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  1. I like the electric XE40, sounds kinda like the trolleys. i might be okay with a future of all electric vehicles. Second note, the Nova LFS-E also sounds great. This may be the first Nova that i actually enjoy, though the new HEV's are nice too
  2. The entire Dybrid fleet of 2009 Nova HEV's are lemons ; )
  3. Fleet Allocation: 9 Electric Bus to HTC 39 40 Footers - Likely to VTC? That would move the remaining LFS to Richmond? 30 60 Footers - Likely to RTC & PTC? Sounds like the future of Burnaby will be Electric Bus rather than hybrid?
  4. This makes more sense, send the 2019's to STC, no transfers to HTC necessary except for the ones already sent to accommodate the 340.
  5. Add the Marine Dr RapidBus in North Van to that list.
  6. Does anyone know what 60 footers HTC will receive before Monday? also will btc be running below capacity until the rapidbus begins?
  7. I think most of htc’s 2016 xn40’s are going to stc to make room for the 2019 xn40’s
  8. These service hours increase during peak hours, does vtc have the additional trolley’s to add the peak hour service to 5/6? looks like HTC will need 3-4 more busses as well. also wonder if we will see some more 60 footers transferred to STC for the 503? I feel like we will see some D60LF’s sticking around a tiny bit longer
  9. Isnt TL's long term plan to be 80% electric, 20% diesel? in which only Shuttles & Suburbans are Diesel?
  10. Or they could do something like Commercial > Langley with a new OMC around Langley?
  11. I think the general consensus is that the 2016 XN40's at HTC willl be transferred out to STC 1:1 with incoming 2019 XN40's. I think VTC will just end up keeping all their Nova's for expansion, same with BTC. Where else are we going to put them? I think RTC is at capacity.
  12. Or they will re-deployed onto other routes to increase service. You can assume the 7 D60LF's will be retired, therefore Surrey will have 3 extras.
  13. So will some of the 2019 Artics that are being ordered come in standard livery or are they going to just use RapidBus vehicles on non-RB routes? There's also the 503 to consider
  14. So what should happen is the remaining D60LF’s and the D60LFR’s should be sent to BTC in exchange for several DE60LFR’s so the 99 still has its distinct B-Line Branding
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