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  1. This Afternoon 4150 was involved in an accident with a motorcycle at Keele and St.Clair. 9415 and others were shuttle buses
  2. How many extra buses will be needed for service? Is it possible the V's or VI's may need to be brought back?
  3. How much does a new Arboc cost?
  4. 2822

    Transit Windsor

    With Woodstock recently taking delivery of a new LFS the Classic may be gone. Also when I was in Sault.Ste Marie I was told by a mechanic the remaining classics would be gone by the end of 2014.
  5. Count me in for your Carpool as well. I sent you a PM too.
  6. 4405 testing on St.Clair Sunday Evening about 8:30pm.
  7. 41 Keele can get very busy on Saturdays I have seen crushloads before.
  8. I think just the 1996 series is being retired.
  9. I think in Edmonton they give there drivers only 3 weeks of training for buses.
  10. Probably they were retired because they were standard floor buses.
  11. I think they're only used as backup's during rush hr. Some of them have been parked.
  12. I notice very few systems in Canada in general are buying from Elderado now.
  13. I think in a few years when all the 73s retire all the 79s will move to Queensway. Having said that I think Arrow will have some diesel buses possibly the 40 foot novas coming next year.
  14. They really need to increase service on 512 especially in the Pm rush hr.
  15. 2822

    Orillia Transit

    I wonder if Orillia is going to replace the 2004 Elderado?
  16. Does anyone know if the evening standby bus at Bathurst station has been Novas or Orion 7s?
  17. I rode 9420 on 29 earlier today and it went out of service at 5:10pm at Wilson Station. Maybe they are putting extra spare board operators out on the busy routes?
  18. Any chance a few more Wilson Nova's may move to Malvern and some of the Malvern 91XX go to arrow?
  19. How many of the current trolleys are still around?
  20. 2822

    Transit Windsor

    Any classics in service lately?
  21. I am going to be in the D.C area from October 5th - 10th. Any recommendations? I heard I should not take pics at Pentagon Station. Any other areas I should avoid taking pics?
  22. Always thought 922 should be based out of only one garage instead of two. Also is 950 still a Whitby route?
  23. I wonder if they may put the VI back in service if there short buses at least until the new ones arrive?
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