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  1. My friend who is in a closed FB group gave me these photos. This is going to be the new MCI D4505 which should be available in 2021. These photos were taken at a Coach USA yard in NJ. It seems MCI is currently reaching out to the current D4505 customers to demo and for inputs before its released for operators to buy. Enjoy!
  2. My friend at TBM just told me that 8474 and 8589 gave each other boo boos in the D track, so they may be MIA for a bit.
  3. Everything lol 2014, electrical on accessories such as the sound system would turn it self on and off after shutting down the coach. Engine Fire came on for no reason. In 2015, the hat rack doors would snap and break and you can't close them. AC compressor had electrical issues than anything which has continued into 2018 MY Coaches. Steering wheel Buttons never work so no cruise control. 2016, Every owner with any 2016 MY Prevost just broke down randomly, the pulley for the alternator belt would break its self apart and then the coach would shut it self down. Prevost had one heck of a warranty job across the continent.
  4. The originally had 6 MCIs 2007-2008 MY with Cat C13 and ZF, unit 265 is the only one with Allison. 2 of those MCIs were traded in for the 2 2018 MCIs with DD13 and Allison. The Setra's are retired and sold off. The Van Hools are used for a Tech Client between Toronto and Waterloo. Prevost is for Safeway and of course they buy some more for themselves for Great Canadian Holidays. The new Prevost Coaches should arrive any day since 1516 was pulled from Safeway. Some more older H3s would be retired as well. 1515 was a former Safeway Unit. Was the Safety Manager you spoke with a former GRT driver? It's not a switch, they still buy Prevost. The 2016 H3-45s were junk, quality on Prevost started to fall apart in 2014.
  5. Since NeOn Bus is longer offered by Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways, could I change my name to Megabus Rider Thanks!
  6. I did mention it was a program, my friend said it was a Pilot Program with a actual end date of March 29 unless told otherwise.
  7. To my knowledge they did bring the remaining fleet from Alberta and they are just sorting through on what they want to keep. This will be a common sight for the next few months,
  8. Sounds about right according to my sources. Here is a interesting fact, The Coach Operations Manager at Pacific Western Toronto is related to the Cherrey family that once owned Cherrey Bus Lines.
  9. Employee Shuttle from Toronto to Waterloo I should add, Great Canadian Coaches does the same thing for Google Canada. Both Van Hools (1975 & 4942) are Google Canada Employee Shuttles (Toronto - Waterloo) but no wraps like Open Text.
  10. They are also the preferred Carrier for Compass Tours. See my post on the Safeway Tours thread
  11. They are now CMVSS compliant and Mississauga Bus is the authorized Canadian Dealer! They should be doing a show and tell at this year's OTE!
  12. My friend told me, one of the Vision techs told him they will be packing up soon and going to Eglinton Garage. As for my friend, he will no longer be employed with TBM starting next week Friday. TTC has ended the day wash program due to budget reasons. The Janitors are not happy because the PM Drivers will take the garbage from their buses and throw all over the yard and the Janitors have to clean up after them. For those that enjoyed clean afternoon rush buses, good luck after the following week! lol
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