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  1. Brandon Transit

    Hard to say... #65 was the only used older Calgary unit still operating in Brandon. It operated occasionally this past summer so perhaps if it is still on active duty we will see it more. #59 is now backed inside the service garage. From my vantage point 100 feet away it actually didn't look too bad. All the broken glass is removed which makes it look less damaged.
  2. Brandon Transit

    Maybe they will add to the fleet....I think 50 is the one that has been rebuilt Don't forget 65 is still on active duty...this one will likely be retired seeing as how it is a 1993
  3. Brandon Transit

    Brandon Transit awarded New Flyer for the following: Award Document: Supplier:New Flyer Industries Canada ULC Amount:$1,310,127.65 Award Date:8/15/2017 12:00:00 AM Description: Two (2) 2018 New Flyer XD40 Transit Buses
  4. Brandon Transit

    Nothing too exciting happening with BT other than the new routes take effect soon. Bus 65 (Former CT Unit) has been in revenue service off and on for the past couple of weeks and is also being used as a recreation charter bus to shuttle kids around. Nice to see it still operating. The remaining retired buses (12,62 & 66) that were parked at the city yard are gone. I can't say for sure but I believe those three buses were still in running condition.
  5. Brandon Transit

    58 on the hook
  6. Brandon Transit

    Interesting.... They have also kept former CT units 62 & 66, maybe as potential spares.
  7. Brandon Transit

    Hey Trevor What is the story with Bus 65? It has sat near the fuel pumps all winter. I saw it on active duty a few weeks ago, now it's parked again near the fuel pumps.
  8. Brandon Transit

    Interesting The city has a tender out for two 40' buses Proposal - Transit Buses.pdf Proposal - Transit Buses.pdf
  9. Brandon Transit

    Well 65 has reclaimed it's outside parking spot near the fuel pumps in the city yard. Guess BT required 65's services for a couple of weeks...nice to have seem them use it recently.
  10. Brandon Transit

    Well after a number of months parked, former CT unit 65 is back on active duty Today it is running on route 21...it looked great and sounded sweet. I wonder why all of a sudden it's on duty again. I have also noticed 49, (which is a spare bus) being used quite a lot lately. Most if not all of the DFLR's are operating, I have not seen 50 (also a spare bus) lately and something else I've noticed is the Nova's don't seem to be on duty as much. Whatever the reason for 65 to be operating again it was awesome seeing and listening to it accelerate from a stop, that 6V92 was singing it's tune so sweetly
  11. Brandon Transit

    Well after months of being parked by the fuel pumps, 65 has been moved. It is nowhere to be seen outside in the yard. Nothing else going on with BT other than I have noticed a couple of the DFLR's pushing a lot of black smoke while accelerating.
  12. Brandon Transit

    #65 (Former CT 7528) is parked outside near the fuel pumps and is still plated...It looks to be still on the active roster as a spare.
  13. Brandon Transit

    Brandon Transit fill the bus campaign is using Nova Bus 68 this year. Perhaps they should us bus 69....
  14. Brandon Transit

    I am mistaken with the above statement... 65 is not packed out back and very well may still be parked inside as a spare. There is no DLFR parked out back. The way they have the retired units parked when viewed from different view points it appeared there was three Calgary units parked but today I used binoculars and this is not the case...only 62 & 66 are there along with EZ Rider 12.
  15. Brandon Transit

    52 is back in service after receiving it's new engine