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  1. Can't they just temporarily equip them with radios? Though I suppose the question is, how many do they have in stock. Oh, I'm late to the party. The law about handfree devices doesn't apply in an emergency. So they can use radios for that. Problem solved! I assume after 3 days, that ATU is now aware of this - have they said anything? Doesn't seem like there's any more shortages than usual.
  2. That would be nice - but I'd think the biggest issue is that Wheel-Trans can't book rides. I'm surprised (no .. I'm not really) that there isn't a service alert out there for the Wheel-Trans and Nextbus issues. I don't see how the TTC CIO doesn't get fired after this, when other agencies were already hit. Bad enough that they weren't good enough to stop something getting in. How wasn't the entire thing not resetable by going to a backup overnight?
  3. The pattern seems to be alphabetical - but are they spelling it out, or just using the abbreviation. If the former, than Translink should watch out! If not, then Victoria is next.
  4. I'm surprised the vaccination rate isn't better. I'd have figured they'd have achieved 95%. But perhaps it will improve now that it's clear that they are serious.
  5. It's not because it's different than what I'm used to. The previous upgrade was very different than what I was used to; it was much more accessible, I found it easier to use, and I applauded it. This is different, and, by definition, is less accessible - it's not as easy to access the information I want.
  6. I'm finding it far more difficult to find stuff. How is noting that it's less accessible to me, bonkers? I just looked on my Android. Looks worse on there too ... little to see when you open, and then you have to scroll past a massive TripLinx (why??) box.
  7. I'm pretty sure accessibility means making it accessible. The problem here doesn't seem to be vision issues versus non-vision issues. It seems to be making a website so it only works well for telephones - which is cost saving. It should be easy enough to make a website that works better for those with no vision problems, that also works well when the font size is increased (which I certainly do from time to time with my increasing old-age related vision problems), and is also screen readable.
  8. That's just absurd. I'm not sure how TTC can be reducing the accessibility of their website, simply to save some $ maintaining it. I thought there was a move towards increased accessibility - not away from it.
  9. That's a good idea - I can see how people would be confused, assuming that Broadview is Broadview station. Though will Bridgepoint Health work - I'm not sure everyone knows where it is. How about Broadview & Gerrard. Similar to the streetcars that get things like Ronvesvalles & Queen on 506.
  10. Seems to be loading well - but good grief, it's awful! Instead of seeing everything you want in one place - like a page, it's like you only ever see a part of it, blown up to the point, where it's difficult to comprehend anything? The font is beyond massive. There's huge pictures everywhere that don't seem to have any function. Even on a laptop monitor, it seems to have been designed for someone trying to read it on their telephone. Which is bizarre, given the old website had separate website and telephone versions. More awful service from TTC.
  11. Where on the website? There's a new notice effective today - http://www.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Service_changes/Oct501.jsp
  12. It's at all stations and in all vehicles - started about 2 weeks ago. Best thing for me, is that it shows if you've already tapped on that vehicle - with an explanation of why one received a red X.
  13. There is the 504G bus, that's supposed to be running from Dundas West station down Roncesvalles to Marion, just north of Queen. Every 5.5 minutes mid-morning. Not sure what reality is, but this is what it looks like right now - https://totransit.ca/
  14. From the speed of implementation, it looks like they could simply press a button and upgrade the on-vehicle devices remotely. But have to go do the station ones manually somehow.
  15. I'm not even sure the use of children's Presto card on surface vehicles. It's useful at subway stations, with the fare gates. But I don't think I've ever used it on a surface vehicle, other than to test it (after tapping my own card), or to let a kid "play with it" - though that was easy enough by just letting them tap mine.
  16. Not the Halton sub - GO is already using it, except the piece from Georgetown to Burlington - and as far as I know, they aren't planning service on that piece. Isn't the troublesome bridge on the Guelph Subdivision - presumably west of Kitchener.
  17. Either there needs to be a societal change, or there needs to be a culture change at TTC, which is far more interested in blaming a very small minority of it's customers, while providing poorer service to the majority of it's customers. If TTC can't even fix their issues (which aren't impossible ... look at how the washroom situation changed when TTC decided to start cleaning the washrooms more than once a day, rather than blaming their clients), then I don't see how we'd get societal change.
  18. Which, pragmatically, would also be the most ineffective way of changing the situation. By taking that approach TTC is simply saying "we don't give an eff ..."
  19. That's the kind of backward TTC thinking that doesn't get things fixed and improved.
  20. You asked when do we stop escalating. Not which things are being done that have little impact. Personally, I'd say that the overkill on cleaning poles, etc. probably has little impact given the disease is airborne - but I have hard time believing that's actually happening at terminals, given how much garbage I see in streetcars ... that and I spend enough time at the 506 Main terminal, and have never seen a soul.
  21. That's just anti-vaxxing BS - so I don't worry about it. If ICUs rates are dropping, then not really needing further restrictions (unless I suppose if there's just been a huge elimination of restrictions ... but let's ignore that).
  22. When Covid cases in ICUs start dropping seems to me a good time to stop escalating.
  23. They were working on the EA for both Baden and Breslau at one point ... I thought it was completed well over a decade ago. I've never heard anything from GO or Metrolinx about Rockwood. Though now I think about, Baden might have slipped further east, closer to Petersburg ... or even Trussler Rd. There was a lot of Nimby reaction during the consultation.
  24. Given how many years (decades?) GO has been talking about adding a station at Baden (not to mention Breslau), it's a shame they don't add a handful of stops. Shakespeare? London International?
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