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  1. Just wondering, I applied back on December 12, 2013 for the operator position. Just wondering if anybody may have applied around the same time and if so, has heard anything yet?
  2. Thanks buddy! Yeah its about time I get back on here and start posting, starting to update the old photosite too, my bosses keep bugging me for new pics ! Anyways yes you should come up for sure! Come for a ride or somethin if you want as well, seeing as I pretty much work everyday. I was down in TO a few weekends ago, thought of you but of course didn't have your #, PM me and we'll set something up for sure!
  3. In response to the first question, there is one new route change that was made. The introduction of route 314 Lasalle/Boreal. This route runs from Westmount Ave, down Barrydowne Road and then down Lasalle Blvd ending at College Boreal. Its purpose is to relieve the loads on the 401, 014, 301 and 302 buses. Seeing as its still in its trial stage, it only runs during the morning rush hour but may be extended to afternoons if demand is there. As a driver, it sure would take the load off the 014 Kathleen buses during the PM rush! In response to new buses, none for this year. However next year, the final order of the 5 year NovaBus contract is due to be here, for some reason, they forgot to put 2012 in the contract, instead 2013. Looks like 5 2013 LFS's will be here mid year, ending the days for the final 4 Orion 6's. Myself and Vincent are planning a charter to bid farewell to them sometime in the new year, stay tuned for details! Thats all I have for now!
  4. Yes and I believe there are more Nova's to come next year! As for more photos of them and other buses, uploaded the following tonight: 1994 Orion 05.501 "V" 942, 943, 944 (2 photos) 1998 Orion 06.501 "VI" 982 2004 New Flyer D40LF 743 2006 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 763 2007 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 774 2008 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 781, 783 (2 photos), 784 2011 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 812, 815 Enjoy
  5. Finally got around to adding more content! Here we go! September 27, 2011 Uploaded photos include: 2004 New Flyer D40LF 743, 744, 745 2005 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 751, 752 2006 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 765 (3 photos) 2009 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" 791, 792 (Half Ad-wrap) 2011 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" Album + 6 photos More to come! Enjoy
  6. May as well add some of my recent night time photos. 2004 NFI D40LF 743 at the downtown Transit Terminal. 2004 NFI D40LF 743 at Laurentian University. 2006 Nova LFS 765 at the Taxation Centre. 2011 Nova LFS 817 at the Taxation Centre.
  7. Finally, some free time to post. We actually received 7 new LFS's on August 16/11, numbered 811-817. As for the Orion V's, they're still hanging around for a bit until all of the "bugs" are worked out of the new LFS's. They have only been in service for about 2 weeks now and already there are problems popping up with them. Below are some photos of the new buses, on delivery day and in service. The buses lined up after delivery. 815 about to go into the body shop. 817 and 813 . The new interior for 2011 with different seats and lighting. 817 in service on the 147 Kathleen/North End/Donovan. Enjoy
  8. Just letting everybody out there know that this Saturday (June 11, 2011) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m, the City of Greater Sudbury will have a "doors open" event where the public can tour city buildings. The transit garage will be open this day for tours. If anybody out there is interested in coming, let me know via PM and arrangements can also be made for perhaps some photo shoots of buses outside of the building. Attached is the link. Doors Open Sudbury
  9. Well its been a while since I've posted, anyway a little bit of news to share. 2010 Nova Bus LFS 807 shown above will now be fixed, but is being sent away to get the frame checked and fixed. In early to mid June sometime, there will be 7 new buses added to the fleet from NovaBus. They will replace the 4 1994 Orion V's and the remaining 1998 Orion VI's. Orion VI 984 has already been retired and scrapped due to the engine problems as shown below. One more thing, Greater Sudbury Transit has finally launched the real time GPS tracking to the public. They have started running ads both on the radio and TV. Here is the link to the TV ad. The MyBus feature will allow users to enter a number located on our bus stop signs into the following link. CGS MyBus If you want to see departures from the Transit Terminal Downtown, enter 1000 into the stop field. It will then show you the route, destination and time that the bus will be arriving using the GPS location of the next bus. All buses are equipped with the GPS units except the 1994 Orion V's. For more information, just ask or if you are interested in using the service and will be in Sudbury, send me a PM. That's all for now, I leave you with photos of Orion VI 984. Hauled out of the garage. Sitting on blocks missing many parts along side the garage.
  10. Found out this morning that 2010 Nova LFS 807 that was involved in the above accident will not be fixed. Not sure on what will happen to the bus from here as to where it might go, but as soon as details emerge I will post the info. Below is a closer look at the damage the next day when the bus was being assessed by the insurance company.
  11. Yesterday around 5pm, 2010 NovaBus 807 was rear ended in Lively by a school bus. The force of the crash sent the transit bus up the road a bit, and totaled the school bus. The school bus driver had to be extricated from his seat using the jaws of life. Thankfully there were no kids on the bus, as for 807, it received extensive rear end damage. 2 people on 807 had to be sent to hospital due to head injuries and other bumps, along with the school bus driver. Below is the news article from the Sudbury Star. http://www.sudburystar.com/ArticleDisplay....0SUDBURY%20STAR
  12. More updates this morning. Finally have all the albums up. Will add descriptions under the photos later. March 27, 2011 Uploaded photos include: * 2007 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" (770-776) Includes Toppers Pizza ad on 770 & My!Sudbury.ca ad on 773. * 2008 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" (781-785) * 2009 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" (791-795) * 2010 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" (801-808) Includes College Boreal ad on 801 & 808 and WinMar ad on 804. Enjoy
  13. Yeah I only took the free account, but thanks for the above info, got signed up with the credits thing. I still have about 23mb of space left due to the fact that all the photos that I put on the site have been re-sized a bit, that frees up a little more space but still leaves room for good photo quality.
  14. More updates today! Almost getting to the new Nova photos at last! Here they are! March 22, 2011 Uploaded photos include: * 1994 Orion 05.501 "V" (941-944) * 1995 New Flyer D40LF (951-953) * 1995 New Flyer D40LF (954-955) Ex. Town of Rayside Balfour 59B & 60B * 1997 Nova Bus 40102 "LFS" (971-975) * 1998 Orion 06.501 "VI" (981-985) Take a look and enjoy!
  15. Some more updates today. Sure is hard work trying to put everything together on a new site, but I sure like using the webs.com site builder. Anyways here are the photos added so far. March 20, 2011 Uploaded photos include: * 1988 MCI TC40-102N "Classic" (884-886) * 1989 MCI TC40-102N "Classic" (891-893) * 1989 MCI TC40-102A "Classic" (894) Ex. Detroit Department of Transportation 2081 * 1990 MCI TC40-102A "Classic" (902) Ex. CT Transit 9060 * 1990 Orion 05.501 "V" (903) * 1990 Orion 05.501 "V" (905-909) * 1991 Orion 05.501 "V" (911-914) * 1991 MCI TC40-102A "Classic" (915) Ex. CT Transit 9150 * 1992 Orion 05.501 "V" (921-925) Also check out the historical section, I wanted to add this little section just for fun, anyway, enjoy!
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