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  1. oh there is more, I would rather wait after Deregulation takes effect to elaborate. The Ontario Government will be contracting out runs to private carriers in the province. Deregulation is the first step into this plan and then they tender to the lowest bidder. When Coach Canada wanted deregulation in Ontario in the mid 90s, Greyhound didn't support it, based on what I read. In Ontario, Greyhound has guaranteed income with Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal, Toronto-New York City and Toronto-London-Detroit routes. Our population between Toronto and Ottawa is much better than Manitoba. Greyhound has not even reacted to Deregulation in Ontario yet.
  2. They haven't gotten the rental fees finalized yet for the Intercity Carriers.
  3. The OMCA has been in consultation with the Government about the deregulation. Some Highlights: it's expected for the Bill to pass by Christmas, the new rules will be implemented by July 1, 2021 and the goal of repealing the Ontario Highway Transport Board Act is to eliminated the Ontario Highway Transport Board completely. I am thinking they will adapt the same system as New York State, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states that grant Operating Authority to do Intrastate runs, meaning the MTO will grant 'Operating Authority for those who wish to do runs within the province under a new Act and the HTA. https://www.omca.com/news-publications/news/economic-de-regulation-update/
  4. They could be hidden in the Lakeshore Garage or in Ottawa. An employee would be the best person to ask. It's still standing, unfortunately I did not take any photos. There is no rebuilding going on to my knowledge, but all the cannibalized buses are gone.
  5. With Ontario in the process of deregulating the Bus Industry with repealing both the Ontario Highway Transport Board Act and the Public Vehicles Act, they will find it easy to set up shop in Ontario. However, there will be Ontario based Carriers that will take advantage on the deregulation and try to start Intercity Bus Service. I have also been told by a unnamed source, the Ontario Government will be partly funding these Intercity Runs using Ontario based Carriers which is the purpose of deregulation. Rider Express would be better off as you said to partner with Northland or buy some used Van Hool CX35 Coaches. Those H3s will not achieve full occupancy from Toronto or Ottawa. As for Quebec, they might as well give up. Quebec is also tightly regulated and they care about their own Carriers.
  6. It seems they can. While it does not mention the process of deregulation, if it will be exactly like the US or the Government will control on how many companies can do the same route, it does pave the way for Flixbus and Ourbus to operate in Ontario. I noted this language: (b) prescribing requirements, qualifications and standards for owners, lessees and operators of passenger transportation vehicles and for persons who accept, facilitate, broker requests for, advertise or offer transportation in passenger transportation vehicles; Since Flixbus and Ourbus function as brokers and facillitate runs, the Public Vehicles Act prohibits companies like Flixbus and Ourbus from operating, with the Act being repealed, that allows Flixbus and Ourbus to legally operate in Ontario. However, they may face prohibition in Quebec since Quebec has similar regulation like Ontario.
  7. It seems Deregulation is coming to reality under the Ford Government! Schedule 16 Ontario Highway Transport Board REPEAL ACT, 2020 The Schedule enacts the Ontario Highway Transport Board Repeal Act, 2020, which dissolves the Ontario Highway Transport Board and repeals the Ontario Highway Transport Board Act. It authorizes the Minister of Transportation to make transitional regulations to phase out the Act’s application before it is repealed. https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-42/session-1/bill-213 It's currently going through second reading!
  8. Considering both Adirondack Trailways and Greyhound Lines are Tenants, and Greyhound Canada has an agreement with both carriers for those travelling from Ottawa going to Boston and NYC, I doubt that Greyhound Canada will move. I believe they have an agreement with Keolis for Quebec City (formally with Orleans). So ya, I don't see Greyhound Canada moving out of the Bus Terminal in Montreal.
  9. 1) I just checked Wikipedia, not much flight options, however, I could see it as a running stop. 2) OC Transpo may charge rent, the reason why Greyhound is running away from Terminals 3) I could see it happening but I am not sure of the roadways are public or owned by the train station 4) OC Transpo may charge rent, the reason why Greyhound is running away from Terminals 5) Great Canadian Holidays and Tai Pan Tours does that. Greyhound could take the money saved and build a curb and a City Bus Shelter style structure. How about Carlton University? If you look at how Flixbus and Ourbus became successful, they choose stops at Universities and Train Stations in which they attract consistent ridership.
  10. Sounds about right. So far my sources have told me, Greyhound Canada will bail from the Toronto Coach Terminal and won't relocate to the new Union Station Bus Terminal, but instead operate out of Pearson Airport and offer a first/last mile approach with Up Express to Downtown Toronto. They have bailed out of the Peterborough Bus Terminal and they have shut down the ticket booth in Kitchener. So with Ottawa, it does not surprise me. I am guessing once they begin to operate in a few weeks, the new changes will be announced at once.
  11. I am guessing it's now a State funded run.
  12. Kasper is expanding out of Owen Sound... https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-gazette-volume-153-issue-38-september-19-2020
  13. wow, well with what's going on, the senior drivers made the right choice.
  14. I guess everything destined to Toronto goes to Pearson. It has nothing to do with license. Greyhound Canada for sure has to be paying platform rent at Pearson. It just comes down to budget. With the construction going on in that area, it would not surprise me if the City gave them Money to leave and maybe relocate to Mississauga or Brampton.
  15. Now they know how Greyhound Canada and Coach Canada feels when Go Transit expanded to Niagara Falls and Northland expanded to Ottawa.
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