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  1. Anyone remember these? Around this time they still had the red Kitchener Transit busses, red and orange Cambridge Transit busses, and the borrowed orange Mississauga Transit ones.
  2. 2323 on 200 a few days ago. As long as they can get by and not borrow anything from Mississauga like in 2000 we'll be fine.
  3. Yes, of course I am not intelligent when compared to you. This coming from someone that does not know the difference between "your" and "you're", to start with, and that thinks a "proof" is something on a forum. What makes you think that we, in addition to posting the faults here, do not voice our concerns to GRT? Until you can "prove" this last point, please be quiet, stop telling others what they can and cannot post, and contaminating this section of the forum with your offensive messages. We may bring the negative points of our system here but we never insulted each other; something tha
  4. And we have a right to report on the faults of the system as we see it and criticise it publicly. Users of the system have the right to post what they see, and if you get upset by that, too bad. When it becomes wrong is when it hurts someone or the post is a lie. If you prefer only the compliments then go to one of those other sections. Here is something to make you feel a bit warm inside: GRT runs a world-class system. Their maps don't have any errors. Their website doesn't have any errors. Their destination signs don't have any errors. The iXpress routes are truly express. GRT effec
  5. You get your ass out of this thread, Hamilton-ee. That's very rude. We, as we do use the system regularly, have that right to complain, whereas you do not.
  6. It is never right to assult someone, but bus drivers are known, in this Region too, to be aggressive at times. At times younger people may not think and assult a driver as a result of an aggressive driver. Again, not acceptable, but I've seen drivers, unfortunately, verbally assult passengers on GRT.
  7. What about a blind kid trying to make it to school at KCI (and listening for the station announcement)? More people take the bus (students) to KCI than the store.
  8. ....Even if they do pick something across the street (if there's nothing on the side of the station) then it should be the shopping plaza/mall/centre, and not an individual store. Not sure what the name of the one with the Food Basics is, but I am sure there is a name that could be used instead of an individual store. Sounds like an ad on the bus. Another one is the 7 coming from Waterloo to Kitchener. At the KCI stop it is announced as the Central Fresh Market stop, which too is across the street. Weird. I think the Region should re-think handing over operations of the LRT to GRT. If t
  9. Yes, I am talking about all the other routes. There should be a clear pattern that people can expect in a system. At the moment I cannot see the pattern with GRT. Sometimes it is an intersection (King/Victoria), sometimes the intersecting street (Victoria), other times it is a landmark on the same side as the stop, and other times, even if there is a landmark on the same side as the stop it is a landmark across the street. The last example is a street and a landmark (Columbia/Uw) (yes, that is a lower-case "w") and other times just a landmark (Laurier). Egh.... Random like a kindergarten
  10. It shouldn't be that difficult. They've had it for 2 years (maybe more), it comes with documentation, and GRT is not the first to use it. I imagine it is a 7 day project for someone to sit down, look through the system map, and program all the stops, with some naming standard in place. For example, why does the 200 still have "iXpress to Conestoga Mall" when it should be "200 iXpress to Conestoga Mall" two months after the introduction of the 201? As another example, "Victoria" on the 200 should be "King/Victoria" if following how other stations are identified. Weird. Should be possibl
  11. Haha.. does anyone test this stuff before humiliating themselves to the public? They've had two years to get this right.... at least they're trying.. that must count for something.
  12. I think he may be asking about the garage. If it is about the garage then yes, the Ottawa/Homer Watson intersection is close to the garage.
  13. regionofwaterloo.ca/transithub/ (without the "R" ) is online. Does anyone know if this "hub" will completely replace the Charles Street terminal?
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