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  1. I saw a bus being used for training purposes today at West Oak & Grand Oak Trails
  2. I've noticed that UTM students get on the 24 at South Common with their U-PASS even though it only covers MiWay routes
  3. I live in the area so I've been interested in it ever since I heard of it. Unfortunately there's not much information about it beyond this https://www.oakville.ca/assets/2011 planning/ps-OldBronte-StreetscapePlanMar12.PDF Hopefully that study for this terminal that's mentioned in the Town's budget is concluded sooner than later
  4. I live in oakville for example and know plenty of other people also coming in from Oakville. Burlington seems to be the most common town people commute from Well I go there now and can say the majority of the student board doesn't live in residence... the few that do are international students who don't even have a home in Ontario anyway
  5. Does GO Transit have any plans to bring bus service to the Mountain, more importantly Mohawk College? It's insane how a college as large as Mohawk has no regional transit, and as is evident there isn't even enough parking to accommodate commuters
  6. I've never seen a European license plate here in North America but I've seen North American license plates countless times in Europe Anyway, my prized possession is spotting this Nunavut license plate in Hamilton Quebec and Minnesota spotted in Belgrade, Serbia I've seen Ontario license plates plenty of times in the Balkans and it makes sense since Ontario has a sizeable Balkan community, though I've seen New York and Illinois far more often there
  7. I must be missing something. How come none of these bidders save for Nova Bus and Karsan seem to actually manufacture busses? They only have parts
  8. Are electric buses in the cards for HSR? Spotted this on Main and Victoria today
  9. How come there's no better connection between Mohawk and McMaster? You would think there's a direct line between the two when the two schools have bridge programs together. I also have a friend working at parking services at Mac who says lots of people from Mohawk utilize Mac's parking spaces
  10. I sure would love to see a pic as an example
  11. I don't think the 5 should be extended, rather a new route be made to connect Burlington and Oakville along Dundas. This should happen once the Palermo bus terminal is built
  12. Was just at Cummins and saw this baby in the parking lot. Don't know if it was going in for repairs or if it had just finished being repaired (I was only there to drive my dad so he can drop his truck off there) but I thought it would be nice to share this
  13. Hmm, I've never used it before but after finding out how cost effective it is for me to get to Toronto via MiWay and then the subway, it would've been nice to still have it and thus one less transfer
  14. What ever happened to that MiWay route that ended at Oakville's Uptown Core?
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