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  1. You'd be amazed at the excitement P1s get. That's probably the number one question I get
  2. It might not make a difference, but TTCs Nova may be spec differently, and so the results might not be the same. But if they're garbage, oh well, we're use to it.
  3. Here TTC is looking at the potential option of 5 ebuses from NFI and 5 from Proterra, because of issues with BYD.
  4. Birchmount will operate the 383 Night shuttle.
  5. And other foaming possibilities....
  6. Some buses were reprogrammed for 996 and others weren't. Simple. Next board starts this Sunday, so they are obviously getting a head start
  7. Good , and With Flyer already here hopefully they win. But with the cut of the gas funding this whole all-green fleet may not even happen?
  8. Its obviously ''documented" as a public transit vehicle...…
  9. TTC doesn't make sense. They probably will move, I was too lazy to post all that. I'll let you guys figure the rest out. That's what I should have done from the beginning. You are a special kind.
  10. Dunno, And yes, most likely this weekend And some low numbered 8400 going to Queensway. For the Novas: 8400-8409, 8412-8428. 8605-8617 Some are probably already at Queensway. It didn't show any 8100s at Birchmount, but I know there's one there. Unless it went back to Wilson, I don't know And before I forget, all the 3100s at Eglinton and Birchmont will be back at Arrow
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