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  1. I think CMBC should keep 7115 in revenue service forever, we can retire every other D40LF, but let's keep 7115, and maybe 7155? Who's with me?
  2. Shortage @ pctc? Or htc has too many busses?
  3. So skytrain to langley isnt likely?
  4. Skytrain to Langley is a must imho, it makes the most sense, majority of langley commuters want to go downtown.
  5. Rather than build a whole new garage, why not transfer the 25 to htc, then transfer 2/22 to rtc? That frees up so much space alone.
  6. If a new NVTC was built instead, what would btc do? Take over more vtc routes? Maybe take back some burnaby routes? Then maybe take some richmond/surrey routes and pass them to htc?
  7. I would almost rather transfer all the RTC routes that are in Richmond and leave the 311,351, 6xx routes out of RTC in that case, considering the proximity to each bus depot.
  8. I'd call it LTC, or SVTC? Routes operated out of SVTC (My guess): 2/22/26/27/29/41/43/44/49/99/Replacement of 430 (Richmond/Metrotown B-Line)?
  9. How is that possible? There isn't a new order any time soon, NFI hasn't even released a news release on it? Could it be a BC Transit bus?
  10. So is silvertree a new transit centre or an expansion of VTC? if so, i imagine many of btc’s artic operations in vancouver would move there, 43, 44 and 99 to allow expansion of service along the North Shore. Could see 26,27,29 moving to the new silvertree as well perhaps?
  11. N7180! oh man it's good to see an 'N'.
  12. BRT would have been better for the L-Line, Skytrain isn't what I'd envision for the L-Line
  13. Early retirement of the XN40?
  14. 49th is the only road in vancouver where you can effectively use the right lane to bypass traffic, every other road which is bus friendly makes driving a car a nightmare.