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  1. 7926 moved to Queensway, spotted it on the 45 two days in a row earlier in the week.
  2. 9047 has been sitting at the front of Arrow for the last couple of days, so I guess their training might begin soon.
  3. On the allocation sheet, 1368, 73, 81-90 are marked as Wilson buses. Those should all be at Arrow.
  4. 7967 has moved back to Arrow Rd, spotted it on Jane street earlier today (and I think its back on Jane tonight running as a blue nighter later on tonight).
  5. The Novas are looking great with their new signs! Are they sending the older stock pile to Malvern, Wilson and Qwy to use in their buses? It's weird how they choose to retrofit the signs on these things a couple years before retirement, although it would probably help the rest of the fleet when they get rid of the 7200's. I've heard that Arrow was fixing up the 72's, I don't know how true this is or not.
  6. I've spotted RTS buses 7204, 7215, 7223, 7243 and 7250 rocking new Horizon signs within the last couple of weeks. Guess that makes 7200, 03, 04, 07-10, 15, 23, 36, 43 and 50 with Horizon signs so far.
  7. TTC 7203 and 7207 are the latest units with Horizons signs, spotted within the last week or so.
  8. 7200 now. Spotted on the 96 not too long ago with Horizons.
  9. Nova 7209 is now running around with Horizon destination signs, spotted it on the 84 yesterday afternoon.
  10. 7634 and 7636 are back at the division in which they started, on the 165 and 191 respectively yesterday.
  11. I've seen 1255 in service for a few weeks now, as recently as yesterday on the 165.
  12. Well, I was talking to a driver recently who lives at Eglinton and McCowan, and is working at Arrow Rd, so I guess it is wherever they really need the next person. I was just wondering though, as I have an interview next week, is it a good idea to tell the interviewers that you have family working for TTC? I know a few drivers who told me not to tell them, but I have my father telling me to let them know. Any advice?
  13. So has 7045, which I rode on the 190 last week. It hasn't really been mentioned, but it looks like all the 9400s have received them as well. Every unit I have seen so far anyways.
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