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  1. Ah makes sense then! Any improvements elsewhere or is that it for June?
  2. I imagine more stored d40lf's will be reactivated and htc may have to transfer some xn40's ?
  3. Just saw R9250 going WB on lougheed towards BTC, is shiny and looks refurbed, with new font and everything!
  4. I wonder if any goto htc
  5. They touched my beloved 7115, so mad
  6. SO what's happening? All the extra units that HTC ended up having are now being transferred? What was the point in delaying the transfer?
  7. I love it, less novas
  8. I bet 16047 will be the first 2016 xn40 to be retired lol
  9. Or as i predicted, btc will add artics and move out nova's? start the process of getting stc some nova's? In order to give stc more busses and/or to allow the retirement of older coaches?
  10. 1998 D60LF's are well past its best before date, best not to wreck them on intensive burnaby / vancouver routes.
  11. Uh oh, already, they're only 8 years old
  12. Well seeing how htc handles all my local routes, im happy with btc getting crap lol
  13. Which NOVA LFS is this lol. At first, I saw the 3, and thought 'what, a C40LF??'
  14. How about we remove all seating and make it standing room only?