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  1. What about the part where NFI failed to show TTC the parts vendor as they want to charge a premium to sell TTC bus parts. This disqualifies NFI from the last few bids except the electric one where TTC wanted specifically to try all available models at the time of ordering.
  2. I remember a few months ago there was a link to someone's site on old TTC bus pics. One of the albums has the Classics model with the original 1987 rear number which was written in large white fonts on the black zigzag part of the rear. After a few years, they were moved to a little low to the white portion and the numbers became black. This person's album had at least one pic showing the rear of the Classic with its original rear number placement. Does anyone know which site it is and the link to is?
  3. With the 60 Flexity Outlook models just ordered, does it mean the Flexity Freedom line is secured even with Alstom taking over Bombardier? Do future orders of Line 5 for 2030 and ION plus Valley line still needs to use this model due to their MSF built to this model's specs. Or can they order the Citadis Spirit with the 30m length configuration?
  4. General question on the Metrolinx expansion pertaining to the TTC: If the opposition wins on Sept 20th, does it mean they can possibly cancel the funding Trudeau promised to Ford and Tory about these TTC rapid transit expansion? The billions of dollars from the feds that were announced in July of this year which were originally save from being cancelled since Trudeau's election was suppose to come in fall of 2023 but has now been moved 2 years earlier.
  5. Maybe ttc rider can enlighten us on when 4442 left TTC property months ago? The cptdb wiki updates mostly from members drum118 and ttc rider reporting as most of us don't follow these.
  6. There's no rides this season at this place it seems but the admission price is 50% as a result. Hopefully next year they'll open the rides back up.
  7. Just wondering why they don't seem to care to do these 2 units. Usually it's because they're either obligated to do it by contract of some form or the money is not enough to justify them doing it on schedule and they have other higher priority units to do first (or higher revenue / contracts to fulfill before they get to these two units). As you said it was originally suppose to be done in Q1 2020 afterall. Unfortunately these 2 units are not part of the first 66 units with the defects otherwise there's more of a priority to do them as they'll hit 2 birds with 1 stone.
  8. Are 4471 and 4478 to be sanitized and resent back to the TTC for free? That why they are in no priority to do them since they don't get paid to do it.
  9. I brought this up cause I recently saw a video walkthrough of Montreal and noticed STM Metro stations still uses these type of rotating doors. It brought back memories of the 90/2000s when TTC used them. STM Metro must be really behind in the times! lol
  10. Anyone know why TTC replaced the original rotating doors to the older subway stations in the last decade even before they made the station accessible? Were these type of doors not user friendly or have mobility issues? Example below the middle door: https://www.google.com/maps/@43.6782645,-79.3522078,3a,55.1y,274.78h,84.98t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1snRHoQyFQkjVSHXEc36ARnA!2e0!5s20110801T000000!7i13312!8i6656
  11. From another forum, unit 515 has started revenue service. This is that extra unit they received from the Bombardier penalty.
  12. Which then begs the question why the Orion VIIs all have that rearmost window openable...
  13. How come TTC spec the LFS with the rearmost windows sealed when I see other systems have that openable?
  14. Oops must have missed 4427. Fixed now. 4419 is missing the route it was on upon reentry of service. Anyone know? 4471 and 4478 will be like 4401; totally sidelined until the rest are done. What sucks is the fact these two units are not part of the welding batch which means it is two additional units off TTC property.
  15. Doing a quite accuracy check... from the wiki, I counted 12 units sent for welding repairs plus the 2 unsanitized units. That's quite alot of units off property. Is that correct?
  16. This is a very short extension of the infrastructure so I'm surprised they are putting the East Bayfront portion to Cherry St first. They should both be done at the same time and forget about the Villager Island extension for now.
  17. Read from another forum that construction stopped last Sept due to some contractor issue and now it has restarted with a projected completion date of Nov 2021.
  18. Anyone know if they have a preliminary path as to how they want to extend the streetcar tracks from the Ex to Dufferin loop? How do they plan to cross the Gardiner since west of the Ex, the highway lowers back down to ground level and below further west. How do they plan to cross the rail tracks since Dufferin loop is north of the tracks while the current Ex loop is south of it.
  19. ttc rider posted in Feb 16 2021 that 4438 went to Quebec Island. How can it have taken 4435's spot when 4435 was just delivered back to the TTC? I had swapped 4436 with 4438 as 4436 remained with the TTC back in Feb 2021. You guys are contradicting each other.
  20. At this point every transfers are handmedowns as there's no new buses until 2022.
  21. And he seems to have came into this board after the 74/78xx retired. Back then no one complained Eglinton and Birchmount had the oldest models in the fleet nor did anyone cared.
  22. They partially did this by giving Arrow the 52 and Arrow has mostly the LFS hybrids after McNicoll opened. 52 and 900 both "show off" to travellers the Toronto buses though you can argue they take 900 more due to its advertisement and express service. And on the rare occasion the Xcelsiors go on the airport branch of the 52...
  23. Watch out. You might incur a certain member here about why Queensway can't get new buses by going into this topic!!!
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