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  1. Do you think they'll remove the hov lanes once skytrain is built to ubc?
  2. It was P8023 i saw, saw it today on the 43, thus my "sighting" was mis directed
  3. Yes, I looked online and realized that, I saw a 80x9, and it had a P prefix. thought I saw a 2.
  4. Saw P8029 north on boundary off 22nd i assume to btc.
  5. How did rtc survive transferring out several coaches to ptc during the shortage?
  6. Or maybe BTC will need additional buses for expansion, and with rumours of the 145 going to PTC, perhaps RTC gives BTC some XD40's in exchange for some D60LF's to boost service on high capacity routes in Tsawwassen. That's unikely, but just saying lol, doesn't RTC have quite a lot of spares?
  7. Maybe it's there for repair? Might have been involved in a MVA
  8. Id love it if btc were to trade them for nova's, but unlikely
  9. I used to recall, in 2008 or so, taking the bus, and hoping for a D40LF instead of a Nova LFS.
  10. Will you only get shocked if your feet touch the centre metal and side metal at the same time?
  11. Makes sense that it would be 7505, since the last 4 digit nfi was 7504 lol
  12. They should re-activate 992 for HTC, and give it a fleet number: H17001 lol.
  13. I saw a unindentified C40LFR on 555 last night around 11 15 pm
  14. Yes, it's a 1:1 replacement in technical terms, but with expansion, and fleet deferrment, I don't see a 1:1 Transfer ratio for the fleet. If that were the case, then for every XN40 coming into HTC, an equal amount of D40LF's would be going to STC, but that hasn't been the case, it's closer to 1:2, hence where my predictions come from. There's going to be service improvements for many routes, and given BTC's depot limit, I can only imagine that they'll have to move out routes to improve service on many Artic routes. More Artics = 1.5x less 40 footers. With the loss of 40 footers (with earlier speculation that Nova's are going to STC), BTC will have to move routes to HTC in order to allow expansion of Articulated serviced routes.