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  1. I have already seen TTC buses use this to go past traffic.
  2. Anyone driving from Toronto area going on the charters? Send me a message if you have extra space.
  3. Any chance any of the Phantoms will still be running in August?. How many Elderados are Prince George County Transit getting?. Thanks
  4. Will the Orion V's still be running in mid August?. Also how many Dash Orion V's should still be around in August?. Thanks.
  5. It was on Run #70 of 40 Junction so it likely went out on a blue night route as well.
  6. How many of the older trolleys even go out on a weekday anymore?
  7. When are the next new buses arriving for Niagara falls?.
  8. When will the 06xx D41LF's and the 07xx series D40LF's retire?
  9. There were two Vicinities out today both on the 5. Also with all the Vicinities in service now how often do the arbocs go out on regular routes?
  10. Expansion or replacements?
  11. 55 and 40B should be merged to reduce congestion at Jane station also so 40B can stay on Dundas and not require to go north on to St.Clair to turn around as there is sometimes heavy traffic along the proposed 40B routeing.
  12. I was in Grade 11 and the Principal told everyone over the PA system.
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