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  1. I would hope so seeing as how I keep seeing Jane buses with up to 40 passengers onboard.
  2. Anyone know how many buses will be used for base service with the changes?
  3. Will 7 still run to Square one overnight when the 35 and 109 are not running?
  4. Rode 3115 from St.Clair Station on the 82 extra yesterday.
  5. Does that bus end up on the 950? I know the 960 became the 950 in Uxbridge on some trips.
  6. How many buses is HSR buying in 2020?.
  7. I wonder if one of these replaced 0715?
  8. So 157 is back in service? Saw a recent Facebook photo as well.
  9. TTC 2252 seen at Jane and Trethewey about 11:00 this morning. 3728 seen in the same area yesterday at about 1pm
  10. Will the 6 clrv trippers be permanent once all the 22 regular runs are converted to flexitys?
  11. I have already seen TTC buses use this to go past traffic.
  12. Anyone driving from Toronto area going on the charters? Send me a message if you have extra space.
  13. Any chance any of the Phantoms will still be running in August?. How many Elderados are Prince George County Transit getting?. Thanks
  14. Will the Orion V's still be running in mid August?. Also how many Dash Orion V's should still be around in August?. Thanks.
  15. It was on Run #70 of 40 Junction so it likely went out on a blue night route as well.
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