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  1. Brandon Transit

    I wandered through the city yard yesterday and took a couple of photos of the restored 1957 GMC's engine & transmission. (Bus #14) I don't think it's moved in a couple of years and was extremely dusty inside.
  2. Brandon Transit

    Your right...the shop is always full and I never see many mechanics any time of the day.
  3. Brandon Transit

    You are correct...The Novas have the ISL 9 I expect these engines to hang on much better. Today I had three different shifts all driving Bus 53....as far as the New Flyers go it is one of the better running buses....decent power and drives nice. Today BT put a Handi Transit bus on Route 16 for a couple of hours so we could have a second bus for the charter....when I finished up and pulled 53 into the barn it was the only bus there. Kind of scary not having enough buses to operate....BT would have been hooped if any others broke down....all the Handi's were in use too.
  4. Brandon Transit

    Could be an interesting afternoon at BT There is a charter requiring two buses....I'm driving one of the two... This morning at 10am there were only two spare buses in the barn... Two buses are required for afternoon industrial run at the same time as the charter... Hopefully they have a couple more buses repaired and out of the shop by 2pm Apparently this isn't the first time BT has been in this situation...lol Maybe they will re plate #65 and put it back into active duty Handi Transit has also been busy...one of the handi buses (#22) is in the shop. This has caused handi spare bus #20 to be put into service...lol It's quite a beast to operate
  5. Brandon Transit

    Was speaking with one of the dispatchers yesterday and he stated most of the New Flyer DFLR engines are approaching the same premature mileage that the original engines required replacing at. From my experiences so far, the majority of the New Flyers run like crap and smoke excessively. You would think Cummins would come up with a solution for this problem.
  6. Brandon Transit

    Found out some news about the bus that hit the building a few weeks ago. #59 being repaired and has been sent out East to a bus refurbishing company. Someone within transit spoke too soon about the fate of the bus and stated it was wrote off.
  7. Brandon Transit

    There sure seems to be maintenance issues with Brandon's New Flyer Fleet.... We have 10 2010 New Flyers remaining due to 59 being totaled. 4 are in the shop and have been for a couple of days and 1 is sitting outside with a blown engine. So in other words 50% are broke down. Most of the 2010's have around 600,000 km's on the odometer and all have had the engines replaced a couple of years ago. The 2 older model New Flyers, 49 & 50 are spoke of quite highly by the senior drivers, 49 seems to be the favorite. 49's driver heater is not working so it doesn't spend much time on regular routes.
  8. Brandon Transit

    Nobody seems to be talking about it...so far. I agree, the service is bare bones however there are other areas within transit that could be tighten up and pinch some pennies. Route 16 doesn't seem to get much ridership so IMO they could start by reducing it's hours. However there are some areas only 16 covers and other routes are too long to extend. Also reduce Sunday & Stat day service....no matter what is decided...people won't be happy. Perhaps a combination of this and a modest fare hike would do the trick.
  9. Brandon Transit

    The hours have gotten much better as the week progresses. Having spent most of the week on large buses I've found that I prefer the Novas to the New Flyers. The headlights on the Novas are far superior.(The New Flyer Headlights on regular beams are not much better than park lights) The Novas feel more comfortable to operate and have slightly better acceleration. The down side to the Novas is, the doors are slower. A few second delay at every stop adds up quickly. This can actually mean the difference of completing the route on time or pulling in late.
  10. Brandon Transit

    So far I haven't been getting much for hours.... 6 hours Monday, 2 hours yesterday & 3 hours today once I start at 8:30pm Tonight I have do Handi for and hour then ML late night for two hours. Dispatch told me there is lots of hours tomorrow so I expect to get a decent amount of work...finally. If I understand it correctly BT tries to stay away from OT so as the pay period progresses and temps ahead of me reach the 40 HR threshold more of the jobs will flow to me.
  11. Brandon Transit

    It depends I guess You could do early morning, then move to Handi for awhile, then move to regular routes with in an 8 hour span or you may get 8 hrs in a day but it could take a 24 hr span to work them. It really depends on what transit requires. I'm the last temp on the list so for the first while I'll be getting all the least desirable jobs...lol All the temps are guaranteed 20 hours minimum. If extra hours are required they start at the top and work their way down the list. I hope to be getting more than 20 hours/week but reality is I likely won't until I get up the latter. Fortunately for me I can get by on less hours for awhile.
  12. Brandon Transit

    Everybody within BT has told me to "just get thru the first few weeks/months" the shifts will get better...lol The newest drivers get the early morning & late night ML runs, and if required, some Handi Transit / Regular Routes thru out the day. I'm good with this. I feel the maple leaf routes are the best areas to gain experience driving the large buses.
  13. Brandon Transit

    I wish....A few people ahead of me for that... however there are some drivers coming up for retirement within the next year or so.
  14. Brandon Transit

    Got thru my week of large bus training...It went great...I expect to be on my own next week I was on routes all day today. What a gong show!!! Extremely heavy traffic and the 26th St. road closure caused 4 of the 8 routes that operate from the down town bus mall to be consistently 10-15 minutes behind schedule. I am so impressed how BT try's to accommodate passengers wanting to transfer buses while running so far behind schedule.
  15. Brandon Transit

    Yesterday (Tuesday) went great. Drove most the routes yesterday. Only routes I haven't driven are 16 & 23 as well as the ML runs. Because all routes other than 16 flip flop I was riding for an hour, then driving for an hour, then moving on to the next bus and doing the same. Drove buses 68 & 70 (Novas) and 54 (New Flyer) 54 wasn't running very well. It didn't seem to have much power at full throttle but did alright at partial throttle and the transmission was letting out a slip when shift up 4th to 5th I believe.