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  1. As per my rumour mill, so the source I have works for Greyhound Lines. The Schedules that are being reduced in the US is based on the 'equipment being auctioned off' or at least that's what they're being told. I am still trying to get to the bottom of it but that's all I know. I am taking this as credible since it is an active employee. It has some grain of truth since First has tried to sell Greyhound since last year. First can say they're in 'talks' but in the end no body budged. I have nothing to comment on sloppy writing lol As for state runs, should another company buy out Greyhound with those runs, I am sure there are agreements in place with both the State and Interlining Carriers, I'd assume the buyer will have to execute those contractual agreements until the contracts expire. Should Coach Canada buy the Hound licenses in Ontario, I am sure Coach Canada can demonstrate the Interlining agreements. I mean, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC have great connections. I am quite sure Coach Canada can negotiate with Keolis for Montreal connections. I am not too familiar with US law on pulling trailers. ok, so in the industry, saying that a operator, like Flixbus, is a Uber/Lyft style bus service, is not the norm. Uber/lyft does not contract any vehicles with 10 seats or more, it's mostly a taxi service in a private car that does not qualify for State/Provincial and Federal Licenses. While Yes, Flix does not operate their own vehicles, the service provided is defined as a Intercity Line Run Service with individual ticket sales and schedules, I should point out Megabus is moving to that direction with Dattco and some Florida companies. Just like Megabus, Greyhound, boltbus and Airlines, you can book your fare through an app or a web browser. I myself being a ABA, UMA and OMCA member, have you attended round table discussions on industry issues? Also, have you ever applied for a license with the Ontario Highway Transport Board and State DOTs? They're hard to get for intercity line run operations. You have to prove public need and necessity, you will be published in a news letter so the general public can have a say on your service and other carriers can oppose you. This is why in the US, its easier to do Interstate Line Runs than Intrastate Line Runs. Oh I see. Greyhound Canada did have combo buses back in the day but the pup trailer operation had more success, I guess when it came to the travel season with a full bus. That would make sense. That was them? Thought it was a independent techie who contracted to Academy lol, explains why it was a small operation. Perhaps Academy is looking at expanding Go Bus with Greyhound being put up for sale/auction.
  2. Well lets take Trailways of New York, Peter Pan and Fullington Trailways, as an example. They are all Family Owned Companies. Greyhound is just a corporation with a CEO who just comes and goes. Greyhound is a like a orphaned child just being passed around. An orphaned child with lots of baggage which does not work for today. The Greyhound Terminals are the main baggage with Greyhound. That's why Megabus was easily sold to private investors, no baggage attached to the operation. As for Greyhound's Future, I am thinking Pan Am and other companies that just get sold off into new ownership. Yes, I can see Coach Canada trying to take over Toronto - Ottawa and Toronto - Detroit for their Megabus Operations. I can also see Coach Canada wanting Ottawa - Montreal, so if Orleans wanted it, its gonna be interesting. In Ontario, the Government has a Line Run operator called Ontario Northland. If NJ wanted to get into Line Runs, they would need to create a another brand. NJ Transit to Washington DC or Boston would not sound appealing. Uber and Lyft does not fit the description of Intercity service. They operate on municipal licenses. Most Municipal Bylaws still consider them illegal to operate as for hire. Also it would increase congestion on the interstates when deadheading which does not work out for the 'Green Deal' they talk about. In Canada, Greyhound did operate Courier Express where buses north of Toronto going out west pulled a Pup Trailer similar to those of entertainer coaches. As far as I know, a bus license can pull the pup trailer but it could not exceed a certain weight or dimension where a Tractor Trailer License would be required.
  3. Since Go Transit has adequate service to Kitchener, they can cancel it and not face repercussions from the Ontario Highway Transport Board. Ok, I did state, First tried the traditional method of sale, no body responded. First is now going the auction route and allowing smaller pieces being sold. Some companies, such as Academy have interest in taking a piece, not the whole operation. Greyhound also has State Routes, meaning the State either pays Greyhound for the buses minus how many tickets were sold or they own the buses and just pay Greyhound for the maintenance and operation of the bus. If Greyhound does Intrastate Runs, those are fully licensed by the state so there will be a license transfers for those runs. Yes, I don't think Academy would compete with Greyhound and now you have Megabus and other smaller line run bus carriers. If Greyhound goes, Academy would have chance in the Line Run business. The ticketing infrastructure is becoming common and affordable. There is even a Canadian company called Betterez that Ontario Northland uses!
  4. Originally, First did the traditional sale, but nobody budged. With debt interest being piled up, First is just cutting their losses.
