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  1. I have seen them on Sundays but not Saturdays.
  2. 2822

    GRT Retirements

    Will the rest of the 94XX and first Gen Novas be retired next year when GRT gets new buses?
  3. Any updates on the 99 V's and VI buses in Brampton? Are the 2001 V's still on property or are they gone?
  4. Has anyone seen any VI in Service in the last two weeks?
  5. 2822

    Gas Prices

    132 on Prince Edward Island, 138 for Diesel. and 128 near the confederation bridge on the New Brunswick side.
  6. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    9878 on route 3 today and 0677 on route 4
  7. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    Any Orion VI's out?
  8. 2822

    Sarnia Transit

    Sometimes the V's go out on route 12.
  9. How many VI do they have?
  10. 2822

    Welland Transit

    True, The Elderado's are usually assigned to there specific routes. I have seen a Blue Bird on the highway before though.
  11. I intend to come to at least Saturday if I can get a ride.
  12. What time is this charter likely to run from? 12-4 or 12:30-4:30 would be good for those coming from the Toronto area.
  13. I am all for a Cornwall 9878/9882 charter.
  14. 4402 also testing on St.Clair this morning
  15. North Bay's Transit Manager told myself and another member that North Bay is buying another two XD40's for delivery next year.
  16. 109, 128 and 129 are still in service and were all in use on Friday.
  17. Sounds good, Should be able to get that time off.
  18. 2822

    Transit Windsor

    How many classics been in service lately?
  19. How many Classic's left in service?
  20. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    They could probably retire the worse of the two and keep the better one.
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