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  1. Sound Transit

    Looks like they plan to re-route 532/535 around Bellevue Transit Center to accommodate double deckers too.
  2. Sound Transit

    Yup, 23000 fleet seems to be going strong. They show up on the 532/535 often. I know the CT side is still running 20000 series D60LF's, and might still have a few 8800's floating around.
  3. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    If you like, we can bring in Garrett Morris from the New York School for the Hard of Hearing to assist you. LOL
  4. Sound Transit

    I'm not sure when it happened, but 9563 that burned on I-5 back in 2013 did return. I've seen it twice now on the 532.
  5. Community Transit

    Did some 23800's and 27800's move to Merrill Creek? I noticed both flavors on the 880 this week and I always thought those were Kasch Park/First Transit buses. S
  6. Sound Transit

    Did 9563 and 9121 ever come back or did those get replaced? S
  7. Sound Transit

    I wonder if it is losing a turbo. S
  8. Seattle Area Transit Pictures

    A rare Crown Supercoach pusher.
  9. Sound Transit

    What's odd is the turbo lag is definitely noticeable in the both the ST and CT D60LF's. However if you go back to the D60's CT had which were also S50's seem to have minimal turbo lag in comparison. They felt like they got going more like the CT D40LF's. Perhaps it has something to do with the turbo sizing between the 95 D60's and 98 and up D60LF's. S
  10. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Saw 3709 on Ballinger Way running the 342. S
  11. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Yup, they had the remote pole system. See the following link to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etT_wVuKy_I Beginning shows them to start....near the end shows them lowering the poles. S
  12. Seattle Area Transit Pictures

    That isn't a gillig, its a Supercoach as well. S
  13. Seattle Area Transit Pictures

    Been a while since I last saw a Crown Supercoach too. Edmonds School district used to have 2 tandem axle buses (67 and 68), as well as few single rear axle ones (18, 19, 20, 21, 65, 66). They were retired a few years ago I believe. Do you know I this was sporting a Detroit 6-71 or Cummins? S
  14. Community Transit

    It happen more than you think. Often during the weekdays, the 130 will have 60ft run. Usually I corresponds to when Edmonds Woodway High School starts/ends for the day. S
  15. Sound Transit

    9536 was running a 522 yesterday evening.