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  1. I was riding Route 3 to Forest Glen after 5:30 this evening, and there was no air conditioning. Needless to say, it was very hot. The AC was on apparently, just not working. What do drivers do when this happens? I felt bad for the driver, as she still had an hour and a half of the route to go (apparently that bus was going out of service at 7:00, I overheard her say to another GRT personnel). Could she have asked for another bus? I can imagine this would be considered unsafe working conditions? Just curious...
  2. Has anyone noticed the blank, all-white bus at the GRT Garage at Strasburg? What's with the Ghost, I wonder? Is it a brand new bus that has not been branded yet?
  3. I wouldn't even bother a driver about such a problem, as it's not their area. The worst I would do is ask a driver whom I might speak to regarding an issue such as the Terminal Escalator.
  4. About eight seconds after looking at the route map! I wonder if they called it the 8 because of the shape of the route, or because it travels near Highway Eight? Maybe there's truth in both? The 7's are great, I agree. No point in looking at the schedules really, since they run so regularly. Although, if you need to meet a connection, as I often do, I found that its best to be armed with a 7 Schedule.
  5. Has anyone noticed that the route the number 8 buses take forms the number eight? I used to take this route all the time. I've always referred to it as the Crazy Eight, because of the long routes and he numerous 8 routes there are.
  6. People should put the blame where it really belongs. What do the drivers have to do with the terminal building, really, other than the part that has to do with the buses? That's like blaming a school teacher for there being garbage in the halls. I get the feeling that you were teasing when you said this! Nice shot!! Haha!
  7. Interesting thread. Well, what more can you do when you're waiting for a bus? I have one question though; do sightings at the terminal/GRT garage count?? Anyway, here's a few I caught: 2202 3 Ottawa South to Downtown 2706 12 Fairview to Conestoga 9408 22 Laurentian West to Forest Glen 8024 22 Laurentian West to Downtown 2426 22 Laurentian West to Forest Glen 9402 8 University via Westmount 2328 7B Fairview Via Weber 2713 8 University Via Weber 9409 8 Fairview Via Weber 2421 3 Ottawa South to Forest Glen Hey, I was riding that one today! Cool!
  8. Route 3 Ottawa South to Forest Glen turns into the 4 Glasgow at the terminal every day, from 6:15am to 5:45pm, with two exceptions: 7:00am leaving from Forest Glen (still goes to the Terminal, but continues as the 3) 7:15am leaving from the Terminal (continues as the three) Any other 'secrets' any of you have found out, either the hard way or by calling the Terminal? Let's keep each other informed!
  9. Hmm...I'm not sure. I know it does tend to meander a lot through residential areas. I am only familiar with the route betweent Highland Hills and Fairview Mall. I have noticed though that the 12 is always late!
  10. I live on the 3 Ottawa South and 12 Conestoga/Fairview Mall route.
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