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  1. NFTA-Metro

    The 7 Baynes-Richmond bus will no longer serve Allen Street. It will run on North Street inbound and outbound, turning right on Virginia Street outbound.
  2. NFTA-Metro

    I saw 1213 on the 8 Main Tuesday afternoon at about 1PM.
  3. NFTA-Metro

    I'm not sure about that, but I do recall NFTA sending several 5000 and 6000 series buses to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics.
  4. NFTA-Metro

    It would be totally awesome if they get some of these!
  5. NFTA-Metro

    Saw it on the 22 Porter-Best today, along with 1717.
  6. NFTA-Metro

    Only 1011 has been sent to Babcock. 1209 has been sent as well. Still waiting for license plates and fare boxes for the 1700s.
  7. NFTA-Metro

    My very early morning job of bathroom cleaning allowed me to see this: 1703 parked at the Comfort Inn on Dingens Street by the I-190 at 2AM!
  8. NFTA-Metro

    Unfortunately, someone with way too much time on their hands has started to take off some of the interior fleet numbers of the 1500s and 1600s. The two I rode today had some numbers missing. 1512 was missing the first two black numbers from the back of the bus while 1605 was missing the first two numbers from the rear AND the front.
  9. NFTA-Metro

    I assume it's because 8301-8310 are natural gas vans. 8233-8236 continues the numbering from the earlier set of vans.
  10. Houston METRO

    Yeah, I was told by one of the Buffalo members of the board that it was at the Cummins transmission shop not too far from the airport.
  11. Houston METRO

    I couldn't take a picture of it because I was driving, but Houston METRO 2016 Nova Low Floor artic 1587 was here in Buffalo, NY for some reason. Saw it being driven in front of the airport today.
  12. NFTA-Metro

    Oddly, the same two buses seem to that on the 40 Grand Island as well. BTW, you can add 2504 to the Key Bank wrapped buses.
  13. NFTA-Metro

    The 2100s (specifically the early 2100s) are sometimes in Niagara Falls, but never the 2000s. The 2000s are only at the Cold Spring garage and that garage mostly run on Buffalo's East Side. Best bet: Downtown Buffalo on a weekday.
  14. NFTA-Metro

    Hell has frozen over! 1501 is in service! Saw it on the 40 Grand Island downtown and actually took a pic of it! From what I saw it still has the original wheelchair seats it came with. It also has its fleet number on the windshield and the NFTA Metro graphic that was on the upper rear of the bus was moved to the lower rear to match the other buses.
  15. NFTA-Metro

    I see 1515 is back in circulation after a long sabbatical...so long that it still doesn't have fleet numbers on its windshield. Any word on what's being done with 1501. Seems like such a waste for a perfectly good bus to be inactive for so long.