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  1. The safety boots requirements just came in just last week or so. So even the subway Ops are asking those questions too. Best to ask the trainers. I think the vouchers from what i'm hearing will be given to us every two years. But like I said ask the trainers, this is new requirements for everyone in subways. I doubt you will get two free pairs of safety boots though. Even that may change.
  2. Despite all that, I still don't think he'll be around for long. I think Queensland was too small for him too. I think If someone like NYC offers him something, he's gone.
  3. Well, 8159 was painted at Lesile. And hidden there for some time. The Union didn't say anything. And as for Bmount shunting a bus at Kennedy, maybe they were in the area at the time anyways, or had staff available, simple. I don't think the union should be against it, this happens more than you think. And after talking to Wilson mechanics, they tell me how Malvern helps them with change overs in the east, and vice versa with a Malvern bus in the west. Same with Roncy and Russell helping each other out with their cars.
  4. 7878 and 8440 at eglinton. 8440 has been there for a while because of the snow build up. This should be the bus used to train eglinton staff for the anticipation for the 8620 coming in this year?
  5. More TTC Funding Buying 783 new buses. I'm assuming its a typo?
  6. I been enjoying it, feels like yesterday. I started driving subways 10 years ago. I been on all the lines. H4 to the TRs, including SRT. Even the H1s as workcars, and other workcars. Hopefully you enjoy it too. Did you start training yet?
  7. The news hasn't gotten around yet. So as the day goes on we'll hear more.
  8. So they changed the format. They keep changing it, thanks for that. Less trains to learn more time to practice! That's good to hear
  9. Being on report sucks if you get called out, because all the time you were waiting is now just half the time, or half your pay. so you can be at work for 12 hours but get paid 8hrs worth. Hardest part is staying awake, it can be an adjustment for people, and disablements. Learning the signals for me was easy, but being in traffic can have you wondering, then bam, you hit a light. So staying focus is the hardest part. When you first start, answering the phone and driving can be difficult, it will take awhile for some to get use to. But your partner will help you along the way.
  10. Bob Kinnear fired Damn, big news folks!
  11. With subway you are on sign slip for 2-3 board periods. Which is night work called late reliefs, or on report after 2pm usually. There's really no bad shift, you serve the public based on there travel pattern which for us will not be normal working hours. Theres no 9-5 shift unless you have 15+ years You may get lucky and never get sent out, but will come to bite you in the ass when your not getting the driving experience. I think they force you on a train if your not getting sent out often enough. You move up slowly in seniority compared to any other mode. They usually send you for SRT training within you probationary period, I guess to put more pressure for you to pass, compared to someone not on probation. I guess now that I think about it, both YUS and BD, the worst shifts or off days are split off days, which is usually Sunday/Wednesday, Sunday/Tuesday and Sunday/Thursday. All day work. no split off days on the Afternoon or night shift. The T1s are a good train to drive, I like driving them over the TRs, I find the T1s handle much better. They brake better when fast, if you drive to slow the brakes can be rough. It sounds weird until you actually drive it.
  12. Apparently a bunch of streetcar Ops are getting bus training. Is this happening within the probationary period? Or they wait until after. Lots of new Ops with less than a year on getting bus training. Are you forced, or by request?
  13. I wonder what the new Wheel Trans buses will be, TTC is getting 20 of them , I think it might be the new Mercedes/sprinter they had two years ago. I wonder if TTC ever thought about replacing the community buses with 30ft buses and restructuring some of the routes. By the looks of it, these Friendlys are rusting out. I'm surprise the oldest are 8-9 years old already. If they don't fix the hot cars by the summer, any goals of reducing delays will be down the toilet. I'm not sure why operators were trying to grind out 8+ hours in that, then get heat stroke, still get blamed for the hot cars by the customers, its not worth it. And not all of the TRs are here, so that needs to be part of the charter commitments this year. Any kind of bus improvement is always welcomed. I'm looking forward to seeing where these new priority lanes will be. I wonder if the artics will be redeployed on other routes where they can be more effective. And of course the 300+ buses, all Novas as planned. I hope they have a redesigned interior. I'm sure there will be changes not just the new paint scheme.
  14. Well, based on what you said, it will start off as a seasonal route, or seasonal branch off of 12. I doubt they have the ridership to justify a dedicated route, but with the length it would take to a Subway, it may be possible because it will serve two purposes. One for the bluffs, and any capacity increase along a corridor to Warden, Kennedy or Vic Park stations. Or just extend the 12C to the bluffs, seasonally.
  15. Supposedly? It could have been a change off, OT, or going back to its route from a shuttle, lots of reasons. I doubt from training, there would have been a trainer on board.
  16. Well based on what I read, I assume the TTC/City owns the terminal, because the request is asking access to STC terminal through the TTC Board. If it was Metrolinx property I would assume the request would have been made to/through Metrolinx. I don't know, I'm just assuming based on how I interpret it. Now, when it comes to maintenance and general up keep, I don't know. I should look out when I pass by there to see who cleans the eastern part of the terminal. I guess well see if it is approved, more details will come out on whether or not they have a lease through TTC or GO/Metrolinx, similar to Miway at Islingotn.
  17. DRT finally pushing to get into STC DRT access to STC
  18. Yea what you say makes sense. I think 8300 will be at Wilson for life. There was an article stating the 2017 won't arrive until July, from the May date.
  19. The plan is still to have the 2017 Novas at Eglinton, but things can change.
  20. It already corrected, its on 51 Lesile. I apologize. Not 94 Reliable source. I made the mistake, I heard Wellesley instead of Lesile.
  21. looks like TTC took down the RFI for future buses on their website. the PTIF must of changed those plans
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