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  1. The tiny steering wheels are part of an electric steering system...
  2. Looks like VIP Steering Wheels has been purchased by another company. Basically, every heavy duty steering wheel is OEM equipment made by them. That's why steering wheels all look so similar - whether you're in a Gillig or New Flyer or a fire truck. In addition to what is listed on their catalogue online, if you call up the parts department at your OEM manufacturer and ask for a new steering wheel, they'll see you one, and it will be a "branded" (horn button) VIP wheel. Need a new steering wheel for your 1975 GM Fishbowl? It'll be a VIP wheel. Need a new steering wheel for
  3. They were installed after the Gilligs had been on property for 6-7 years...
  4. One. There is a 2004 45-C with a Series 50 that was inadvertently reactived from storage and painted orange for Metro Local service.
  5. Yes, and just a handful of units from that batch are still active.
  6. Literally no system does that. Is there a reason why your cohort of fellow passengers is different or unique compared with those in every other major city in North America?
  7. Nothing worst that putting the cardinal direction on the destination sign.
  8. Some agencies that had lots of RTSs with rear door lifts chose rear door ramps when they went LF. Its dumb.
  9. Long ago, PT would store some of their coaches at Metro's Atlantic Base during the midday.
  10. The loss of revenue from the Seattle TBD is substantial... COVID cuts are mostly peak hour commuter routes.
  11. The "reasons" are ... they have a very expensive, computerized scheduling system that runs optimization models to determine their schedules based on the parameters and constraints set in the model. These software programs do require some massaging to get things right ... you have to program in travel times correctly, etc, for them to work correctly. I tend to also dislike scheduling anomalies like you are reporting, but if you don't know what they're optimizing on, then how can you complain? Are they: Optimizing to use the least drivers possible? Optimizing to u
  12. Ha! You caught me skimming and not reading fully. It was the prior contract, that expired last year. The Unifor site indicates the new collective agreement has not gone into affect.
  13. I mean, you're the one who said it, so.... ***** It's a good thing the internet exists, as I just looked up the union contract. Six days of sick leave (48hrs) into a bank at the start of every year. That seems pretty low, so I kept reading. Oh, what's this... once you're out for more than 4 days a Short Term Disability Plan kicks in, paying 96% of scheduled days pay from day 4 through 8 weeks, and then 85% for weeks 9 through 17. Seems like they have a very generous plan.
  14. Don't mean to resurrect old posts, but incorrect info needs to be corrected. Greyhound, at best, breaks even when they have to charter to over an extra section. I suspect they actually lose money on many of these. No one is making $5000 of profit on a days work in any sector of the motorcoach business.
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