourbus. My friend has another Tuesday scheduled in August with Students going back to Cornell University for the School Year. You can't blame Flixbus for the cutbacks, Greyhound is a total financial mess and Flixbus knows that. During 2010 - 2015 was when First had Greyhound pulled it's socks up and properly compete with Megabus and the Chinatown buses with those express runs. If Greyhound stopped those runs after 2015, it would explain the financial mess that First experienced and caused them to sell Greyhound to Flixbus.
  14. Just shared that sentence to my friend and he says why don't you start your own Intercity Bus Route and see how you can spread the fixed costs when each bus has their own lease payment, insurance payment, fuel payment and Driver Salary. He also says try to run an empty bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays and rely on 5 days of income to pay for Tuesdays and Thursdays income. The other 5 days already have their income to cover the expenses.
  15. No, there are exemptions such as Short Haul and Driveaway. Most Drivers for Equinox Bus Lines doing the Ourbus Line Run are exempted from HOS regulations in the US as they are on the 150 mile exemption. The NYS DOT does not bother to inspect buses operated by Equinox Bus Lines anymore because of the exemption. It's Company policy, my friend at Equinox Bus Lines says Ourbus provides navigation on the Driver App but the Drivers must use a Truck/Bus/RV GPS when Drivers use their own GPS unit. My friend says they he just submits the timetables and a stop list showing the stop addresses to their insurance company.
  16. Interesting
  17. Well, Ourbus just swooped in for the Pittsburgh - NYC corridor, also serving Slippery Rock, PA https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/ourbus-promises-new-low-cost-transport-from-western-pennsylvania-to-new-york-city/Content?oid=21606707 Not that I am some advisor for Greyhound, but if they continue this subpar service, Ourbus will be there to offer better. Since last year Ourbus has added more routes including into Canada and even increased service on existing routes. Not sure if Flixbus is just allowing Greyhound to spiral out of control to completely eliminate them and just take their buses and lease it out to their contractors.
  18. Got word that Megabus pushed back it's cross border service from May 13 to June 16. Even the website reflects the first trips out of Toronto starting on June 16. Not sure the reason why.
  19. Basically, Flixbus put it's hand up Greyhound's backside and moved its lips to respond that way. It's the most straight forward way to put it. Even better, Flixbus can make a deal with Rider Express lol with the way how Flixbus is competing with Rider Express in Toronto. All jokes aside, like Boston South Station, more than likely will be sharing with Greyhound. With Flixbus being the owner of Greyhound, they will find a way. Only Adirondack Trailways can stop Flixbus at that point. Not sure if that will happen, if they continue having pool agreements to honour each other's tickets.
  20. It's approved! https://www.ptboard.bc.ca/applications/2022/20220427/12621-21-MTR-Western-LLC-Decision.pdf I hear you, see the application decision for MTR above this post. The Board has no idea that Greyhound Lines is owned by Flixbus lol
  21. Here is a article to confirm my previous post: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/05/05/flixbus-company-that-bought-greyhound-to-offer-routes-from-toronto-to-new-york-starting-in-may.html It mentions service out of Vancouver, BC, I believe BC is still regulated not I am not sure if a separate license will be issued since Greyhound Lines has their own. No surprises about Buffalo, not sure if Skyway or Gallexy will do Buffalo. With the current Niagara Falls, NY to NYC run stopping at the Downtown Bus Terminal, I am guess the Toronto - Buffalo bus service will stop at the Downtown Bus Terminal as well.
  22. Snooping around the Flixbus Website and noticed they are doing Toronto - NYC as of May 10. Its a night run Semi-Express service with no stops between Niagara Falls, ON and NYC. Skyway Coach Lines will be operating the service. The week after there is no service on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Along with Ourbus, Greyhound, Trailways and Megabus (May 13), Flixbus will be operating Toronto - NYC Service. This leaves Ourbus and Megabus doing niche runs to Boston and Washington DC respectively. I should mention, Greyhound Canada and Trailways did a Semi-Express Service under the NeOn brand, the Semi Express service did not last long and they had to add stops such as Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton. Unlike Ourbus' and Greyhound's website which tells you the entry requirements, nothing was mentioned on Flixbus' website.
  23. Wow, how are those buses working out? In Ontario, we do use some serious liquid salt mixed with other chemicals to prevent the roads from freezing up to -20°C. On the other hand with the currency exchange rate, Academy got them for almost nothing, so it would be worth to get them rebuilt.
  24. My friend who does Ourbus between Toronto and Buffalo told me for the Buffalo stop (which is Buffalo Airport), Ourbus asked him to get a bus bay at the Downtown Bus Terminal on Ellicott Street since Flixbus stopped there and to run competing service with Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways and Megabus. My friend opposed the the idea stating how the Terminal is frequented by the homeless and Border Patrol which may hurt his bottom line due to the environment of Terminal. My friend opted for Buffalo Airport as he can offer reliable service to Canadians that fly in and out of the Airport and the Airport just built a new expansion with a new waiting area which is much more nicer compared to the Downtown Bus Terminal. As for my friend's Niagara Falls, ON stop, he stops at a Gas Station just off the QEW on McLeod Road. Since operation the Niagara Falls stop has evolved into a Rest Stop since there is a Tim Horton's and McDonald's. Also, it serves passengers going/coming from Welland and Thorold so they don't have to drive into Downtown Niagara Falls. This stop has a Bus Stop for Niagara Falls Transit. It's different compared to where Greyhound goes. As for the Toronto stop, Metrolinx has a $10 Million Third Party amount requirement for Union Station Bus Terminal. The problem is the volunteer insurance market will only offer $5 Million which makes it difficult to obtain $10 Million of insurance and therefore has to do curbside on York Street and Front Street where the Porter Airlines Shuttle buses stop. When my friend creates new stops, he looks at connections to local transit and what indirect amenities can be offer such his Mississauga stop which is in front of a McDonald's.
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