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  1. Flixbus just eliminated a competitor. Can't get rid of them, buy them over! lol
  2. Greyhound is taking the same route prior to the pandemic via Syracuse. Ourbus goes through Ithaca serving the Students of Cornell University. Explain why Greyhound keeps complaining that their in money trouble because of 'low air fares?' Seems to me their focus is on the cost of airline tickets than fellow competitors Ourbus or Flixbus (prior to being bought over). Ourbus has taken the proactive approach and uses Buffalo Airport as a Terminal to switch buses from Toronto and NYC. At the end of the day you can't do nothing about the low air fares but you can feed into it and that's what Ourbus has done with Buffalo Airport. The Students at Cornell can fly in and out of Buffalo knowing there is direct bus service and the same for Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area who use Buffalo Airport the escape the high Airfares with Pearson Airport. I should mentioned that Ourbus stops at Rochester Airport.
  3. Greyhound Lines is set to operate from Toronto on November 8, based on booking on their website. 3 departures from Toronto and 3 from NYC. Greyhound avoided the early morning departure from Toronto (Guessing its to do with Ourbus/Equinox Bus Lines' 7:40am departure from Scarborough) but they do offer 2 early departures from NYC. There is night service which would be popular for those wanting a weekend getaway. Ourbus/Equinox Bus Lines has the upper hand with their Buffalo stop being at Buffalo Airport, I just checked Delta and JetBlue, both are charging $74 USD to NYC from Buffalo Airport and with Ourbus fare at $30 USD, not bad! It's gonna be interesting! Not sure if Megabus will do Toronto - NYC but they have time to plan.
  4. 4 months to get $10 Million Third Party Insurance!
  5. They did, trying to get it verified. I had the impression that Adirondack would use their Buffalo crew to do the Toronto - Buffalo part of the run where the Driver could take a break in Toronto. Unless Adirondack Trailways is setting up a Canadian Subsidiary in Ontario or Federally, that's what I am trying to find out. I know they can set up in Ontario since the Ontario Government did lax the rules of foreign ownership.
  6. A brand new Coach would be about $7,000 a month, Insurance would be $3,000 to $4,000 a month based on the operating radius and a seating capacity of 56, there would be a balloon payment on the Coach for $200,000. Fuel would be at $350 to $400 a day. Driver's like to be paid at $300 a day or more plus you got your maintenance, parking and cleaning. Let's say with all the overheads mentioned with a 30% profit margin we are looking at $1,800 a day. Northland is charging $70 one way. If both runs can guarantee 50 passengers combined, the fare would be $36 one way, which is impressive compared to Northland's fare of $70! However, based on what Northland is charging, they are getting 25 rides combined, meaning the ridership on the Toronto - Sudbury route is pretty bad compared to Megabus' route between Toronto and Montreal and Rider Express' route between Toronto and Ottawa. Equinox Bus Lines is using a 10 Passenger vehicle (they seem to cap the ridership at 10) and is charging $30 CAD between Toronto and Buffalo so it seems they are getting 10 to 20 rides combined which pays their bills and then some. Greyhound Canada's regular fare between Toronto and Sudbury is $72 one way according to their Tariff: https://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/pfsm/pdf/sec10pto.pdf (See page 10.3) and that tells me they too never got no more than 25 riders combined. It's not a profitable route, that's why none of the private guys are doing it. I should mention, bus insurance from 2019 to now has gone up over 30%! Betterez charges $1.50 per ticket booked per month. The Carrier has nothing to do with the maintenance of the platform. It's low overhead costs for the Carrier and the passengers are pretty much paying for it!
  7. Good luck with those negative tests results. Gonna learn the name of every clinic in the alphabet soup lol
  8. Wow, Toronto - London is already crowded with Megabus, Onex Bus, Great Canadian and Rider Express. Not sure if there is any ridership left for Red Arrow, unless its a premium service with the 2+1 seating set up. Toronto - Kingston - Ottawa has Megabus and Rider Express. Toronto - Kingston has Megabus, Rider Express and Equinox Bus Lines which serves Gananoque. If they even consider Toronto - Niagara Falls you have Megabus, Equinox Bus Lines/Ourbus and later on Greyhound Lines and Adirondack Trailways to Buffalo. I have to say, Red Arrow showed up to the party a little late!
  9. My source tells me that Greyhound Lines and Adirondack Trailways both called the CBSA Port of Entry in Fort Erie, ON to learn about the rules to enter Canada. Seems they will both resume their Toronto - New York run next month when fully vaccinated Canadians can enter the US by land! Equinox Bus Lines/Ourbus got a head start with the rules but were smart to use a smaller vehicle. Let's see how Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways Driver's deal with checking negative tests and vaccination records on 50 passengers lol
  10. We got another new player in the Intercity Bus Market! This seems to be more of a niche serving the following Post Secondary Schools: - Fanshawe College - McMaster University - Ryerson University - Western University - Wilfrid Laurier University - York University - University of Toronto (Downtown & Mississauga) - University of Waterloo They pick up in the following Towns and Cities: - Downtown Toronto - Hamilton - Kitchener-Waterloo - London - Square One and Pearson Airport, Mississauga With Great Canadian Coaches being a Trailways member, they are using the Trailways booking system giving the Trailways brand a stronghold in Southwestern Ontario! You can learn more at https://www.campusbus.ca/
  11. Another article was posted from Patch: https://patch.com/new-york/buffalo/ourbus-offers-new-route-between-greater-toronto-area-buffalo Just posted another one without a paywall
  12. Article from the Rochester Business Journal on Ourbus' service between Toronto and NYC! https://rbj.net/2021/09/22/new-bus-service-links-toronto-to-rochester-new-york-city/
  13. Apparently Equinox Bus Lines partnered with Ourbus for their Toronto - Buffalo Airport Run! So Ourbus has now made it into Canada! I noticed with Ourbus you can only book between Toronto (including Scarborough) and Buffalo Airport and, Mississauga and Buffalo Airport but nothing with Niagara Falls, ON except on Equinox Bus Lines' website.
  14. This came over the wire: https://london.ctvnews.ca/second-london-to-toronto-bus-service-launches-1.5541508
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