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  1. There is currently no scheduled service between Elora & Fergus at this time. It is unknown when service might be implemented.
  2. Didn’t they tried putting wi-fi on select double deckers a few years back? What was the outcome of that trial period?
  3. I just saw 2408 on the iXpress this afternoon at the corner of University and King. Still in service, lost its advertisement at the back.
  4. Spotted 8373 on the 25 Square One bound in Waterloo a few times this week.
  5. I do believe that all GO transit routes are available at Union Station. They are located in both the Union Station Bus Terminal and the York Concourse.
  6. Spotted 8352 on the 25 local in Waterloo early this afternoon.
  7. Based off recent service changes, I would assume that it would go all the way to Mount Pleasant with service to Bramalea.
  8. It ran for about two months. They used a normal school bus to provide the service. Elliot Coach Line (School Bus Service) is still providing a shuttle service from Elora-Fergus towards Guelph every morning and the same route starting in Guelph coming back to Centre Wellington in the afternoon (one route each way). There is hope that the service will be back, but right now the local service is stopped until further notice. If you are coming specifically to see the Transit system, don't even bother, it's not yet worth it! Maybe in few months... or years... Cheers,
  9. As I live in the area, I can confirm that the service is not running at this point.
  10. Just saw 8200 at University of Waterloo, most likely waiting to turn into a 25! Really nice bus!
  11. Bringing up the 92 to an all-day service could be a possible idea. One idea that I just thought of is to run the 92 around UW just like the 7D/E is currently doing until the LRT is up in service and then going back to the original circle. It would basically do a figure 8 with UW as the centre point. What do you guys think?
  12. Regarding this contract cancellation, is there a new order for Nova's yet? Just out of curiosity.
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