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  1. 5 Dixie doesnt necessarily need artics, it more needs reliable service so buses are evenly spaced.
  2. Toronto to Vancouver on Greyhound In 2011.
  3. Doesn't appear so. Maybe it's postponed till the summer or September?
  4. Any idea why 427 is almost assigned to the same run everyday leaving Downtown Brampton at 3:59am and is almost always swapped off around 8am? Prior to this it was 421 doing this run.
  5. The Longest deadhead for Queensway is from Kennedy station to Queensway division every morning once 300 is done.
  6. If they cut back on hiring they could easily reduce the property tax increase. Possibly instead of hiring 200 officers maybe just hire 50-100. Same goes for ttc instead of hiring 50 special constables possibly just hire 20. This city is not fiscally responsible.
  7. Anyone know which route that BRT division is going to take over from Miller? BRT division is currently receiving more 22xx Artics and they have more then enough for 90.
  8. Any idea what the peak requirements for buses will be come January?
  9. If anything on weekends maybe Go should run routes 21 and 31 to Kipling Terminal. Also 16 should not run at all as traffic is unpredictable on any weekend.
  10. Yes, I've been seeing Orions on routes that were using LFS for the last yr or so more now
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