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  1. Does anyone know if any of the Elderado buses are parked? I looked at transee and I've seen up to all three Orion VI's out but only 1-2 of 6 Elderados
  2. I wonder if it could justify every 30 minutes during the summer months?
  3. 1202, 1412 and 1416 currently operating on 35 Jane. Visually saw them all.
  4. 9053 and 9148 were part of the bus parade on 35 Jane on Saturday. Glad to see now they're using Artics as Rad buses.
  5. Is DRT routes 889 and 890 on demand or RAD Buses?
  6. With all these service cuts happening how many of the oldest D40LF and Elderados will retire?. It looks like they will use only about half the buses system wide as they did prior to Covid-19.
  7. I would hope so seeing as how I keep seeing Jane buses with up to 40 passengers onboard.
  8. Anyone know how many buses will be used for base service with the changes?
  9. Will 7 still run to Square one overnight when the 35 and 109 are not running?
  10. Rode 3115 from St.Clair Station on the 82 extra yesterday.
  11. Does that bus end up on the 950? I know the 960 became the 950 in Uxbridge on some trips.
  12. How many buses is HSR buying in 2020?.
  13. I wonder if one of these replaced 0715?
  14. So 157 is back in service? Saw a recent Facebook photo as well.
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