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  2. The Blue Puttees touched bottom while on maneuvers Dec. 27/10. Does anyone have any further information on this incident? Kasco
  3. M V Blue Puttees at the Lloyd Werft shipyard. Final arrangements are being made for her crossing to Canada. Her first Canadian port of call will be Port aux Basques followed by North Sydney. The plan is to have the vessel enter service with Marine Atlantic mid February. Kasco
  4. The M V Caribou arrived in North Sydney at 1730hrs, Nov.26/10. The vessel finished offloading at 1830hrs. At this time the Caribou was removed from service with Marine Atlantic and will be offered for sale. The end of a era. The new vessels, Blue Puttees/Stena Trader and Highlanders/Stena Traveller, have a huge job ahead. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH
  5. M V Caribou will be decommissioned in approx. two weeks, Nov. 25/10 It will be sad to see her go but one hopes it will not be the end of the Gulf Span Project.
  6. A few spare vessels? I guess this would depend on the size of the operation. When the vessels being used are in the 150 million dollar range, this is not a option. Having a schedule in place that allows for annual maintenance plus a preventive maintenance program is the only answer.
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