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  1. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    Is 9887 retired?
  2. 3535 ended up on the 89 Thursday night on the run that goes onto the 312 night bus.
  3. It was on 42 Wednesday morning. Appears the GPS doesn't work properly.
  4. 1066 was on 189 before going over to 73 Royal York.
  5. 8810 on 95 York Mills. 1393 on 15, 1046 on 48.
  6. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    Guess they will need if the 71 route returns?
  7. 2822

    Cornwall Transit

    Any update on the Orion Vi's? I have noticed on transee that the business routes have been using lfs.
  8. How many buses will this route use? Seems pretty long.
  9. Are the 2001s still active or have they been replaced by this order?
  10. Saw TTC 9212 on 41 Keele tonight departing Keele Station 5 mins before a artic.
  11. What is the status of the ex Niagara Falls Elderado's?
  12. I notice Simcoe county has one additional bus ordered for 2022 in addition to the three for 2021 for the 6. Is this extra bus going to be added to a certain route?.
  13. How come route 3 has had the most drastic service cuts? Route 2 has two buses all day along with the 5. I would of thought the Barrie to Orillia route would have higher ridership then say Alliston?
  14. Rode ttc 1314 on 35 this morning the bus sounds different for some reason. Also 1319 on 935.
  15. The three e-bus convoy were going northbound on Runnymede road just after 1pm on Monday.
  16. I thought the 1051-1071 series were to retire at 12 years in 2022? If they're investing money in repainting 11 year old buses now I wonder if they're going to keep some of them until its time to retire the 1351-1360 series around 2025?
  17. Anyone know why ttc rarely adjusts service levels on weekends?
  18. Hopefully phase 2 can start about April when the weather is better and more people are vacinated. As for phase three possibly around September when most people are vacinated and more people go back to transit?
  19. Hopefully they can reconsider restoring the routes that were cancelled and run them hourly to start 6am-9pm at a minimum.
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