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  1. With ATC enabled on its entire line, Line 1's rush hour frequency will still not go to 90s. I don't know where you got that number. They said their upper limit is 32 trains per hour and that's really really stretching it. That works out to slightly less than a 2min frequency trains. Hence, the Ontario Line will not need to run 60s frequency to match Line 1 since Line 1 won't be able to run at 90s frequency anyway.
  2. Looking at this diagram (assuming it's to scale!) and the Finch Station article on Transit Toronto, it seems the tail tracks should extend around the full station length since it accommodates a full 6 car trainset. As a result, using Google Maps, the north end of the tail track tunnel should end around the area of this empty plot of land. Logically, this seems to be the best place to dig the hole for the bore machine(s) as everywhere else is built up unless they buy it out like they did with the Line 2 extension at Sheppard/McCowan. I highly doubt they would buy and relocate those high rise apartments/condos nearby. https://www.google.com/maps/@43.7838176,-79.4164032,3a,75y,275.44h,97.76t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEwuJQIXB4wQ2H8DbFrv6aA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  3. Dan, that means if there's a 12 car train with 2 F59s, both would be providing HEP provide at the same time? Last weekend there was one run I saw on a youtuber's channel like that.
  4. On the wiki it says the MP40s are the first locos capable of handling 12 car trainsets. Does that mean the F59PHs can only do a max of 10 car trainsets? Do they ever couple two MP40s or MP54s in a trainset like they do with the F59PHs in revenue service? And how about coupling one MP40 or MP54 with one F59PH in revenue service?
  5. Are there certain routes that are D4500s only?
  6. Can't be worse than NYCMTA during the 70/80s! lol As for Eglinton, are they even using that temp bus terminal after Line 5 opens when alot of the routes won't run from that station anymore?
  7. https://www.ttc.ca/service-advisories/Service-Changes/1-Line-1-Yonge-University-Sheppard-Yonge-to-St-Clair-full-weekend-closure-November-5-and-6 Thought with ATC active entirely, there would be no more full weekend closures on the Yonge part of the line. They call this closure track work. Are they also doing the Line 5 Eglinton Stn construction but forgot to say so?
  8. No not the 32 extra cars. Those he already covered as below: 7 for the new Scarborough Subway Extension 8 for the new Yonge North Extension 5 for the headway improvement on Line 1 8 for the maturity service on the new Yonge North Extension 4 for the maturity service on the new Scarborough Subway Extension I'm talking about the 19 extra cars from the base order of 80 cars since the current T1 fleet only has 61 cars.
  9. One thing I got confused after reading that article. The 32 extra units are for Line 1 and 2 extensions (to be completed in 2030) plus more frequent service in Line 1 and 2 after both lines get ATC in its entirety. So then why is the initial order for 80 cars when there's only 61 T1 cars right now? At max frequency right now with the block signal system, they only use 46 cars per pre covid peak period. What are the 80-61=19 extra units used for? Are they able to operate 55 trains on Line 2 with the old block signal system?
  10. Alright I did only 4 as I could only find the delivery dates for these 4 units from the info gathered here, another board and the Metrolinx/Finch West LRT twitter sites. The other 3 units have delivery dates but I don't know what numbers they are. I don't want to assume 6500 is the 1st unit delivered either as sometimes they might not deliver the first unit first. Sep 29 2022 were units 4 and 5. Jul 29 2021 was unit 1. If anyone spots any units out testing that's not 6502, 6509, 6510 and 6512 BEFORE the 8th unit arrives, please post. lol
  11. Can a wiki admin create a page of the 6500s to keep track of these? I don't want to put each unit delivered into the notes section of the main page of TTC; it'll be too crowded. I think this is the 6th unit delivered right?
  12. That interior didn't change until the 08s.
  13. The current batch of BiLevels VIII, why didn't GO number the regular coaches and accessible cars as 3xxx and 35xx since their cab counterparts are numbered 3xx? Why skip a 1000 numerically?
  14. I don't get it. How can YRT operate a VIVA Steeles when TTC covers that entire road east to west. You'll be duplicating the service.
  15. Let's hope they will reuse Line 3 for the Ontario Line unlike STM where they just skipped it with its spiritual successor REM not having a Line number.
  16. Might as well wait for Line 6 and do a double opening while closing Line 3 at the same time.
  17. The explanation is here. MiWay 1001-1020 - CPTDB Wiki
  18. For the GO weekend pass, if I were to go to Hamilton, does it matter if I pick Hamilton GO Stn or West Harbour GO Stn for the destination? If I intend to take one trip on GO 16 bus then one trip on GO Lakeshore West train.
  19. Do units 70-71 still see service or are they retired? Last year when route 99 was running, all I see was D40LFs on that route.
  20. BTW, are there any way to find out what route these recent back to service cars were on? They are bucking the trend of the rest on that wiki page but only having the back to service date but no route information.
  21. Updated. I don't track these so if no one reports them here or the other non transit board, I won't know.
  22. Why not Gerrard Square since you mentioned Dufferin Mall? These are the only 2 malls within the old City of Toronto afterall (besides Eaton Centre which won't be moving anytime soon).
  23. The 40ft Novas have a shorter wheelbase than the 40ft New Flyers so if you're saying the 60ft Novas have same wheelbase as the 40ft Novas, then they are still shorter than the Orion and New Flyer 40ft wheelbases.
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