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  1. That should put an end to the solo D40LF left at HTC.
  2. There's a bus that's like 9XXXR, cant remember which one
  3. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/99-bline-broadway-bus-only-lanes-june-2019 i support this, but to make it even better, restrict no right turns during rush hour except at main intersections, and mAke all the right turns lanes have priority signals so that cars can turn right freeing up the bus lane.
  4. Couldnt E 1st be improved by simply converting the grass median into parking lanes? They could use indented curbs like they do in Surrey for bus stops along the Nanaimo > Clark stretch.
  5. This has been mentioned by me before and a couple other members, the issue is that 9th is close to 12th, so its like service duplication
  6. They are also a few years newer than the D40LF's remaining there.
  7. The CNG portion says 'replacements for aging diesels' @ PTC? What are they talking about? Maybe the Orion's?
  8. How does the idea of a CNG Electric hybrid sound ? The XNE40.
  9. Based on this, looks like HTC will need a couple more buses to accommodate the service increase. I suppose they will now see a slight increase in fleet?
  10. My prediction may be right, all 47 will goto btc, some nova’s will then be transferred out to another depot (vtc?) then some hev’s will move to htc? im guessing all the d40lfr’s are going to be moved to other depots (htc, stc/rtc). I wont be surprised if they get the Rapidbus Scheme
  11. What is going to BTC? Why does HTC need the extra vehicles? I'd understand if BTC was transferring out a route to allow for more arctics for all the B-Lines.
  12. Did you get their DEPOT Letters?
  13. I hope the Nova LFS 2nd gen's are the first to go, but it'll likely be the D/C40LFR's
  14. Isnt RTC at capacity? I figured they can hold around 200 vehicles
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