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  1. Toronto’s TTC awards contracts for up to 565 buses to NFI So there's an option to get more 40fts and 60ft buses. I wonder if Nova has something similar. if NFI doesn't meet the target, Nova picks up an extension? Looks like we posted at the same time
  2. Toronto’s TTC awards contracts for up to 565 buses to NFI Big news for NFI.
  3. I hope the New Flyers keep the exterior rear grill as the current all-electric buses. And not the smooth plain back rear end.
  4. SUPPLY OF 40 FT BATTERY ELECTRIC BUSES "This Request for Proposals (the "RFP") is an invitation by the Toronto Transit Commission ("TTC") to prospective proponents to submit Proposals for the Supply of 40 ft Battery Electric Buses (“Buses”). The proponent(s) shall provide the following approximate quantities of Buses in the following years, depending on the contracts that are awarded: 2023 -100 Buses 2024 - 133 Buses 2025 - 7 Buses" Bids close in 12 days
  5. I hear all that. Yet Jaye Robinson on twitter today was defending this guys pay increase. The politicians clearly don't have a problem with him and what hes doing And that's why John Tory will be re elected in October. This city is not motivated, and John Tory being a career politician is playing it well. With the way the politicians defend, justify and in some cases don't even address serious allegations against Rick Leary, I don't see Rick Leary going anywhere. It will be up to him if he wants to stick around or leave TTC.
  6. He did say his management style is different in an interview when he first became CEO. Clearly there was no pressure for him to be more out there with the customer, after all these years as CEO. Also Look at the TTC Board, its not transit friendly, they definitely don't care about employee morale. And like I mentioned, customer engagement is not all there. Maybe the politicians don't want a CEO that will outshine them like Andy Byford did, and instead just manage how they see fit, so Rick Leary is a perfect fit? Ultimately, will any of this be enough to boot him out of his job, no. I believe he has another year on is contract, which I expect him to get another raise, so we all should brace ourselves. And if Rick Leary and John Tory and the TTC Board have a good relationship, I don't see him going anywhere, unless he himself decides to leave after his contract is up.
  7. I've heard a lot of bad things about Rick Leary, but what are the reasons why people think he's worse CEO? Just curious. I remember a while back John Tory mentioned how he talks with Rick Leary on a regular basis, so its not like John Tory is unaware of what Rick Leary is all about. they seem to have a good relationship. I just assumed Rick Leary does whatever John Tory tells him to do, and I guess that's why Rick Leary is still CEO. I do believe the position of CEO is exaggerated, I think going back to being General Manager is a better accurate title for his position. I'm sure TTC can find talent , it comes down to who the politicians want, and who will fulfill the agenda. The best GM at TTC no matter who you talk to agree that it was David Gunn, unfortunately he's too old to come back. I'm not saying Rick Leary is good , I'm just curious as to why he's not liked. Between Andy Byford and Rick Leary, Andy Byford was way more interactive with the customer and people felt more engaged with TTC. But like I said John Tory appears to be fine with Rick Leary.
  8. Thanks for the info. I remember the yellow pages bus from seeing it in person. Yes its hard to dig through all that, and the fact that info is still around is great. Lots of nostalgia from reading all that info. I know when Wilson was going through the CNG issues, some D40-90s and 1991 Orion V were at Wilson as well. I do remember seeing the 1981 Flyers on 139 Huntingwood around that time. There was also a short while were it seemed as though Danforth was strictly Flyers just prior to the 7200s being delivered. But that was great info. The TTC I miss
  9. Thanks. I appreciate the breakdown. I wanted to know how they were divided up when they started. 8420 was the Yellow Pages bus, so I guess it toured various garages. The big thing for me was what year Danforth received Flyers, and what year Wilson lost them. And Where the A/C 8400 were when they started, and where/if they were ever at a garage besides Eglinton and Queensway. But I agree, my question was vague , so thanks for the response. The A/C Flyers I assumed left Queensway After Gray Coach shut down in 1990? before then the batch was back and forth between Lake Shore and Queensway?
  10. Love the movement history with year and what division. Do you only have it for the GMs. Do you have a break down of the 1981 and 1985-86 Flyers?
  11. When is his contract up? I thought he had another year to go. I dont recall any reports of Rick Leary being on a 4 or so year contract. But that position seems as though they last about 5 years.
  12. The other day I saw a Toronto Police coach bus here: MCI Unit. First time seeing it, and was surprised with how new it was, considering the only time I've seen Police buses was usually second hand. I actually remember years ago, maybe 30+ years now, they had an Orion 1, which was newish at the time. I know there primary use is not for moving people, so I started this thread to consolidate all information regarding police buses. Even CPTDB and Wiki didn't have much info regarding their bus fleet, some even outdated. And while were on this topic, anyone have any pics of TTC 7930 GM while it was with the police. Also D40-90 6591? And of this is not the right section for this topic I apologize. With some of the current fleet using TTC buses, I figured Id start a new thread here. Move it if you may
  13. If you look at the bottom underneath the drivers window in grey, the frame goes up to the front bumper. Those series of buses usually stay straight even without it coming up. I'm pretty sure that started with the 8100s?
  14. There was a short clip of it in the Toronto Buses videos by Neilson when you get to the Classics section. you can briefly see it.
  15. Do you have a link to this info? Where are you hearing this from? Or is this just speculation?
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