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  1. I am curious here, have you written/typed up a business plan yet? My friend who owns Equinox Bus Lines never went this route, the owners of Door 2 Door Limo who operate Onexbus never went this route and I am sure the 2 Flixbus Contractors never went this route. To be blunt, just buy the bus (Insure it for business use), get a ticketing platform, learn how to use Social Media, you may need to spend more on Google ad words and send a press release to the Media about your Intercity bus service. Even Book A Ride is way ahead of you and none of the Media has reported their service and they seem to heavily rely on Bus Bud for ticket sales which is actually smart to be honest.
  2. I think I know who will operate Toronto - Chicago for Megabus: Trailways of New York. My friend heard from his sources that TNY is looking to operate to Chicago from Toronto. With the recent announcement of TNY and Megabus, this might be the who.
  3. If you only know what Megabus and Ourbus pay for Google Ad words, 20% is pocket change compared to the cost of Google Ad words. Not to mention both booking platforms use the yield management. My friend used to have his fares as 'everyday low fares' with Ourbus. After he asked Ourbus to have his fares dictated by the yield system, he's making up to $5 more per passenger because majority of the bookings are 24 hours or less to departure. My friend also noticed the increase in ridership after using the yield system, that's why he purchased a MCI D4505 to supplement the Minibus. All that announcements for 5 seats? lol
  4. I am guessing all Trailways Members doing Intercity Bus Service will go on the Megabus booking platform. All other independent companies may join Megabus or Ourbus. Sad to say with Flixbus buying over Greyhound, alliances are starting to be formed now. I believe the new design is in conjunction with the 'investment' into the Trailways booking platform when Greyhound dumped TNY. Peter Pan had no choice or they too would have been evicted, especially Peter Pan has nothing to do with Greyhound. I believe Greyhound is making room for Flixbus to use the TNY and Peter Pan Gates.
  5. Like Flixbus but recently Ourbus has changed more to a reseller than a 'de facto' operator with wrapped buses that appear to be their own. Megabus has switched to the same concept as Ourbus now with the 2 recent reseller partnerships with Fullington Trailways and Trailways of NY. Somewhat the 'new normal' but more like an alternative to reduce cost for a Carrier to employ a marketing team and Customer Service team. Both Megabus and Ourbus have their own marketing team and their own Customer Service team. Can't speak for Megabus but Ourbus takes a 20% cut for each ticket sold which leaves the Carrier to focus on the Drivers and Maintenance.
  6. My friend said E710 will be used for a 11:45pm departure from Buffalo Airport and 3:00am departure from Scarborough. My friend said the schedule for those departures would work well if the bus was garaged in Batavia, NY at their US Office and operated by a US Citizen and the service would be closed door in Canada meaning no pick ups and drop offs within Canada. The Canadian Insurance Company will allow US Drivers on their policy and the Canadian Insurance company would do a filing to the US Company's US DOT. For now my friend wants to use Canadian Drivers first before assigning these runs to its US Subsidiary. If the Canadian Drivers experience Hours of Service Issues with these runs then the US Subsidiary will operate these runs. These runs will connect with Niagara Scenic Tours. My friend did set up a US Subsidiary back in June of 2020 when he tried to apply for a regulated license with then OHTB. My friend says both the CBP and CBSA love E703 as it only seats 20 passengers and lacks overhead racks which allows this bus to clear the border faster than a Motorcoach. It was Ourbus' idea as most riders do hate the Border part of the trip by using a smaller vehicle. Also for passengers continuing on to NYC, at least only 20 seats on the Fitzgerald Brothers bus are allocated to passengers going to or coming from Canada. My friend mentioned that his loyal riders will only ride E703 because of how fast E703 clears the border, also E703 lacks a on-board restroom so no foul orders to deal with and Niagara Falls, ON stop is a rest stop to allow passengers to use the washroom.
  7. Trailways of NY had options including Ourbus. This is the second Trailways Member to partner with Megabus, the first being Fullington Trailways.
  8. Equinox Bus Lines has acquired a 2007 MCI D4505 (Unit E710) former Greyhound Canada 1280. So far Equinox Bus Lines has 2 buses, with the other being a 2019 Ford/Girardin G5 Minibus (Unit E703) amd both are being used for Ourbus. My friend told me the 2017 Ford Transit Passenger Van (Unit E702) has been sold.
  9. That looks like it. There is also another one with the Flixbus wrap.
  10. Not sure what is the point of having separate schedules. Ourbus with Coach Express operates between Buffalo and Boston with stops at Syracuse, Utica, Albany, Lee and Worcester with connections to University of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, NY, Niagara Falls, ON, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and Scarborough in Canada. Unless Greyhound has beef with Peter Pan since they operate between Albany and Boston.
  11. My friend observed a Brand New Temsa operated by Skyway for Flixbus at Buffalo Airport. It is the 45 foot model and it has a lift.
  12. Which Coach USA Company operated the Chicago - Detroit service? Unless Coach USA shut down that company during the pandemic.
  13. Flixbus is piggybacking on Greyhound's Insurance to satisfy the insurance requirement with Metrolinx. Flixbus is doing the same thing in Boston at Boston South Station. That leaves Onexbus, Ourbus and Book-A-Ride outside.
  14. Where did you get that from? Can't find anything on Social Media postings or news releases. Not even available on their website. I am thinking Badder Bus will do the Toronto - London - Detroit portion of the run unless Coach Canada is getting more DD Coaches to pool with the Coach USA Chicago operator. If the DD coaches are used, The Port Huron/Sarnia Port of Entry may have to be used. Rather see Megabus start this service than Flixbus.
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