  5. I was given this link: https://www.bisnow.com/toronto/news/investment/firstgroup-to-sell-off-all-its-north-american-transit-assets-including-greyhound-103388 So First is auctioning their NA operations from Greyhound to First Student to First Transit. Rumour is Academy is looking into buying pieces of Greyhound, I am assuming the NE corridor from Boston to Miami. I am not sure if the Trailways Members who are doing lines runs will take over some routes entirely. I would not be surprised if PW and Coach Canada got their wish to take over routes from Greyhound, especially the ones they have been fighting for.
  6. 3 companies that do Safeway Tours have laid off their drivers. Angel Tours has also laid off their drivers. Haven't heard if Coach Canada will lay off those on the Charter Board. Companies that have laid off drivers, have suspended Insurance coverage (Fire and Theft coverage only) and majority of lenders have shifted payments on newer buses by only charging the interest only. Mortgage lenders for yards have also shifted payments. A Tour company called Conway Tours, they use Academy buses, has shut down for good citing COVID-19. The only bus companies to shut down for good would the ones that can't survive after COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic which is yet to be seen. There could be some fears with travellers after COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic. Companies that are applying for loans with the SBA or Government loans with the BDC are experiencing back logs in getting approved for funding.
  7. Safeway Tours Casino Service has stopped operating since Monday morning. I am not sure if the Chinese Tours are being operated. 3 companies have already laid off their drivers right after the Ontario Government Shut down the Casinos.
  8. Taxi cabs, Limos and Passenger/Shuttle Vans are considered essential service, if they have a valid work order in hand to pick up those passengers and take them to their respective country on a one-way trip. If a Limo or Passenger Van demonstrates that their service is non-essential such as Chartered Trips for shopping and tourism, they will be denied entry. From my observation, work related to the pandemic such as a Canadian Charter Bus Carrier picking up Canadian Citizens at Buffalo Airport and bring them back into Canada on a one-way trip is essential. Health care professional who resides in Niagara Falls, ON and works at a Hospital in Buffalo, NY is essential. A Truck delivering supplies and goods between the 2 countries is essential. The trip has to be work related to the pandemic. They can only transport essential passengers including American Citizens and Residents of the United States. Otherwise it has to go down empty. The rumour that's going around from Hound employees who have knowledge of this, First has tried to sell Greyhound and the School Bus division to no success. First has now decided to auction Greyhound and the School Bus Division piece by piece. While the reductions are to do with COVID-19, the other reason for the reduction is to start auctioning off some equipment. Terminals that are being closed will also be auctioned off. First is acting fast to dump the North American operations as fast as they can.
  9. For 2020 like 2019, don't expect much from Safeway Tours. From what I was told, they have no Tours booked from the Mainland this summer. Great Canadian Coaches was told to only buy 1 new coach for this year. I am sure Attridge will buy less than 5. I haven't heard if other companies are buying buses or if any have been removed from Safeway Tours. As for Great Canadian, 1619 and 1623 are now repainted blue and are awaiting for their Great Canadian Wraps. Attridge has 6508 up for sale. Coach Canada is only doing 4-5 runs for Fallsview Casino, they still do the 2 runs from Niagara Falls with a 4 driver crew on the Niagara Falls Safeway Board. I should mention and perhaps if someone wants to get a photo of this coach, Great Canadian's 1937 for Safeway Tours has the Brigade 360 camera with drip lighting and CCTV inside the Coach. This unit commonly does the 11: 45am from Splendid China and then the 6:10pm from Broadview and Gerrard. This is all I have for now!
  10. Their Toronto fleet is shrinking. They have about 25 or so buses. Most of the buses have gone to Alberta. I am surprised they poached the ex-Safeway Tours Units, thought they would go for the older units.
  11. It's my understanding that the units for the SRT, that require extensive repairs, Greenwood is responsible for that. More than likely it was being trucked to Greenwood Yard.
  12. My friend who is in a closed FB group gave me these photos. This is going to be the new MCI D4505 which should be available in 2021. These photos were taken at a Coach USA yard in NJ. It seems MCI is currently reaching out to the current D4505 customers to demo and for inputs before its released for operators to buy. Enjoy!
  13. My friend at TBM just told me that 8474 and 8589 gave each other boo boos in the D track, so they may be MIA for a bit.
  14. Everything lol 2014, electrical on accessories such as the sound system would turn it self on and off after shutting down the coach. Engine Fire came on for no reason. In 2015, the hat rack doors would snap and break and you can't close them. AC compressor had electrical issues than anything which has continued into 2018 MY Coaches. Steering wheel Buttons never work so no cruise control. 2016, Every owner with any 2016 MY Prevost just broke down randomly, the pulley for the alternator belt would break its self apart and then the coach would shut it self down. Prevost had one heck of a warranty job across the continent.
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