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  1. I saw a rebuilt 8400 at Queensway. I suspect its 8430, but someone will confirm that
  2. Micnicoll is listed as an Active bus garage based on internal info. With one bus officially on their roaster, 2252. If I remember correctly the last update was end of July or beginning of Aug. I'm sure when it gets updated again, most likely next board, we'll see what buses they add. Ppl on both Maintenance and Transportation side already confirm going to McNicoll, but no official date yet. I heard as early as October 11 or as late as Nov 22 Board, if not it will be Q1 2021.
  3. So I saw for myself buses at each garage, Micnicoll is now an Active bus garage, with 2252 being the first and currently only bus listed at Micnicoll.
  4. Request for Information - Battery Electric Buses and Hybrid Buses Re post so it's easier to keep track
  5. RFI for new subway cars T1 replacement. Looks like they're getting the ball rolling ATC Line 2 & 4 ATC study for BD and Sheppard line
  6. RFI for electric wheel trans buses
  7. TTC didn't even order any buses, that alone should tell you something. And even if they did order buses, they definitely wont be here by 2020. I think the next order of buses is to be here in 2022. Only info we have for buses is a RFI for hybrids and all-electric buses. Lets not be that gullible or naïve.
  8. I'm sure you know this already but I'm going to mention it anyways. The T1s were grounded for a while due to trip switch issues. they were too brittle and would break after a contact if I remember correctly. So maybe you guys could be confusing the two?
  9. I assume they want more information from the industry before going into the market for buses. And I could be mistaken, in one of the TTC meetings there was talk of sending out an RFP late this year for buses. I forget if it was talked about before Covid lockdown or just at the beginning. Request for information on Hybird and Battery Electric Buses TTC is looking for information about BEBs or HEVs that comply with the following requirements: Must be certified by Transport Canada to be registered and operated in Canada Must be a low-floor bus design between front & rear exit doors (minimum) Must be compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians Act - AODA requirements and Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Standard D345 Must have large on-board energy storage capacity and utilize overnight garage depot charging Must be capable of operating at ambient temperatures between -10° C and 35°C May be required to meet TTC Canadian Content requirements (25%) subject to funding
  10. The Board period for May 10 to June Something came out, with no changes to service. So well see if they pull it before operators start signing. They're better off just leaving it, and working the magic through out the board period. Trains have been cancelled and some running in much earlier. I'm notice some TTC and Miway Buses running with a seated load and standing load, most likely due to reduction or cancelled runs, which defeats the purpose of social distancing. Transit will be a playground for Corona.
  11. Whats the reason behind making 19 into 17. Just leave it 19 from SQ1 to 407. 2 From SQ1 to P.C Credit has been resurrected , Most of you probably to young for that.
  12. I went by Birchmount Division, they had an OG VII Disesel, unable to see the unit number. I'm not talking about the Event buses.
  13. Theres an allocation sheet out there. I use to have them, but can't find it. The 6640-6745 came in late 1991 Nov/Dec of that year. Some entered service in Jan 1992. One of the fastest buses I've been on. The D40-90 Came in October 1990, Danforth and Eglinton split. The Orion V 66/6700s had the infamous swap with the D40-90s going to Queensway from Eglinton when Lansdowne closed. I was told that the superintendent loved the buses so much he took them with him to Eglinton. Not how true it is, but I've heard this from more than one Foreman.
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