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  1. Photos were posted on a Facebook Group called Canadian Bus Nuts.
  2. Greyhound Canada 8877, 0649, 8871, 8873 and 0653 were spotted in Buffalo, NY this morning. All still had their Ontario plates attached.
  3. Well Megabus got new competition for those wanting to visit the 1000 Islands, Equinox Bus Lines runs a service from Toronto to Kingston Gananoque and Upper Canada Village: http://www.equinoxbus.com/route-04a---toronto---kingston1000-islands.html
  4. I am guessing that corridor is overcrowded, you have Megabus, Rider Express and now Equinox Bus Lines stopping in Kingston, Gananoque and Upper Canada Village. With London, Onex would just be competing with Rider Express since Megabus does not even serve Downtown London.
  5. I just checked their website, they start on July 28! They are operating 6 departures a day. Also according to their Facebook page they have gotten full cooperation with the Governments of London and Woodstock for this service. They are using the old Greyhound Terminal in London and they have access to a Transit Terminal in Woodstock.
  6. I was able to look at a schedule from London to Toronto for Onexbus, they are picking up at the Old Greyhound Bus Terminal! Megabus is doomed now lol
  7. It's official, Onexbus is starting a Toronto - London Route on July 28. Announcement has been made on their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/onexbus
  8. Just took another peak at Onex Bus' website, they added more stops in London and Woodstock. Looks like another route is being planned between Toronto and London.
  9. For some of these companies, you don't know the financial backing they have. The Kingston Stop could double as a Rest Stop. The Van Service is right out of Ourbus' playbook which is called the last mile approach. Megabus also toy'd with the last mile approach by offering a discount code with uber.
  10. I don't know whose idea it was to use a distant Truck stop not served by London Transit. The media has reported the new service but lots of complaints about the stop location by the public. This is not even out of Megabus' playbook. If it was Badder Bus' idea, no wonder why Ontario remained regulated until last month. lol Badder Bus would have been better to partner with Flixbus or Ourbus who actually know what they are doing lol
  11. I have a friend who knows the Owners. They are still working out the stop details and their website should be updated for next week. There should be another route going to London, ON and another to Niagara Falls, ON. Just give them sometime.
  12. There is another Intercity Bus Carrier in Ontario called Onex Bus. This is from their website: Here is their website: https://www.onexbus.com/home I noticed they are doing Toronto - Ottawa using Skyway Coach Lines.
  13. Their new yard. Office is down the street on Airport across from where the Airport Limos and Taxis park.
  14. Go Transit looking into contracting out Bus Routes? https://www.metrolinx.merx.com/public/solicitations/1857397141/abstract
  15. Wow, you guys have no clue about Union Station Bus Terminal, let me break it down: Metrolinx wants in addition to $10 Million Bodily Injury coverage which the volunteer insurance market and facility insurance would give, get this, $10 Million Third Party Liability. Yes, $10 Million Third Party Liability. There is no volunteer or facility insurance market that can write an automotive policy with $10 Million Third Party Liability. The most they will do is $2 Million Third Party Liability. You would be asking yourself, how can Coach Canada, TOK Coach Lines and Greyhound Lines get into U
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