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  1. The Compass Project

    http://ow.ly/ojPKG Looks like Translink decided to double the amount of compass testers than originally planned. Makes not getting accepted as a tester suck even more
  2. Skytrain MK I Refurbishments

    They haven't seen service as far as I know... They have just been hanging around the yard getting stuff done to them. --if that's what you mean?--
  3. Ad-wrap reports

    S7345 has been unwrapped after YEARS of being the 'Guildford Bus'
  4. Ad-wrap reports

    B9662 was been unwrapped from its former Target adwrap
  5. Ad-wrap reports

    Skytrain: 077 is wrapped for Tim Hortons. :129 used to be wrapped for Black Ops 2 but now also has a Tim Hortons wrap.
  6. Ad-wrap reports

    034 is also wrapped green for Metrotown
  7. Ad-wrap reports

    The Blackberry wrap would be on 122
  8. 2013 Garage Transfers / Storage Reactivations

    N7218 is running in Surrey aswell!
  9. 2013 Garage Transfers / Storage Reactivations

    P7402 is running out of Surrey now and has been for a while
  10. Ad-wrap reports

    Skytrain 52 is wrapped for Civic Plaza and its parter is wrapped too (assuming its also for Civic Plaza but not sure) BUT Last reported 52 was wrapped for something else so if you see Skytrain 52 confirm that I did get this right
  11. The Compass Project

    There could be progress again with finishing the compass on the buses... Lately most of my full size buses in Coquitlam have had compass 100% installed and the screens have been on. Just scrolling through "Please Wait" "Windows" "Loading" and a black screen. I haven't payed much attention to fleet numbers so I do not know if I am just lucking out and getting the couple buses that were outfitted prior to their hault or if they have started work again. --have not yet seen a shuttle out the (PTC) to have compass fully done and ready--
  12. Ad-wrap reports

    Skytrain #130 is wrapped for the Canadian Forces
  13. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    S253, S246 and one other S2*5 just driver past/through Newton Exchange. They are being used for training and had several people with high visibility vests on each of them aswell.
  14. Looks like the 555 is doing pretty good... Just saw a 555 leave Braid and it was almost full!
  15. The Compass Project

    S300 has brackets... Found that out after a day if chasing the pretty little Reindeer bus