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  1. Go Durham, NC, has 12 new Gillig 40'  diesel (not hybrids) units, 1701-1712. They were delivered in August and entered service in September.


    Six were for fleet replacement (retired vehicles as yet unknown), six were for fleet expansion.


    Hope this of interest in updating the GoDurham page. 


    Mick Capon, Durham, NC

  2. IRT_BMT_IND - No it's the same, but of course the distances are much, much shorter. In the UK most buses are not integral. The chassis usually being delivered by low-loader truck to the body builder.Years ago the chassis were driven to the body builders, the drivers wearing heated flying suits and googles as there was little or no protection from the elements!
  3. Forgive the naive question, but how are new vehicles delivered? For example, a new Gillig, buit in CA to a bus company in NC would put a few thousand miles on the clock even before it enters service if driven from factory to it's new home city. The thought had never entered my head before I moved from the UK to NC. Mick Capon Durham, NC
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