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  1. The whole incident seems to have started based on a comment the first person made to the driver. I find it very unlikely that someone would have been recording an unexpected comment, right at the beginning. I don't think there's enough information for us to discuss that aspect. It all depends what she said. However, the interaction between the person with the video, and the supervisor, speaks to itself. I can't imagine any realistic scenario that justifies the supervisor trying to physically stop the filming. And that's the only aspect of this incident that I'm speaking to.
  2. I didn't see any editing - the video seemed complete from the beginning to when the supervisor lunged for the camera, and a scuffle broke out. Perhaps there was more before hand ... but I don't see any "editing" Which isn't related to the supervisor going after the other person later on who had the camera. Hard to say what that other women said ... shame someone hadn't recorded it. Maybe they should ... there'd surely be some doozies on a daily basis. However I don't see how that justifies the behaviour of the supervisor. It's not like the camera was in his face, and he simply by reflex tried to brush it away. The person filming was well inside the vehicle behind a few other people, and the supervisor had to climb into the vehicle before he tried to grab the camera. It was a deliberate an unnecessary act, which should see some consequences. The TTC decision to support supervisors assaulting passengers is disgraceful.
  3. What do you mean - the video clearly shows him lunging for it, and trying to block it, before it got knocked. To find any possible fault? Given that the police seemed to want to charge the person with the camera, perhaps the motive of filming these things is so that TTC personal don't tell a false account of what happened. Fair enough ... but after that, he then left the vehicle. What is his justification for escalating the whole thing when he came back, rather than simply carrying on. Presumably if it was just an overreaction to the stress of what had likely been a tough drive, then by the time he returned to his vehicle, he'd have had time to reflect, and simply just ignore the whole thing.
  4. I've seen up to 3 days before they show; and sometime I've seen part of the trip show up long before the other part.I wouldn't worry until Wednesday.
  5. There's always two sides.But the video of the supervisor going after the person with the camera seems pretty damning. It's a blatant violation of both TTC policy, and the law. I can only assume he will be terminated. Good grief, he didn't even ask her to stop filming ... merely went and physically tried to stop the filming. As much as I tend to speak out about those unnecessarily whining about TTC staff ... sometimes TTC staff really don't help themselves.
  6. Trying to toss out a middle-aged woman out of a bus because they complained that the bus was late, and asked why is policy?I've always had a very polite response to that question ... the driver is normally as frustrated as the passenger. What doesn't make sense to me, is the driver came back from his break, and then seeks out the complainant and asks them to leave the bus. Surely the correct thing to do would be to simply drive off, and ignore them. I don't see how escalating a situation is policy. Did I miss something, and a lot of drivers have suffered injuries from middle-aged women? Whole thing just seems bizarre ... a supervisor attacks a bystander who is doing nothing except film the incident???
  7. Is it just the detector-thing the Fire Department uses to change the lights?
  8. Perhaps we'll finally see a replacement for possibly what is the worst looking system map in the world:
  9. At Kingston and Dundas? Hardly blocking the tracks ... yet at least (well last week ...).
  10. With no default trip, one never uses the override button. Simply tap on and tap of.
  11. If you have no default GO trip, every time you tap onto GO, it deducts $4.20. When you tap off, it then will charge the remaining amount ... or if your fare is less than $4.20, it will refund you a few cents.$4.20 is the minimum fare for a single-ride ticket. However Presto pricing is at the 10-ride ticket price (7.5% discount), so if you travel in the same zone (say from Appelby to Burlington or from Union to Exhibition) the Presto fare is $3.88 so when you tap out, you get a 32ยข refund. If you travel from Appelby to Port Credit the fare is $6.03 so you'd pay $4.20 when you tap in, and another $1.87 when you tap out. If you have more than 35 rides in a month, then it starts getting cheaper; and if you tap in for a new journey less than 2.5 hours after you tapped in for your previous journey you don't get the 7.5% discount. But most of the time this doesn't apply.
  12. I believe that's entirely possible; however as far as I know, only GO has implemented any rate capping - monthly rate capping in their case.I don't see any way of implementing something like the TTC Family pass using Presto; on the other hand, I don't see why they just couldn't go on using them long after PRESTO is fully implemented - at least as long as all stations are staffed (and even after if they go to POP and fair-paid areas without gates).
  13. Thanks. Makes sense! The extra acceleration is just a bonus then! I saw two other consists the same day and neither had an extra engine.
  14. I noticed on Friday (Canada Day ... running Saturday service) a 10-car Lakeshore East train with 10 cars and 2 engines (MP40PH-3C) - it was also unusual in that it was on-time at Danforth heading eastbound - don't see that very often. I thought they might be just deadheading or something ... a couple of hours later I saw the same train heading westbound at Exhibition. Why run 2 engines on a 10-car train?
  15. The fare vending machines on the new legacy streetcars and at the busier streetcar stops would presumably have to issue transfers every time a fare is paid. (presumably whatever it gives you as a ticket and POP would also be a transfer). As this technology will be deployed in a couple years, a long time before Eglinton is running, then presumably they would just deploy similar machines in the Eglinton line stations.
  16. As the top-up is supposed to also be added when you use the balance checker ... if you had used the balance checker instead of tapping on, would then have the amount appeared?Yes ... appears to be another programming oversight ...
  17. That's what I'd think ...Are the current buses low floor ... or is this going to be something different.
  18. Metrolinx has a tender out for "The Supply and Delivery of Low Floor Fully Accessible Highway Double Deck Coaches" What's a fully-accessible double decker? Does it have an elevator? I've never been in the current ones, but I assume that only the first floor is accessible
  19. Didn't TTC loose a battle about a Freedom of Information Act request about this last year ... when they released the suicide rates for several years?
  20. It looks like David Miller just did. I love this quote:"If I want to go to Finch, I go to Finch. I don't go to Kentucky Fried Chicken."
  21. But is it any less wrong than the Mississauga website? Probably not, as I'd think they'd be using the same data ... but at least it wouldn't be "a nightmare at times because its soooo slow". And the interface is much more user-friendly!Obviously, one must use trip directions with a grain of salt!
  22. Why not just use Google Transit? Quicker, simpler, and provides info on other agencies as well.
  23. If they are having problems getting it working properly, do you think it would be better to implement it broken, and get lots of people upset ... or wait a few more weeks until it's working properly.I suspect if there's any sign of a problem, they won't be turning it on during a provincial election!
  24. Given that the TTC Open Payment tender required that the system accept Presto - I'm not sure what's in it for the TTC and City to abandon the Open Payment tender (other than the blackmail conditions on other transit projects), if the City would get stuck paying for more than the $140 million.The TTC report notes that "The Province and Metrolinx have stated that they are working on the approval for a funding package that they believe would be acceptable to the City and TTC, and would address the affordability concerns ...". Presumably then - unless there is a lack of honesty at the Province, Metrolinx, or the TTC - there is either additional funding or some guaranteed hardware pricing that would not be leaving the city on the hook for much more than is currently in the budget.
  25. I don't know how to make this any clearer!By 2020 there will be no spares. The utilization of the T1 is scheduled to he higher than the TRs!
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