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    Commuter Rail

    So if we upgrade the old DAR, and run an RDC in from Middle Sackville, then add the double track back as far as the Hammonds Plains Rd at the Sobeys, you could run the Ferry from there. I bet you could beat the the car time from the same location with a combo of rail and ferry. Have a dedicated bus run in Hammonds Plains rd to the same Ferry terminal and maximize the potential. This is assuming you can't get CN to play ball on running over their trackage. If you can work with them, then it gets even easier. What's HRM's forcast for the next 10-20 years in terms of $$ to be spent on more roads or upgrading of roads to handle increased traffic flow from Sprawl? Anyone have an idea?
  2. 19200

    Commuter Rail

    What was the supposed run time for this fast ferry idea from Bedford to Dtown Halifax? Did they ever put a firm number on it?
  3. Last of the Chester Subdivision was removed a number of months ago. Few years back HRM stood by while a fair bit of the Bedford Subdivision single tracked down from double. Has HRM missed the boat? With a downtown core that is a peninsula, isn't a more efficient mode of moving people to the core needed? Thoughts and opinions please....