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  1. The LRVs were sent to CAF to be rebuilt into the new interior setup as the new CAFs we recieved earlier in decade.
  2. We have the 96 Classics..... Metal body
  3. Nova would not work to good because our hills are killer for low HP buses. We need atleast 410-445 HP for the larger buses. New Flyers, Past orders from newest to oldest for artics is Neoplan, Neoplan, Ikarus and M.A.N.
  4. Extra revenue would help PAT, they are about $53 Million in the hole
  5. Gillig has a large customer base, PAT just ordered some artics for next year, and i know if Gillig made Artics, PAT would of ordered them in a heartbeat
  6. me and and buddy tossed the idea around between each other, made a paperbus too for it
  7. Pittsburgh area is home for Gillig. just about all the TAs have them
  8. Pittsburgh only has 28 Hybrids. 6 2003s and 22 2009s. 1 of the 2003s was wrecked back in the beginning of the year. Don't know the status of it. And we have four more on the way that are due to arrive in mid summer of 2011
  9. GM has sold their medium-duty line to Navistar. Since then, Navistar has introduced a medium duty chassis badged the TerraStar. Not sure if its available in cutaways
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