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  1. In the future
  2. Yes
  3. March 22nd Board Meeting
  4. The 8620s may get sent to Arrow, and push the older Novas to Eglinton. But right now, it looks like Eglinton will be getting the 2017 buses. They should be here in a couple of months, so we have to wait and see.
  5. 8188 is the next bus getting the new paint livery currently. Its a Wilson bus
  6. Feb 13th was the official first day actually
  7. 8440 still at eglinton. Looks like the info about them getting the 2017 bus order is correct. Also there will be a RFP out in the next two months where TTC said New Flyer will be able to bid.
  8. TTC Board Meeting Feb 21
  9. The safety boots requirements just came in just last week or so. So even the subway Ops are asking those questions too. Best to ask the trainers. I think the vouchers from what i'm hearing will be given to us every two years. But like I said ask the trainers, this is new requirements for everyone in subways. I doubt you will get two free pairs of safety boots though. Even that may change.
  10. Despite all that, I still don't think he'll be around for long. I think Queensland was too small for him too. I think If someone like NYC offers him something, he's gone.
  11. Well, 8159 was painted at Lesile. And hidden there for some time. The Union didn't say anything. And as for Bmount shunting a bus at Kennedy, maybe they were in the area at the time anyways, or had staff available, simple. I don't think the union should be against it, this happens more than you think. And after talking to Wilson mechanics, they tell me how Malvern helps them with change overs in the east, and vice versa with a Malvern bus in the west. Same with Roncy and Russell helping each other out with their cars.
  12. 7878 and 8440 at eglinton. 8440 has been there for a while because of the snow build up. This should be the bus used to train eglinton staff for the anticipation for the 8620 coming in this year?
  13. More TTC Funding Buying 783 new buses. I'm assuming its a typo?
  14. Lol, inside job.