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  1. Greyhound's Parent company has found a buyer for First Student and First Transit but no mention about Greyhound. https://www.firsttransit.com/news/2021/04/23/firstgroup-enters-agreement-to-sell-first-student-and-first-transit
  2. Yes I recalled the newest unit on Prevost's website for sale as a brokered unit but then they out bid Great Canadian Coaches with Durham College and that new bus ended up being wrapped for Durham College. Zoom has their Prevost Coaches parked on that Street where the Fairfield Hotel is located near Pearson Airport.
  3. A written hearing was already issued for each company, they did lose. Ya, all eyes will be on what happens for July 1!
  4. All 3 companies working with Flixbus to operate out of Toronto, all had their applications successfully opposed by both Greyhound Lines and Greyhound Canada. All 3 of those companies had to pay an additional $500 each to the Board for a written hearing. The 3 companies are North Star Limousine (Zoom Tours), Gallexy Tours and Tribal Sun Bus Company. I'd expect to see them all operating sometime after July 1 when deregulation begins!
  5. $8,500/year sounds about right for a bus used for local work. Based on that quote sounds like this is your first time being a owner? Experience working for a operator does not count, it's how many years in business that counts. Since you are in the US, have tried TIB Insurance Brokers?
  6. Been hearing chatter that Greyhound Canada, Greyhound Lines and Coach Canada have opposed Zoom Tours and Galaxy Tours' Application to operate a Line Run between Toronto and NYC presumably with Flixbus. I would not be surprised if Coach USA and Adirondack Trailways add themselves as interested parties and object the application.
  7. Yes, 8800 series, those are 2018 MY Coaches for Safeway Tours. Yep, more units coming your way once the NHL season is done.
  8. I am hearing that Pacific Western Toronto Division will be scaling down and moving their office to the Victoria Park Avenue and Consumers Road area just near the 401. Pacific Western Toronto will continue to operate Seneca College but those buses will be moved to one of Seneca College's campus to be parked and the Minibuses will be parked at the new office at Victoria Park Avenue and Consumers Road area. More Motorcoaches are being moved out west and when the NHL season is done, those remaining Motorcoaches will be moved out west and PW Toronto should settle into their new office.
  9. Looks like Flixbus found another Toronto Area operator called Gallexy Tours for Toronto - New York City Scheduled Bus Service. Based on their routing they will serve Ithaca, NY: https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-gazette-volume-154-issue-06-february-6-2021
  10. They might as well just go east to Winnipeg. Kasper, Greyhound and Coach Canada will oppose them for a April start date. After July 1, they can expand into Ontario but Northland will have greater market share by then with contracting out Intercity runs to Ontario based carriers, Rider Express would be wasting their time. Quebec will never give them a license. Greyhound, Coach Canada and Northland will oppose them.
  11. Apparently the Ontario Highway Transport Board made a mistake with North Star Limousine (Zoom Tours, Toronto Charters) application and published that they are actually doing Toronto - New York City and not Toronto - Boston: https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-gazette-volume-154-issue-04-january-23-2021/ontario-highway-transport-board
  12. I could have answered like PM Trudeau and gave you a run around with a bit of jabroni in the answer but ya with how committee went, that's how it appears lol I can't comment on what would happen after July 1, 2021 but the US and several Canadian Provinces are deregulated. The pro to deregulation, it's a Passenger's market. Like within the US you have low cost like Megabus, you have the regular market like Greyhound, Adirondack Trailways and Peter Pan, and you have upscale like Vonlane and PW's Red Arrow. The con to deregulation is there will be bad actors like Chinatown buses who can just
  13. Yes, majority of bus operators in committee said no to the repeal, but the Government repealed anyways. According to the OMCA, they consulted with the Government for 8 years, so I guess they did reach out to the industry so to speak. The Bill was to repeal the acts so that's done. How the new laws are drafted well, now we'll see.
  14. Just got word, the MTO is now contacting Carriers in Ontario along with the OMCA to begin the consultation in replacing the Public Vehicles Act and the Ontario Highway Transport Board Act. Their first meeting (assuming it's virtual) will be next month.
  15. MCI does in-house leasing and Prevost is in the works for leasing. I am sure ABC Companies will follow. Most banks that do finance for the Bus Industry will no longer offer finance to the Bus Industry due to this pandemic. Ourbus does exactly that through their app Betterez is one of the affordable options for Reservation system which is smartphone friendly. Ontario Northland uses Betterez. Betterez is also a Canadian Company. Who are the other 4?
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