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  1. Isnt TL's long term plan to be 80% electric, 20% diesel? in which only Shuttles & Suburbans are Diesel?
  2. Or they could do something like Commercial > Langley with a new OMC around Langley?
  3. I think the general consensus is that the 2016 XN40's at HTC willl be transferred out to STC 1:1 with incoming 2019 XN40's. I think VTC will just end up keeping all their Nova's for expansion, same with BTC. Where else are we going to put them? I think RTC is at capacity.
  4. Or they will re-deployed onto other routes to increase service. You can assume the 7 D60LF's will be retired, therefore Surrey will have 3 extras.
  5. So will some of the 2019 Artics that are being ordered come in standard livery or are they going to just use RapidBus vehicles on non-RB routes? There's also the 503 to consider
  6. So what should happen is the remaining D60LF’s and the D60LFR’s should be sent to BTC in exchange for several DE60LFR’s so the 99 still has its distinct B-Line Branding
  7. As excited as I am about the electric bus coming to Translink, I have my reservations: This whole waiting to charge business is going to slow down bus productivity down significantly. Imagine our fleet became 100% BEB today, we'd need like 10-15% more buses to pull off the same service schedule as we do now? Might as well throw convenience out the window. Until battery makers can figure out how to allow a bus to run a full day or at least a half day without recharging, I dont think I want to see BEB's in the near future.
  8. Im guessing 2016 xn40’s will be sent to STC to replace aging D40LF’s
  9. Except that 162xx is arctic and 160xx is CNG, so this logic already fails
  10. Except i dont expect the XN40's to all start service right away, i have a feeling we wont see the end of the 47 units arriving until 2020.
  11. I doubt any D60LF's survive into 2020, but the D40LF's will definitely survive until Q2 of 2020 in my opinion
  12. The way its going, HtC is going to be all Nova HEV's. All the good vehicles being moved out , its not fun!
  13. NVM, this is VTC. Why are there a bunch of D40LF's here?
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