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  1. 58 on the hook
  2. Interesting.... They have also kept former CT units 62 & 66, maybe as potential spares.
  3. Hey Trevor What is the story with Bus 65? It has sat near the fuel pumps all winter. I saw it on active duty a few weeks ago, now it's parked again near the fuel pumps.
  4. Interesting The city has a tender out for two 40' buses Proposal - Transit Buses.pdf
  5. Well 65 has reclaimed it's outside parking spot near the fuel pumps in the city yard. Guess BT required 65's services for a couple of weeks...nice to have seem them use it recently.
  6. Well after a number of months parked, former CT unit 65 is back on active duty Today it is running on route looked great and sounded sweet. I wonder why all of a sudden it's on duty again. I have also noticed 49, (which is a spare bus) being used quite a lot lately. Most if not all of the DFLR's are operating, I have not seen 50 (also a spare bus) lately and something else I've noticed is the Nova's don't seem to be on duty as much. Whatever the reason for 65 to be operating again it was awesome seeing and listening to it accelerate from a stop, that 6V92 was singing it's tune so sweetly
  7. Well after months of being parked by the fuel pumps, 65 has been moved. It is nowhere to be seen outside in the yard. Nothing else going on with BT other than I have noticed a couple of the DFLR's pushing a lot of black smoke while accelerating.
  8. #65 (Former CT 7528) is parked outside near the fuel pumps and is still plated...It looks to be still on the active roster as a spare.
  9. Brandon Transit fill the bus campaign is using Nova Bus 68 this year. Perhaps they should us bus 69....
  10. I am mistaken with the above statement... 65 is not packed out back and very well may still be parked inside as a spare. There is no DLFR parked out back. The way they have the retired units parked when viewed from different view points it appeared there was three Calgary units parked but today I used binoculars and this is not the case...only 62 & 66 are there along with EZ Rider 12.
  11. 52 is back in service after receiving it's new engine
  12. Well all three former Calgary units (62,65 &66) are parked out back at the city yard along with EZ Rider 12 and one DLFR... I'm curious as to why such a new bus (DLFR) is way out back....Next time I drive by I'll take my binoculars to see what fleet number it is.
  13. #65 (CT 7528) might still be in revenue service but cannot confirm this..."yet" 2 of the remaining 3 CT units can be seen parked way out back in the city yard, 62 (CT 7504) & likely 66 (CT7529).... 63 (CT 7519) & 64 (CT 7527) are at the local auto wreckers. All of them appeared to run and operate good.
  14. I have not seen 52 out and about and it does not appear to be a Maxim Truck.... BT seems to be somewhat boring now that the CT units are unused now.... I applied for a job with the city of Brandon....Bus Washer/Cleaner and Refuel-er...Job requirements are a class five license with an air brake endorsement....I have my air brake learners and class one learners so I figured what the heck, apply because you never know...the pay isn't to bad...almost as much as a driver...
  15. 52 is at Maxim Truck for it's engine replacement and 55 is back in active duty after it's transmission replacement.