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  1. The 18 billion pigeons that live there will back you up, it happened.
  2. As of yesterday (Saturday) it was repaved and back to normal.
  3. The 'nonsense' you refer to was First Nations and a small ceremony/ parade to remember natives contributions to the British side in the war of 1812....celebrating history and paying respects to people who helped build this great nation is hardly 'nonsense'. I find your comment to be offensive and extremely ignorant. http://www.timescolo...2597/story.html Please read the article in the link, you obviously need a history lesson.
  4. ,,,maybe they would take you seriousy if you used proper spelling and grammer.
  5. This policy will never see the light of day. Forcing an employee to enter a potentially unsafe position (stopping to tell waiting people they can't get on and having to deal with angry passengers already on the vehicle who will adopt the attitude of hey why the F&*^ did you stop when there is no room) As far as I recall ,every employee in this great country of ours has the right to refuse unsafe work. I hope the union will tell management to go wipe their ass with this policy. What is wrong with a desto sign that reads Sorry Bus FULL ? The TTC was trying this a while back, what happened to that idea?
  6. Spoken by somebody who has obviously never been on Lawrence during rushhour traffic.
  7. Welcome to 2012 folks....you can either pay higher taxes to fund these projects or you can let the "walmarts" of the world throw in a few $. Your choice. Besides, it's a public transit station, it's not like they are naming your first child for you. Who cares what it's called, as long as it gets built.
  8. Just go back to the old school method of the guard blowing a whistle...and yes I am old enough to remember when they did that.
  9. Who cares about graffiti ('cept Rob Ford lol). The smell of urine had worked its way into the old floors, as long as the smell is gone, I'm okay.
  10. ....thanks, I thought it was 5536, but for some reason doubted myself.
  11. 5536 (maybe got number wrong 5596 maybe) on a flatbed 930 am 4300 Jane street.
  12. Damn...just got back after a holiday and I missed the last day. You guys should be giving Brad Ross a big thumbs up for giving you a heads up on the last day of service. Communication, or lack thereof has been a major isssue for the TTC in recent years, and the man went out of his way to make this announcement, so big thanks to him. I don't know why, but the H-4's just felt faster and more powerful than other trains..more of a roller coaster feel than a RT car. Thankyou to the TTC for keeping these vehicles in service so long, and thanks to all the employees at Hawker-Siddley many years ago who crafted these wonderful vehicles. Thanks to all involved. Wish I colud have snagged myself one of those plush seats though..... lol
  13. They did. Everybody had their chance on September 11th, 2011 at the charter. You have previously stated you are a subway operator, so why not ask one of your supervisors when the last day will be.
  14. H4's have been spotted after your "Dec 11" date so your statement of a very reliable source seems to be incorrect. I am with wil9402 on this, we will get a much clearer picture when normal service resumes on Monday.
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