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  1. Brandon Transit

    I think it was the third time I applied when they got back to me and it didn't take long. Do apply...and keep applying if you don't get called this time!!! This posting closes March 22 2018 I suspect they will be contacting possible hires within a few days of the closing date. They will want the new hire(s) trained and ready by the end of April so they can gain experience for the busy summer time season. On a different topic 55 is back in operation with it's new engine. I haven't driven it yet but the doesn't smoke
  2. Brandon Transit

    Brandon Transit has a posting for Temp Drivers Job closes Mar 22 2018 https://jobbank.brandon.ca/AvantiCareerConnector/Job/Details/180025 Once they hire people I'll finally get off the bottom...
  3. Brandon Transit

    The four new Handi Transit Buses arrived over the past weekend Fleet numbers 25,26,27&28...they look good!!! Identical model to the four buses they are replacing with the exception of the new buses have gas engines instead of diesel. It will take about a month before all units are in service.
  4. Brandon Transit

    Brandon Transit should be taking delivery of four new Handi Transit buses near the end of March and hope to have them operating in early April. Two new 40' Flyer buses should be arriving in early fall.
  5. Brandon Transit

    https://purchasing.brandon.ca/ Maxim Truck & Trailer has been awarded the engine, engine & transmission replacement for buses 55 & 57 This can't happen soon enough....49 & 50 have been on consistent regular transit duty for the past couple of weeks. 49 is a great old bus when it decides to start but doesn't always cooperate... You never know if it will start....lol It has a problem with the ECM...sometimes it refuses to wake up. Award Document: Supplier:Maxim Truck & Trailer Amount:Various Award Date:2/1/2018 12:00:00 AM Description: Item Total Bid Price Engine Replacement – Bus 55 $50,921.39 Engine Replacement – Bus 57 $50,921.39 Transmission Replacement – Bus 57 $11,762.34
  6. Brandon Transit

    More Cuts coming to BT service Shaving two hours off Sunday Service & cutting service completely on stat holidays.
  7. Brandon Transit

    I hope they do hold on to 49 & 50 for awhile. I asked dispatch if they would ever recommission 65. I was told not unless they become desperate. I don't know what they consider desperate but it seems to be regular occurrence to have no spares available during the afternoon once the Maple Leaf routes start operating. Yes the Handi Buses are a replacement (Today I heard February is the delivery month). Transit traded in buses 20,22,23 & 24 on the new units...they are apparently keeping 21 as the 5th bus. (Spare) The new units are the same model as the current units (excluding bus 20)...Bus 20 is a beast but it does have a kick ass stereo!!! The only difference is this time they ordered 6.0L gas engines instead of the 6.6L diesel the current GM handi's have. IMO...Handi Bus 21 is the best of the current bunch...everything works well on it.
  8. Brandon Transit

    Nobody seems to know when the Xcelsiors are arriving. The four new Handi Buses are supposed to arrive this month but we have to wait and see. Nobody seems to know for certain if 49 & 50 are to be retired but this is the rumor...Kind of too bad if they do...they still run and drive good.
  9. Brandon Transit

    The city has tendered the replacement of two engines & one transmission for bus 55 & 57 Within a year most of the other New Flyers will be in the same situation https://purchasing.brandon.ca/ Quote - Engine & Transmission Replacement.pdf
  10. Brandon Transit

    I was on the MPIC salvage website and came across this pic that has #59 in the background. 59 is not wrote off (as stated in an earlier post) and is in Ontario being repaired.
  11. Brandon Transit

    I had bus #50 on the Maple Leaf afternoon run today. The transmission is an Alison BR400 5 speed. In automatic mode it up shifts into 5th at 80km/hr. I put the transmission in manual mode and held it in 4th. I had it up to 90km in 4th and it was still accelerating I have no idea what the governed RPM is but the acceleration was starting to diminish at 90km so it was likely approaching the governed engine speed. Shifted into 5th and it began accelerating confidently again. Took it up to 98km/hr. I'm impressed with old #50 Told the dispatcher how I was impressed with 50 and how it ran..he agreed and said the Calgary buses were even better at highway speeds.
  12. Brandon Transit

    New Years Eve Brandon Transit Style.... The Transit Manager, Myself and the Other Drivers operating till 1am New Years Eve. 11:55 pm New Years Eve...our 5 minute celebration.
  13. Brandon Transit

    I found out some info regarding the Maple Leaf runs.... Apparently the late night take home loops are chartered via Maple Leaf. This makes me wonder if "all" of the Industrial Runs are chartered. This would explain more the reasoning behind not including these with the regular bus routes. On a different topic... I've been operating regular routes quite often over the past weeks. My opinion on the two makes of buses we have. The Nova's are more modern, have better visibility, are extremely nice to drive, very comfortable and have good power. However the Nova doors are slow and the front door has a brake interlock which really slows you down at stops. The New Flyers are quicker on regular routes for this reason and have a nicer ride. The majority of the drivers prefer the New Flyer buses and I tend to agree.
  14. Brandon Transit

    I think 1/2 hour service would work for the first hour of the afternoon loops. It gets busier after after 3pm and the 4pm loops is full. It comes down to money....BT provides basic service to and from Maple Leaf. Their thinking is the afternoon loops connect with regular transit at the hub and at a hand full of stops along Richmond Ave. so there is no need to extend them thru the city. If riders transfer to and from regular transit at the hub they collect more fare dollars. One thing I'd like to see changed is the Industrial Hub. Buses cannot (or should not) park there for any length of time due to being in a lane of traffic. The timing points are 00:00, 00:15, 00:30, 00:45 at the hub. You must time your arrival perfectly. I'd like to see them use the East Bound Richmond Terminal as the Industrial Hub but the issue with this is connecting with Route 17, which stops at the Industrial Hub. Route 17 is heavily used connecting with the Industrial Loops.
  15. Brandon Transit

    I see your point....transit didn't and doesn't promote the industrial routes well enough. I agree with you regarding the industrial routes could be used for regular transit during their operating hours if people knew where they went. They cover Brandon quite well and perhaps the operating hours could be extended if promoted. They could exclude Maple Leaf after the first couple of loops. Currently Industrial A (One of the early morning Maple Leaf Routes, operates 05:30-06:30) makes one loop thru Brandon and drops off at Maple Leaf by 06:11 am and is full. If there are any passengers boarding at Maple Leaf the route goes to ACC east, drops off and the route is finished. If no passengers at Maple Leaf the route is finished. I've only ever taken a passenger once to ACC when operating this route. I've never figured out the reasoning for this route traveling to ACC. Industrial D (The other early morning Maple Leaf Route, operates 05:30-07:00) makes it's loop thru Brandon and arrives at Maple Leaf at 06:15am, then travels to the industrial hub at the mall, then back to Maple Leaf and if any passengers board at Maple Leaf it goes back to the Industrial Hub, then it is finished. This route is always full on the first drop off and close to full on the second drop off.