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  1. The Board period for May 10 to June Something came out, with no changes to service. So well see if they pull it before operators start signing. They're better off just leaving it, and working the magic through out the board period. Trains have been cancelled and some running in much earlier. I'm notice some TTC and Miway Buses running with a seated load and standing load, most likely due to reduction or cancelled runs, which defeats the purpose of social distancing. Transit will be a playground for Corona.
  2. Whats the reason behind making 19 into 17. Just leave it 19 from SQ1 to 407. 2 From SQ1 to P.C Credit has been resurrected , Most of you probably to young for that.
  3. I went by Birchmount Division, they had an OG VII Disesel, unable to see the unit number. I'm not talking about the Event buses.
  4. Theres an allocation sheet out there. I use to have them, but can't find it. The 6640-6745 came in late 1991 Nov/Dec of that year. Some entered service in Jan 1992. One of the fastest buses I've been on. The D40-90 Came in October 1990, Danforth and Eglinton split. The Orion V 66/6700s had the infamous swap with the D40-90s going to Queensway from Eglinton when Lansdowne closed. I was told that the superintendent loved the buses so much he took them with him to Eglinton. Not how true it is, but I've heard this from more than one Foreman.
  5. What is official , some operators will be transferred as a result of the master for the Jan Board. Not everyone, some. I guess they are moving Ops that don't need training, and were they are short staff. Some documents say Oct 2020, some say Fall of 2020. Well see the closer we get, lots can happen in a year
  6. Well, an exaggeration, and anecdotal, but The MDBF for the bus fleet continues to remain high and above target. New vehicle procurement and commissioning contribute to high reliability, specifically 182 Nova Hybrid buses entered service in 2018 and 2019. In addition to this, we have deployed 10 New Flyer Full Electric buses into service to date, adding to the high reliability number
  7. Based on the CEO report for Nov 12th Meeting, the Flyers are performing well. That's good enough for me.
  8. I just so happen to go by Lake Shore, where I saw a Promaster, but the body is similar to the Friendlys, but smaller, its all white too. I assume TTC will be checking it out. Looks like some kind of demo.
  9. These buses get into so much accidents anyways, new or old, so weather it was intentional or not it wouldn't matter, plus they're insured. I get that makes sense to use an older bus or even the ones at obico, but TTC....
  10. Rumor of a Master coming in Sept, so we will see how that plays out
  11. Obviously things can change, its a proposal.
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