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  1. Orleans Express have filled a temporary permit application to run scheduled service between Montreal and Ottawa. It expires July 1st 2021 or earlier if Greyhound decides to resume service. So we have our answer of who will most likely take over this route.
  2. As far as school transportation goes, Quebec is light-years ahead of Ontario. Drivers are paid better, there are no RFPs so companies aren't afraid of investing in new buses and small companies aren't being chewed out by the multinationals, school schedules are harmonized between the bus companies and school boards so drivers can do double and triple runs every day. Multiple runs are the norm in Quebec and drivers prefer it like that. Our goverment could learn a thing or two from our eastern buddies.
  3. Through Attridge or Safeway?
  4. Are you sure about that? Just heard that they shut down (forcibly!) and their runs will be distributed by the transportation boards. Most local companies bought whatever bus were still viable and that's it.
  5. Really? They're also buying a school bus company in Bowmansville. About 150 units i've heard. EDIT: Their FB says 150 drivers, not units.
  6. Personally yes, but I know a lot of people would disagree with me. I find the J drives great and is well built but the H3 is more sophisticated. More of a touring machine while the J is more of a work horse, i find.
  7. I didn't go in the one inside but I assume they were similar. The ride was good. It's a nicely built and finished bus, though you can tell it is a step down from the H3. To me it was on par with a J-series.
  8. Hey, I was there too! Got a ride in their black Volvo 9700 that was parked outside, to their new facility in Toronto. Beautiful garage.
  9. Stumbled upon this today http://www.salina.com/news/ski-trip-continues-despite-tire-fire/article_d814f808-b207-5aef-afef-4d6464c99a52.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share
  10. All of our buses are set at 110 km/h also. As it stands, if you go down a hill with the cruise the speeds just keep climbing. I've reached 135km/h once going down a particularly steep downhill (Needle was buried in the dash but that's what speed my GPS was reading.) Not something I would recommend but I had to try it once. Otto, that's what I do also, but some drivers just want the thing to drive itself. When i'm in a mountainous region I don't even use the cruise. I take it off so many times that it becomes useless.
  11. A bit of a technical question here. For the majority of our buses (mostly Prevost, with a few MCIs but I don't know if they have the same problem) when you go down a hill on cruise control, the jake brake doesn't engage and the bus just goes faster and faster. A Prevost technician told us that it's a simple 30 minute fix in the multiplex. Then we called someone higher up who said it is possible but then the jake brake is ALWAYS on and you must tap the brakes going down a hill for the Jake to engage. Also it only works on newer buses. Popular in the West but not so much here. We do have 2 buse
  12. I wish Prevost and/or MCI would manufacture a 35 footer.
  13. Even as a Prevost fanboy, I would say they both have roughly the same amount of issues. Both reliable machines, generally. We have mostly Prevosts but the few MCI we have serve us well. Aftersale service is much better with Prevost though. And yes, the the J- and E-Series handle better than H3s. Personally, I find the best riding bus is the X3, as far as handling and dealing with wind. We have a model with a longer wheelbase than the regular production model (it was a demo). Most comfortable bus i've driven. Unfortunately it has the jerk-o-matic trans.
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