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  1. If Volvo wants to bring the D9 as an option or standard engine, they can do what they want.
  2. Just had this company show up on my radar. Corporate name is Intercity Bus, Inc and they have a valid CVOR: 214669917 Seems they bought over the old Greyhound Canada Bus Terminal in London and their first Route will be London (Downtown) - London (Western University) - London (Fanshawe College) - Kitchener - Toronto Pearson - Toronto. Can't book any tickets, so it seems there are looking for a booking platform provider. I have attached some pictures of the bus photographed at the old Greyhound Canada Bus Terminal passed on from my friend.
  3. I am thinking Nova will do what Orion did with the 7 which the NG 7 incorporated design cues from the MB Citaro. Nova will use the LFS frame and take design cues from the Volvo 7900 and call it the LFS 5th Generation. I checked and noticed the Volvo D9 Engine and (this got me) paired with a I-shift tranny. Driving a semi automated tranny in the city takes a lot of coordination with the accelerator pedal for a smooth drive, not sure how that's gonna work in North America.
  4. The Region would also be self insured. You'd have to get a copy of the Lease agreement between the TTC and The Region to see who is responsible for what.
  5. The transmission shift pattern could have been reprogrammed during rebuild to suit the extra weight those buses are designed for.
  6. The Minibus E703 had its Catalytic Converter stolen near the end of the Winter Season and the Insurance Company did not want to pay for it. They will be focusing on litigation for the time being. The owners for Equinox Bus and Onexbus go way back.
  7. You just made my point
  8. Equinox Bus Lines has posted to their Social Media accounts of the 'hand over' of their Toronto - NYC route. Unit E710 is at Onebus' Garage in Brampton getting repairs an on-going issue of the brakes 'locking up' randomly. Not sure if E710 will be assigned to Toronto - Niagara Falls and later Buffalo Airport since it still sports the Ourbus wrap. Onexbus is in the process of getting their US DOT operating authority reinstated. Ourbus' should be showing tickets between Toronto and Windsor and Toronto Niagara Falls. The Toronto - Windsor route will be extended to Detroit and there are plans for Eastern Ontario next year as Adirondack Trailways and Equinox Bus were in talks for an interline opportunity.
  9. Equinox Bus Lines has announced on their Social Media accounts the 'hand over' of their Toronto - Niagara Falls - Buffalo - Ithaca - NYC route to Onexbus. Onexbus had also signed on with Ourbus and Ourbus should be showing trips from Toronto to Niagara Falls, Kitchener, London and Windsor. Onexbus is in the process of reinstating their US DOT Operating Authority and once that has been completed service to Buffalo University and Buffalo Airport will be restored along with connections to Rochester Airport, Geneva, Ithaca, Binghamton, Pocono Mountains, Fort Lee and NYC.
  10. They do: https://sharonexpressbus.ca/ not sure if they stop in Barrie. The reason why Equinox Bus/Ourbus had 8:10am or up until recently 8:15am from Toronto because of Fitzgerald Brother/Ourbus departing Buffalo Airport at 11;45am for NYC. Equinox Bus/Ourbus had to account for border delays and the arrival time to Buffalo Airport was set for 11:30am to allow time for the passengers to continue on to Rochester, Geneva, Ithaca, Binghamton, Fort Lee and NYC to claim their bags and be ready for the next departure at 11:45am. Same for the return as Fitzgerald Brothers/Ourbus arrives at 4:10pm in Buffalo Airport and Equinox Bus/Ourbus needs time to check Travel Documents which the Departure time is set for 4:30pm at Buffalo Airport. Right after Adirondack Trailways got but hurt from Greyhound, they started leaving Toronto at 8:15am and as of recently moved to Megabus' old departure time at 7am.
  11. Onexbus announced on their Facebook Page that they start Toronto - Niagara Falls route tomorrow. As I get more details I will share them but Equinox Bus Lines has 'handed over' the Toronto - New York City run along the reseller contract with Ourbus to Onexbus. Ourbus should be showing travel from Toronto to London and Niagara Falls soon. I also heard E710 was transferred over to Onexbus and the Onexbus logo should be covered over the Equinox Bus Lines Logo. More to follow as I get the details.
  12. I mentioned that already and they have to be flatbed to MTB or a preferred shop. They are not in roadworthy condition as there are some minor parts missing and they don't start.
  13. ok, so explain this: when Onexbus has departures from Toronto to London at 8:10am, 11am, 2pm and 5:45pm then you have Flixbus with departures at 8am, 11am, 2:15pm and 5:45pm and the 5:45pm stops at Pearson Airport. How is this not obvious that Flixbus has their departure times on or around Onexbus' departure times? Onexbus was one of the first Carriers to start during the pandemic. Equinox Bus/Ourbus had the same issue with Trailways after Trailways got burt hurt from Greyhound. Trailways departed at 8:15am when Ourbus departed 8:10am. Now Flixbus leaves at 9am and does the same route as Ourbus which made Trailways leave at 7am which was Megabus' old departure time. With my friend doing Intercity bus service for 2 years, I see a pattern here. Surprised that Flixbus went through the trouble of wrapping that older coach.
  14. Onexbus bus gotten more buses and more are on the way. They will be a future route expansion which involves Equinox Bus Lines & Ourbus. Seems Flixbus or Eastern Charters is getting jealous wth Onexbus' fleet expansion. I should point out that Onexbus has their own Garage with their own Wash-bay and Mechanics. Onexbus is stepping up with their Customer Service which is obviously in response to Flixbus' poor Customer Service with the current Gallexy and Skyway contractors. I won't solely blame those contractors but it's a world wide problem in both the US and Europe,
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