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  1. Look who's stopping over in Buffalo, NY on its way to its new home! (Credit goes to edison)
  2. Looks like the NFTA will be getting some electric Xcelsiors from New Flyer. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/niagara-frontier-transportation-authority-nfta-metro-will-purchase-10-electric-buses/71-e782d9ac-cf71-4f3d-9ccd-1c1577b985e8
  3. 3731 did a run on the 28 Bayview South on January 30th. This link posting is proof for wiki update. https://transit.toronto.on.ca/photos/route-histories/28-bayview-south/ttc-rt-53-20200130.html
  4. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0MtpETYK?s=a99&pd=35171693 It was 2008 on the 26. I saw it earlier this morning on the 22. With it's age (19 years) and that three buses from this series were going to be retired with the upcoming 1900s buses it looks like this one's done with revenue service.
  5. Hi, I live in Buffalo, NY and today I saw a new CATA Nova bus leave the Hilton Hotel just across the street from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It was numbered 702.
  6. All buses run out of Frontier on the weekends. It's been that way since 2002.
  7. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride! Coincidentally I rode bus 1006 on the 11 Colvin from downtown late yesterday morning. The display was exactly as you said.
  8. Okay, having seen a few buses it looks like the displays are now matching the ones for the 1800 buses in style if not design. On the 8 Main it says "8A UNIVERSITY STATION" on the display all at once instead of flipping between two screens.
  9. This I'll have to see. I always thought that the info on the side sign should be on front like most transit agencies in the world.
  10. They were pretty much gone by 2001. Can't tell you the exact date but they were retired very prematurely.
  11. Shooting on a 300B early this morning. https://beta.cp24.com/news/2019/6/8/1_4457765.html
  12. What probably helped extend their life was that they only ran seven days a week for three years (2000 to mid-2003.) They were all given to Cold Spring garage in 2003, two years after it stopped being the only garage opened on weekends. Most of the 2200s were transferred and assigned to Frontier by 2003 and have been running just about every day for almost 16 years! That's a lot of wear and miles!
  13. Nineteen of the original 21 are still in service. One was retired after an accident a few years ago (2021) and another was retired a few months ago to lower the fleet age and to be used as a parts bus (2018).
  14. The diesel 1800s (1817-1824) are starting to come into service this week. Today 1818 was on the 4-Broadway, 1819 on the 16-South Park and 1820 on the 6-Sycamore.
  15. Actually the AM Generals were excellent in the snow. I recall many a Buffalo winter in which the 4000 numbered Metropolitans were running frequently with the fishbowls because the 5000 and 6000 numbered RTS's kept getting stuck. For some odd reason I was rather fond of the Generals. I do recall the 1976 suburban fishbowls being retired not too long after the 700s came in. The 700s would be used in weekend runs to Niagara Falls because they had wheelchair lifts.
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