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  1. That still doesn't explain where you're getting 23 kms from. Keele to Yonge is 6 kms, so the total length of the line would only be 17 kms. It's not decreasing transit accessibility if you're expanding rapid transit to the Sheppard (and inevitably Finch) corridors. All those Malvern buses could avoid crossing the 401 gridlock to access STC with a new terminal at Sheppard. You're bringing accessibility to one of the busiest north-south transit corridors through Scarborough (McCowan Road) that's adjacent to several high density residential communities (at Lawrence, Town Centre and Sheppard),
  2. Or you could name it Wilket Creek Stn, as that's the section of Sunnybrook/Seton Park most associated witht he Leslie/Eglinton intersection. Sunnybrook is too synomynous with Bayview which also faces a name duplcation issue. Don Mills could be named "Ontario Science Centre"; Laird could be "Leaside"; Bathurst, "Forest Hill"; Dufferin, "Dufferin North" or "Fairbank"; Keele, "Trethewey"; Weston, "Mount Dennis". "Caledonia" could almost be called "Westside".
  3. It's such a missed opportunity not to build this station now and get it over with. As mentioned before, Leslie/Eglinton would be an ideal location for a future GO/RT connection and better terminus for the Lawrence East bus than Don Mills would be. Why couldn't the mega bus terminal planned for Don Mills not go here instead? There's no point investing in a long-term terminus at Don Mills if it'll inevitably be replaced by a DRL. The 100 could do the same on-street looping it does today of Gervais/Eglinton/Don Mills/Wynford and the 25 could also do an on-street transfer. The savings of not build
  4. Glad to see that this ain't going down without a fight: http://www.globaltoronto.com/decision+to+bury+eglinton+lrt+to+don+mills+worries+area+residents/6442781012/story.html Personally I feel the best solution is to re-include Leslie Stn with the station box for Don Mills Stn shifted to the east side of that intersection such that an easterly exit/entrance point occurs near Ferrand Dr. In the news story, not wanting to reinforce the foundations of some newly built condos near Leslie is cited as a reason for skipping such a stop. How absurd. As Leslie is in the valley floor, why not just eleva
  5. Leslie Stn could have worked if TPTB wanted it to. - build a small terminus on-site for the Lawrence East and Leslie buses instead of the jog over to Don Mills - build a connecting provisional GO station on-site for the Peterborough/Midtown rail corridor - build a connecting bridge linking Vanderhoof directly to the station (making the residences, industrial buildings east of Brentcliffe accessible) - redevelopment of the Inn on the Park and Celestica lands (a few office towers could be constructed to add density) - if not underground than an elevated station box to cross the river could
  6. True. This is the same problem I have with the rail corridor versions of the DRL as opposed to ones that route along King or Queen where destinations people actually want to go through the downtown core are located.
  7. Actually, a viaduct would be the best solution; and he likely meant one like the one that exists between Royal York and Islingtion Stns. Because Leslie/Eglinton sits at the valley floor, an elevated guideway emerging from the brentcliffe portal would allow for a level gradient at a station stop located on the southside of the intersection. Eastwards the viaduct could then veer south, passing underneath where the CP bridge is highest from ground level. This would result in a Science Centre Stn immediate walking distance from the actual attraction plus most of the residential/office towers at Ro
  8. It's implicit that that's what would happen though, a circuitous loop routing, whereas a terminal at Leslie is more direct. I'm just curious though how much a few extra Donlands-like mini-bus terminals, which can be built into the station's main entrance structure, would cost if it meant not sending customers all over the place willy-nilly to catch a bus. The best location for the Wynford station IMO is actually north of Eglinton, underneath the plaza at Wynford Dr/Wynford Heights Cres. To get there, the subway emerges from a portal northeast of the Ferrand/Eglinton intersection and, follow
  9. Don't forget that Leslie/Eglinton will someday be a major transfer stop between the subway and the Midtown GO train line. A terminal for the 51, 54, 88 wouldn't even be that complicated since no private owner expropriation would be involved (crown land). If the terminal were at Don Mills/Eglinton, frequencies on the 51 would have to go up if the 54 discontinued service along Leslie St in order to serve all those office towers during AM/PM rush. Also I think the total station list has already been finalized for some time now: Jane, Weston, Keele/Trethewey, Caledonia, Dufferin, Oakwood, Allen,
  10. Tip: some people find it more convenient to use cash or tickets. Btw as a U-pass holder, I have no incentive to use a Presto card when before the driver would give you a transfer for the Brampton bus. Also, what's to stop the machine from charging me twice if I take the 502 south to SQ1 then transfer onto a Mississauga bus or the 103 north to SW and then onto a BT route? With fares and transfers you know exactly what the fare's supposed to be and don't get a shock to find out your smart card needs a refill. Anyway I posted that as an inquiry into why the transit systems no longer exchange tra
  11. How utterly disappointing. I can't believe the new fare tariffs that have been implemented for travel between Mississauga and Brampton. Now customers are expected to pay two full fares to complete a one-way trip as BT no longer accepts MT transfers and vice-versa. Even at Sheridan College or Derry Road transfers are not being accepted. MT drivers also aren't issuing transfers for U-Pass holders to use to get onto the 502 at SQ1. If this was done because of the new 502 service, we're worse off now than before as the 502 simply replaces the 102, the 103 replacing the 202, and a much slower trip
  12. I think you're overestimating just how much capacity there is along Weston Road for all those rerouted buses, typically a 4 lane corridor through Mount Dennis and Weston. If you are going to realign 58 Malton it's best to do so along Scarlett Road, the southernly continuation of Dixon. I don't know why one would extend the 165 south of Wilson. I'd also leave the 73 alone. I like your suggestion for extending the Mississauga Transitway through Etobicoke. This would result most likely into a side-of-roadway ROW through the Richview Expressway lands, which could be easily converted into light-ra
  13. The simplest way to align a subway along Finch with the Sheppard Line is to extend Sheppard west of Yonge, past Downsview in a straight line to Keele/Sheppard. From there route the subway through Northwood Park (Black Creek valley) to Jane-Finch then west along Finch from there in an open cut (trench). I'd recommend stops only at Weston (Emery), Milvan, Islington (Gracedale), Albion, and Martin Grove (Elmbank). Approaching Martin Grove, tunnel the line through the parkland til Humber College Blvd. Near Hwy 27 have the line run elevated with a stop providing access to the hospital and Humber Co
  14. I don't see how extending the subway a mere 2 kms further east is any sort of victory. The LRT line was already going to be underground til Consumers. As much as it may pain some people to hear, it's better to build the entire extension to Scarborough Town Centre in one shot. If anything, the western extension to Downsview can be postponed until later. That would substantially shrink the pricetag from $4.7 billion to under $3 billion. Between the Provincial $650 million (stop playing games Dalton), Federal $333 million, some portion of the Build Canada PTF monies, whatever private sector conne
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that's the rationale of using the hydro corridor alignment, it'd be relatively inexpensive compared to tunnel-boring underneath Dundas, Bloor or Burnhamthrope. And the land availability for parking spaces and bus terminals is there too. No, not the rail corridor, the hydro corridor which runs approximately 200 metres south of it and near perfectly cuts through the West Mall/Queensway intersection. It's an ideal location to access the mall from and particularly the hospital. There's nothing along Dundas Street between Dixie and Hwy 427 though. As a mobility h
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