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  1. Well, based on what you said, it will start off as a seasonal route, or seasonal branch off of 12. I doubt they have the ridership to justify a dedicated route, but with the length it would take to a Subway, it may be possible because it will serve two purposes. One for the bluffs, and any capacity increase along a corridor to Warden, Kennedy or Vic Park stations. Or just extend the 12C to the bluffs, seasonally.
  2. Supposedly? It could have been a change off, OT, or going back to its route from a shuttle, lots of reasons. I doubt from training, there would have been a trainer on board.
  3. Well based on what I read, I assume the TTC/City owns the terminal, because the request is asking access to STC terminal through the TTC Board. If it was Metrolinx property I would assume the request would have been made to/through Metrolinx. I don't know, I'm just assuming based on how I interpret it. Now, when it comes to maintenance and general up keep, I don't know. I should look out when I pass by there to see who cleans the eastern part of the terminal. I guess well see if it is approved, more details will come out on whether or not they have a lease through TTC or GO/Metrolinx, similar to Miway at Islingotn.
  4. Jan 18 Board meeting Transit to the bluffs
  5. DRT finally pushing to get into STC DRT access to STC
  6. Yea what you say makes sense. I think 8300 will be at Wilson for life. There was an article stating the 2017 won't arrive until July, from the May date.
  7. The plan is still to have the 2017 Novas at Eglinton, but things can change.
  8. It already corrected, its on 51 Lesile. I apologize. Not 94 Reliable source. I made the mistake, I heard Wellesley instead of Lesile.
  9. looks like TTC took down the RFI for future buses on their website. the PTIF must of changed those plans
  10. Have all the Nova buses been delivered?
  11. Rumor has it, 8159 will be out in service tomorrow on 94. Keep an eye out!
  12. TTC being short buses won't determine if this bus is gets retired or not. I'm not saying they won't retire it, but if its not worth the repair knowing they plan on getting rid of it within a year, they will just retire it. 7461 new front cap took a long time before TTC got it. Orion parts are known to take a long time to arrive
  13. Some are saying otherwise. We'll see I guess.
  14. Mandatory, that's interesting. I wish TTC made it mandatory too, they should take note. I look forward to seeing these buses in service. hopefully they come with wide rear doors and a good rear seating layout.
  15. I heard a few 7400s are in "storage" at Eglinton.