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  1. Then you got people like me who prefers a bus over a skytrain because i love the bus with that being said, if lrt is announced for phase 2, im gunna run for surrey mayor and veto the project and encourage RRT instead because anything short of RRT is not acceptable for fraser hwy. Then you got people like me who prefers a bus over a skytrain because i love the bus
  2. Also, skytrain to guildford would be a dead end, not sure where you'd extend from there
  3. Changed the name of this thread, to make it sound more organized.
  4. I dont mind if its LRT for L-Line and RRT for the langley line, just it makes no economical sense to have lrt to langley when you can just stay on skytrain to langley.
  5. Interesting, the diagram for the hybrid is a Nova LFS HEV with the charcol livery. Not sure if that means anything. the diesel option is a d40lfr, cng is a c40lf?
  6. So the options will be: NFI XD40 NFI XDE40 NFI XN40 NovaBus LFS Suburban
  7. Well given they are now getting their mid-life, and they were delivered in 2006 (that is 10-11 years), I expect them not to be retired until earliest 2024, but I feel most of them wont be fully retired until 2028.
  8. I wanna see more A/C free vidoes of the xd40 and xn40. That would be interesting.
  9. Question: the xde60 sounds like the de60lfr? I heard one going by on broadway and thought : sounds familiar!
  10. The 108x and 90xx are bc transit i assume?
  11. I think personally that at grade systems offer no time advantage over skytrain lines. They better build skytrain to langley, the b-line route can very well be LRT, although aBRT would be good now reading the above posts.
  12. B8020 the 60 foot equivalent of H7115? Lol!
  13. I drove by you last night lol, man you're always around
  14. Does it seriously matter where things are posted? There's no need to be nazi's here
  15. Xn40 on the 430 today only, d40lfs regularly on the 106/110/144 linegroups now. I guess the nova preference is no longer important. nova's seem to be more regular on the 134/136/101/104/155/410 linegroup.