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  1. Please keep posting as you have been. Your updates have been appreciated, and I have found no confusion in the terminology you're using.
  2. If you know people who make this commute, why don't you ask them? If you're going to make a statement, then subsequently question it, it is helpful for those following the thread if you could provide some context.
  3. You're the one who made the original statement that the schedule is full of commuters. So is it? Or not?
  4. Your numbers are off. It might be helpful for the discussion here if you made statements based on publicly info, especially ones that can easily be sense checked. If they were to lay off 70% of the operators, they would have to cut service by 70%. That is not what has been announced. Here's a note from the Vancouver Sun: https://vancouversun.com/news/covid-19-service-reductions-layoffs-executive-pay-cuts-begin-this-week-at-translink/ "McGarrigle said there are about 3,800 transit operators, and 997 of them received layoff notices — or about 25 per cent of the workforce. Of the approximately 1,100 maintenance staff, 200 were laid off." If 70% of 3800 operators were laid off that would be 2660 employees - a number larger than the total number of announced lay offs (1500). Perhaps the news media would be a better source than "a driver on Facebook."
  5. They only have a couple of those NFIs... and I suspect they are based off of someone else's specs. Their Gillig LFs, which are the majority of their fleet, have a different mirror set-up.
  6. Particularly bad on an LFR, which has a larger corner pillar than older D40LFs, and newer X40s.
  7. As has been mentioned up thread, I'd be surprised if Greyhound owns a single major city bus terminal. There really isn't much to discuss here - if they have a terminal, they're most likely leasing the space. The First Group annual report for last year notes that Greyhound gained $10.5m (when converted from GBP to USD) through the sale of four properties. There is a footnote in there that they sold the Chicago Maintenance Facility, based on some other notes, this was the majority of those earnings.
  8. Its been reported elsewhere... they're done.
  9. Greyhound owns very few of their terminals nationwide. The vast majority of them were sold in the wake of the two strikes over thirty years ago. If they're still operating in an old terminal, they're on a long term lease. The terminals are not baggage. Indeed, the company might actually be worth more if they still owned the terminals, as those are assets that could be sold.
  10. What are you referring to? What did you mean when you said "From 1993?" Can you please post in complete sentences?
  11. What are you talking about?
  12. Livery changed in 1995, ahead of the delivery of the new Gilligs. 3120 was the first coach repainted. The uniforms changed shortly thereafter though I remember the browns into 1996 for sure.
  13. One of the big considerations for the "new look" wayfinding and destination sign changes of 1978 was to simplify all of this. A small system like Seattle Transit could operate based on line names. So decent sized urban systems in the United States were exclusively line names well into the 1980s (New Orleans). Seattle Transit's nomenclature was Rt Number - Line Name and these two were connected. Thus passengers could refer to their bus by either, and internally, the line name was usable. The study that culminated in the 1978 New Look plan identified this and specifically called to separate the two as they were redundant. You don't need a route number AND a line name. One or the other, and the system is big enough, that it should just be a route number. And that was that.
  14. Thank you - have heard this anecdote many times over the years, but always from Seattle people. You would have heard this info more contemporaneously, I presume.
  15. There was a 7 a few years ago that pulled out as a 49 around 0530, and pulled in off an owl trip around 0440 and it was assigned a trolley coach.
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