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  1. Northland is exempt from the Public Vehicles Act, however, if Northland wanted to operate line runs such as Toronto - New York, Northland would have obtain Operating Authority from NYS DOT to pick up with in NY State, between Buffalo and New York, or since they're self insured, they can pool with a NY or NJ carrier and jointly obtain a NYS DOT Operating Authority to pick up in Buffalo. Coach Canada uses Coach USA Operating Authority and Greyhound Canada uses both Adirondack Trailways and Greyhound Lines Operating Authority. Since the Union issued a press release about Greyhound Canada forcing their drivers to take a pay cut or they will shut down, I haven't heard anything since the release. However, I did go by the Lakeshore Yard and noticed they are working overtime to get a the buses repaired (I am guessing they brought all the buses from London to Toronto) and the washbay has at least 1 bus, assuming each bus goes in for a VIP clean and disinfecting, like they intend to open up at a moments notice. I am thinking cheap theatrics from the union, I dunno...
  2. If my facts are correct, Adirondack Trailways still has a Public Vehicle License for Toronto - New York City, they can technically use their own drivers to do that run. They would need to look for a new Garage in the Greater Toronto Area such as TOK Coach Lines/Car-ar, Pacific Western, UC Coach Lines, Skyway Coach Lines, BelCa Tours to park and clean their buses. I am not sure if GLI has a Public Vehicle License for line runs. Northland can take anything, they're exempt from regulation except into the US. The MCI J, Prevost H3 and Van Hool T series are Charter spec'd Coaches. They're designed for private group use and sightseeing tours. MCI D, Prevost X3 and Van Hool C Series are line run/commuter spec'd coaches for public use.
  3. Should Greyhound Canada Shut Down, Greyhound Lines would take all the X3s and D4505s and DL3s with WCL. The non-WCL units would be auctioned off, more than likely for scrap since Greyhound spec'd units are not something that Charter Operators want, except on a employee shuttle contract. Also, the OHTB Licenses would be up for grabs!
  4. I just read this, wow! Let's see first, more is suppose to be said tomorrow (Friday)
  5. I am not gonna bother start a new thread on this. With the new Union Station Bus Terminal being almost being completed, it seems Greyhound will operate out of the new Terminal. Back in 2014, Metrolinx had approached Greyhound about relocating to the new Terminal when completed. In 2017 when the developer found a anchor tenant (CIBC), construction began. The TTC held internal meetings about the Toronto Coach Terminal becoming surplus, assuming Greyhound and Metrolinx signed a lease agreement. Do you think Greyhound will once again relocate their corporate offices to CIBC Sqaure - 81 Bay Street? Perhaps the shut down is giving them time to start packing up and relocate?
  6. I am aware of that but Ivanhoe is the owner/developer and until Ivanhoe has finished the building, Metrolinx can't operate until then. I am sure the TTC is aware of this until Greyhound has completed their Lease agreement with Metrolix (if they have started, but the TTC has implied that it has) Yes I am aware of the Transit Agencies pissing match. To my knowledge, it wasn't to sell but rather to lease out the space since Green P has Go Transit's driveway for Municipal parking. I am not sure if it went to actually selling the building and land since the TTC gave up on leasing the building out. When I mentioned that Greyhound is expected to move in, you have seem to fighting me on my knowledge about this. Greyhound was approached about moving to the new Terminal by Metrolinx back in 2014. However Ivanhoe failed to get a anchor Tenant in 2014 and didn't get one until 2017. Others have posted to support that Greyhound has already negotiated a lease with Metrolinx as TTC documents shows the Toronto Coach Terminal becoming surplus. Now we just had a pandemic, the new Terminal is built but not ready for operation. Heck, even the common areas for the Terminal are not done yet. Give it sometime, probably by fall and we'll see if the lease agreement went through. On TTC's side it seems the lease agreement has gone through between Greyhound and Metrolinx since they're trying to figure out on what to do with the Coach Terminal. Keep this behaviour up and I will passively ignore you just like with other members on here. It's downtown, it took Ivanhoe 3 years to find another tenant (besides Metrolinx) before CIBC Square can be built. The TTC won't go broke if the Coach Terminal isn't sold right after the new Union Station Bus Terminal is ready for operation.
  7. My Assumption is Metrolinx will use the same system as the Port Authority Bus Terminal buy renting out each bay. Greyhound, Megabus, TOK and Northland will each take one bay and use their logos on the gates which leaves Go Transit 10 Bays to play around with on both levels.
  8. The rebuilt power train has over 200,000km, it can go for another 1.3 million KMs before needing to be rebuild again. The Greyhound US units of this Model year are probably worse then Northland's units. They want up to $50k for each bus.
  9. They were leasing it. They moved the buses to their Barrie location after the Casino closed to reduce overheads.
  10. Do you know if Chassis was rebuilt along with the power train? If so, by who?
  11. Let's see, the Terminal was being built and Metrolinx is waiting for the rest of the building to be built. Yes, Elizabeth Street Terminal is Vacant but the roadway is being used. I am sure once the new terminal is ok for occupancy, an announcement will be made whether the Toronto Coach Terminal is occupied or vacant. I am sure (if you're a home owner) new construction move-in dates are not really set in stone. We did have a pandemic, didn't we?
  12. I forgot to mention, I haven't edit on wiki for a while if someone wants to do it. Thanks!
  13. Once upon a time in 2008, Greyhound and Megabus used the York Street curbside in front of the Royal York Hotel for their service to NYC. Few years later they both moved that stop to the Toronto Coach Terminal and all departures and arrivals have happened there ever since. However in the last few years, parking enforcement has ticketed buses there at random, including Greyhound when actively unloading. As long Toronto does not amend their Bylaws by moving towards a permit system similar to NYC and Boston where all buses must use a Terminal or be assigned and pay fees to do curbside pick up and drop off, or like DC where all drop offs and pick ups must be done at Union Station unless there is a designated Tour Bus loading and unloading zone, budget Tour operators will continue to use curbside to conduct their services. It's not codeshare, it's interline agreements. Adirondack Trailways does not operate between Buffalo and Toronto, the Trailways units are wet leased to Greyhound Canada to operate between Buffalo and Toronto as per their pool or interline agreements. The only Tour Operator to operate out of the Toronto Coach Terminal is Gray Line. I am not sure if anybody took over JBC Coach Lines' Casino Rama shuttle run which started at the Coach Terminal but that would be the other Service. I would imagine if Tour Bus Operators wanted to rent a bay at the New Terminal, Metrolinx would allow it. Go Transit/Metrolinx rents bays at Yorkdale, Scarborough Town Centre and Finch Station Terminals to Angel Tours, and a bay at the 407 and Hurontario for Safeway Tours.
  14. http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2017/April_20/Reports/8_TCTI_Lease_Disposition.pdf It seems even the TTC expects the Terminal to be vacated
  15. The new Union Station Bus Terminal is complete! Go Transit is just testing the terminal roadways with their buses. It is expected that Greyhound Canada, Coach Canada's Megabus and Ontario Northland are to move into this new Terminal. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2020/06/10/first-go-buses-enter-union-station-bus-terminal-as-part-of-testing-see-the-images-here/
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