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    Model Railroading (N scale, HO scale and G scale), Buses and history of transit, Streetcars, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Hockey. Add me on facebook if you want, Dave Karen from Sudbury.

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    Greater Sudbury Transit

    Going by the transit garage the other day, I noticed one of the retired Classic's getting towed off the property. The new Nova LFS's should be arriving by Sept. as a 5 bus order, as soon as I see anything, I'll be sure to post the info and pics on here. In the meantime, everything else is running smoothly transit wise here, im still trying to track down Orion V 905 in her new colours so stay tuned to my site for pics of that. Thats about it for now, figured I'd start a brand new Sudbury discussion thread. If anybody has info on happenings around here, feel free to post, take care!