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  1. I figured I start a Subway/RT thread, everything TTC Subway and related topics. Property Acquisition maybe something to do with the new yard. There's plans to open Keele yard in 2017, so lets see how that goes. Kipling is expected to get an expanded tail track to store up to two extra trains. theres already a potential area under the bus bays for this, unless they changed their minds. That will be awareded soon. Davisville Expansion This should expand to accommodate TRs, obviously. Hvac for T1 trains Hopefully this is sorted out by summer 2017. And SRT cars 3027 and 3026 have been gone for over a year now. Still waiting for any news Anything else just post away
  2. FlyerD901

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Looks like TTC is looking for manufacturers for a future bus order. Future TTC Bus order Document request list Here R32PA16809 - FUTURE BUS PROCUREMENT OF TTC BUSES The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is seeking an expression of interest in order to identify and obtain information from firms interested in participating with future bus purchases. The TTC currently operates and maintains a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses to support the movement of its customers across the Greater Toronto Area. A move to steady state procurement has been implemented and the TTC plans on purchasing approximately 120 buses annually.
  3. Share your old, vintage, never seen before photos of Transit Vehicles of all kinds that use to roam around in the GTA!