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  1. FlyerD901

    Delete / Remove Account

    I requested over a year ago to have my account deleted and completely erased, but I keep getting emails of notifications. Is there another way for my account to be deleted and completely erased. Thank you very much!
  2. FlyerD901

    Delete / Remove Account

    I would like my account to be deleted and completely erased . Thank you.
  3. I'm talking about this order. All 342 buses won't be going to Eglinton. Some may either go to Bmount or Wilson. It also depends how much buses TTC is looking for in the next order of buses. I hope it cleans out the whole hybrid fleet using flyers, but that's wishful thinking.
  4. the 77/7800 will need replacing too, so I wonder if Bmount will get some Novas. all 7400-7881 will be gone by next year, then after that the hybrids will follow. So Bmount may get more 8100, possibly 8300. The remaining Novas can go to Wilson or Bmount.
  5. The back is butt ugly. I'll just have to get use to it
  6. FlyerD901

    Today's Special Sightings

    I saw it down by cherry street. The only number I saw in it was 669
  7. FlyerD901

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Fairness Monitor for the Procurement of Forty Foot Low Flow Clean Diesel Powered City Bus This has been done in the past.
  8. FlyerD901

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    7723 was on 22 last weekend, not sure if it was Eglinton or changeoff
  9. FlyerD901

    Today's Sightings

    Not all that special but 7837 on 143, I haven't seen that in a few years, mostly 8100s
  10. FlyerD901

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Interesting these buses aren't coming with external cameras.
  11. FlyerD901

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Usually an hour or more means fatal. Article on suicides.
  12. FlyerD901

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Another P1 at Castle frank, around midnight, westbound platform. fatal About 13 P1s so far this year.
  13. FlyerD901

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

  14. FlyerD901

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    SRT rebuild
  15. FlyerD901

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    66% of subway delays casued by passengers.