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  1. I've never really heard anyone in the real world who wasn't happy at this. Nor have I ever seen much of a problem - almost all kids only go a few stops by themselves. Given it only contributed $6 million of revenue - I'd think the ticket system would eat most of that money - and the cash collection, etc. And even if they got the entire $6 million as revenue it's peanuts compared to the $1.2 billion of passenger revenue (pre-Covid). Not to mention the complications and delays when an entire class of students board, each giving their tickets. How would that even work on a streetcar? It's an excellent policy!
  2. Not to mention the 330 metre long GO trains - which is quite frustrating after they miss the platform at Union, and you have to wait 5 minutes for them to reverse 10 feet.
  3. Couldn't they then move, say, something like eight 1-person crews from Wilson, and run 4 trains on BD during the peaks? I hadn't realised one-person crews were an option on Line 1 before ATC was complete.
  4. It's odd to me that they've reduced BD service but not more frequent YU service. Anecdotally, BD trains seem fuller than YU to me. Also, much of the peak YU load is bringing workers downtown to big offices, which are very empty. Much of the BD load is other things. If there's more T1 operators than TR operators missing, they can do what they've done previously, and run TR trains on BD. Not so much again, but still. This is another step in the Presto open payment project - an earlier step was accepting open payment on UP Express.
  5. It's a 1954 subway token. The image is from the city's website (and the city archives) - https://www.toronto.ca/explore-enjoy/history-art-culture/online-exhibits/web-exhibits/web-exhibits-transportation/the-ttc-100-years-of-moving-toronto/side-stories-ttc-fare-media/
  6. It does seem absurd. Yesterday was supposed to be above freezing until after PM rush-hour - so no reason to plan anything other than an early closure. And by last night, it was clear most of the storm was going to track south of Toronto, giving us just some light snow - at least until late afternoon.
  7. There'll always be a few - but it seems improbably that 0% of those who remained unvaxxed complied. And as I mentioned - it rids the agency of a whole bunch of people who think H&S directives are optional.
  8. The logic is that less will end up in the ICU, because more were vaccinated out of the fear of losing their jobs.
  9. Increased vaccination reduces the number of people in the ICU (and the morgue), which stops them eliminating medical services that benefit everyone - even with Omicron. As for TTC staff - why would they want to employ anyone who is going to violate very simple Health & Safety rules. As far as I'm concerned, it's a great indicator of those who don't have enough concern for the public they are serving.
  10. Still, Millhaven's main production line must be close to the end. I wonder what's next for them.
  11. I thought that some of the earlier delivered cars, were then shipped from Metrolinx to Thunder Bay for ATC installations or something. TMI by the way. I'm not judging ... but TMI from both of you!
  12. Do you have a source for that, of is that just a prediction? Can't be that many ML cars left, looking at the numbers we've seen already. Gosh, we saw car 57 of 76 back in May! What are they up to now?
  13. Absolutely that's the subway "tunnel" over the Don River. If you go into the entrance into Leslie station at the southwest corner of Leslie and Sheppard, it's only a few steps down to the station floor (quite the contrast to all the stairs at bus entrance off Old Leslie). Perhaps one of the shallowest underground stations - at the east end at least! If you are standing on Leslie over the "tunnel" you can see that it aligns with that subway entrance. https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.7712284,-79.3640664,3a,43y,288.85h,84.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sT2DeFlfB-vUMYLwCM7AUMw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en
  14. In the long-term, I don't see how Alstom runs 3 different assembly lines in Ontario - especially with their Quebec and New York facilities. Presumably one or two will eventually close, or be sold.
  15. The December 8 2021 CEO report says late 2023. Can't imagine it would be much earlier than that, unless they send a single test car or something.
  16. If deliveries only begin in late 2023, how do ship 20 cars? That only leaves 20 per year for 2024 and 2025..
  17. I thought did exactly that these days as (unlike TTR), no longer appears on the list of federally certified railways - https://otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/federal-railway-companies Not that it completely absolves them - but it does significantly reduce the amount of federal oversight (my MP reminded me, when discussing the Lakeshore East widening).
  18. I thought the section in question was Metrolinx-owned?
  19. Another question would be who maintains the track now. Is it still CN who were the ones who maintained it in 2011? CN is federally-regulated. Metrolinx isn't.
  20. The community was onboard with the Downtown Relief Line alignment and stations, after the consultation. Part of the problem is Metrolinx pretty much skipped the consultation process. Ignored all input. Lied through their teeth. And dodged any serious question, instead choosing to answer similar questions, that were always contrived to make the current alignment and station location look better. Until they changed something, and had to contrive new answers. And yet pretending that underground was the only choice for Eglinton West and the Line 2 Scarborough extension. We are seeing similar in Thorncliffe. Is that the wealth urban left as well? Perhaps the issue isn't the neighbours, but Metrolinx's incompetent and unethical public relations.
  21. I've only ever heard it called Woodbine Loop ... but perhaps we should simplify it and call it Greenwood loop ... . Though even the Greenwood off-track betting is gone now I think - or perhaps it's just too small to see it now.
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