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  1. The other day I saw a Toronto Police coach bus here: MCI Unit. First time seeing it, and was surprised with how new it was, considering the only time I've seen Police buses was usually second hand. I actually remember years ago, maybe 30+ years now, they had an Orion 1, which was newish at the time. I know there primary use is not for moving people, so I started this thread to consolidate all information regarding police buses. Even CPTDB and Wiki didn't have much info regarding their bus fleet, some even outdated. And while were on this topic, anyone have any pics of TTC 7930 GM while it was with the police. Also D40-90 6591? And of this is not the right section for this topic I apologize. With some of the current fleet using TTC buses, I figured Id start a new thread here. Move it if you may
  2. If you look at the bottom underneath the drivers window in grey, the frame goes up to the front bumper. Those series of buses usually stay straight even without it coming up. I'm pretty sure that started with the 8100s?
  3. There was a short clip of it in the Toronto Buses videos by Neilson when you get to the Classics section. you can briefly see it.
  4. Do you have a link to this info? Where are you hearing this from? Or is this just speculation?
  5. I'm pretty sure it stated that the order will go to one manufacturer both 40/60ft buses. I'll have to be corrected, but the last hybrid order almost went to NFI, but something about how they couldn't deliver the buses within TTCs timeframe? or was it simply lowest bidder? The Sept 15th Board meeting doesn't have anything on new buses on the agenda. Probably would have been to soon to determine anyways.
  6. It closes in two weeks, but they'll still need to review everything. So we won't find out till probably fall, the earliest.
  7. TTC to get 110 buses From NFI Group "The contract from Canada's largest transit authority follows one in 2019 for up to 40 Xcelsior 40-foot battery-electric buses, of which half have already been delivered" Was the option up to 40 buses or is this a mistake?
  8. SUPPLY OF HYBRID ELECTRIC BUSES TTC putting out an RFP for hybrid electric buses.
  9. Green bus Fleet future Forgot to add this earlier
  10. eBuses 300 buses by Q1 2023 and Q2 2025
  11. GPS Video uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube. GM Maroon Cream TTC Buses 1981 - 1991 I can't post them all, but they're all great shots of various vehicles and a run down memory lane. GPS Videos Lots of videos to digest, enjoy
  12. People Like to forget this.
  13. I saw a rebuilt 8400 at Queensway. I suspect its 8430, but someone will confirm that
  14. Micnicoll is listed as an Active bus garage based on internal info. With one bus officially on their roaster, 2252. If I remember correctly the last update was end of July or beginning of Aug. I'm sure when it gets updated again, most likely next board, we'll see what buses they add. Ppl on both Maintenance and Transportation side already confirm going to McNicoll, but no official date yet. I heard as early as October 11 or as late as Nov 22 Board, if not it will be Q1 2021.
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