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  1. 19 hours ago, MK78 said:

    But increased police presence is needed in the interim while they actively try to work out how to deal with the massive drug addiction and mental health problem.

    Is it? The impact may be marginal - and where are they withdrawing police from to do this?

  2. 2 hours ago, Bus_Medic said:

    Sure, if you consider the dictator’s death “willingly” stepping down.

    Years before Franco died, he'd appointed King Juan Carlos I as his successor. And at first the king had the same powers as Franco. The government didn't change, and the following year , the King personally selected the new PM, a well known fascist.

    Who then, with the King, started the transition to democracy. The King transitioned from a dictator to a constitutional monarch. And the fascist PM became democratically elected.

    It was all very peaceful - except for the 1981 attempted military coup ... and even then, no one died. It was a very seamless and ordered transition.

    Compare to the 1930s fascist dictatorship in Portugal - which ended suddenly with the 1974 military coup, which then lead to a relatively quick transition to democracy.

    Not that I support any of this. But there are examples of dictators letting go of powers. And in the last few years, Singapore has been slowly heading down that path - though isn't there yet.


  3. On 1/26/2023 at 9:30 AM, T3G said:

    What are you imagining, that after the crime rate has been flattened the dictator you are proposing will willingly let go of their powers? When and where in history has this ever occurred?

    Spain? Took a long time though to slowly let go of powers.

  4. 2 hours ago, smallspy said:

    From a safety standpoint, however, the Flexity will not be as smooth through transitions as a CLRV, so it's possible that people may get thrown around more. That would be a reason to lower the speeds.

    Certainly on curves. I've seen passengers in the very back thrown across the aisle, on a 90-degree curve, that's just a shade too fast. Especially on 90-degree curves where there's no special trackwork.

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  5. 3 hours ago, smallspy said:

    There are a lot of other issues that are far more restrictive on the vehicle's design that rules out most off-the-shelf models.

    Which is why TTC went back to the market. Because anyone with half a brain knew that there was no one else who could meet the timeframe for full delivery - and likely couldn't beat the price either.

    It was just show for the commissioners with less than half a brain.

  6. 2 hours ago, Joshuamumble said:

    YRT, DRT, Burlington Transit and Hamilton Street Railway now accept credit and debit card payments (including mobile wallets) effective today, joining MiWay, Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit, GO Transit and UP Express: (credit/debit payments are not accepted on contracted TTC routes in York Region due to reader incompatibility)

    The article says that only UP Express takes debit - that it's coming later for the other systems.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Turtle said:

    Pay for the services you use, they will be gone in a while if they aren't funded appropriately. Don't complain if a service is shit, if you don't pay to use it. People in Toronto are spoiled rotten with good very frequent public transit, they don't know what it's like elsewhere.

    It does make one wonder where in North America one is finding notably better transit. Unless perhaps one is a rat who likes pizza ...

  8. 2 hours ago, Turtle said:

    I'm definitely a fan of charging these idiots with trespassing and impeding or interfering with a public transit vehicle, if that second charge doesn't exist create it.

    The first charge doesn't exist either - not in the middle of a public street. The tracks and sidewalk are the same block of public property.

    I'm not aware of any law that restricts people from walking in front of traffic. It's a city by-law - listed in the municipal code as 950-300-A:


    No person shall ... proceed so as not to yield the right-of-way to vehicles and streetcars on the roadway; however, nothing in this section shall relieve the driver of a vehicle or streetcar from the obligation of taking all due care to avoid a collision

    However, I can't see any indication that there's a penalty for doing so. Though that doesn't make sense to me - perhaps someone can point one out, if I've missed it.

  9. I wonder what happens when you tap a debit/credit card now against the new readers. I find the new black Presto cards and my Black VISA card confusing at times, if I'm focussing on other things (like not getting run over trying to get from the sidewalk to the streetcar!). And with the Green ones - well I tapped my Health Card on one occasion! :)

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  10. 1 hour ago, raptorjays said:

    So you think there shouldn’t be any enforcement, right?

    I'm not sure where you get that impression. I'm all in favour of enforcement. Which is why I suggest they don't expand the circulation of children's passes.

    I'm not sure why a couple here are pushing a policy change that the TTC clearly can't afford. And to what end - so a couple of riders on a bus don't shout at the clouds for a couple of minutes, when some children jump on.

    That doesn't mean I don't support fare inspectors checking high school students!


    1 hour ago, raptorjays said:

    Btw, I am wondering if you work for John Tory because I often see you vigorously defend policies made by him  ...

    ??? I don't know where you are getting that impression - especially given the negative comments I've made about Tory (and Fords) over the years. It's not partisan. If a politician does something smart - I'll defend it from those that will sooner attack a good policy because it was made by the wrong person. 

    But have you seen me supporting Tory's dumber-than-Ford service cuts for most periods of the day, that will take effect this spring?

    Your filthy insult is beyond unacceptable. I await your apology.

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  11. 4 hours ago, smallspy said:

    As opposed to before, when high school kids would play other tricks to abuse the system?


    Trying to do change the current system all smells of what the Ministry of Health did, when they spent a lot more money to go to a photo health card system where cards expire, than they were getting in dollars of abuse of the medical system.

  12. 4 hours ago, Articulated said:

    The Raptors played a home game against Charlotte last night.

    From what I've heard before, Metrolinx will often have a standby train(s?) available to run after major sporting events. However, they're not published in the schedules, as they are flexible in terms of when they depart, and dependent on passenger loads of course. 

    They definitely do have extra trains running for such events on Lakeshore West and East. They normally appear in the online tracker a few minutes before they depart. More often than not, they aren't express, and they try and schedule them about 15 minutes before/after the other trains. But they have been known to run some as express (or convert the local to an express, if the extra is just behind).

    Even when I'm attending an event, it's a bit hit or miss. I've left a game at the end, got on my train, and they've only announced the following extra after I've boarded!

    It's all very hit and miss - though I noticed over the last (TFC) season, they became much more adept at getting the extras in place at the right time!

  13. 3 hours ago, MK78 said:

    What tickets? Just implement a presto rate for kids under 12. And some kind of ID verification when signing up, so when they do get older, to automatically switch to the student fare.

    The TTC is already estimated last year that the Presto cards for kids that are currently around (when few kids actually need them), are costing $23 million in lost revenue. That will only get bigger while they try and get $6 million for children riding TTC! That's Ford-level cost savings!

    And hardly convenient, given the requirement to go get a Presto Card.


    3 hours ago, MK78 said:

    The free rides for the grade schoolers are a massive nuisance for regular passengers, not to mention crowd the vehicles big time.

    Massive inconvenience?!? I've heard literally no one say this in the real world. And I ride regularly, and don't observe it. Good grief, when they did have to pay, it was annoying when they a class of 25 boarded, and had to co-ordinate getting 25 fares from all the kids, handing over 25 fares or tickets, Trying to make sure they all have a Presto Card? And who is going to leave their 6-year old with a Presto Card when they go to school?

    I don't think eliminating the 50¢ fare is causing any inconvenience for regular passengers. Nor do I think it's causing crowding problems.

    From what you've said previously, it sounds like high school students are using children's cards occasionally. I don't see how changing it so they use youth cards will change the ridership much.

    Many are very convenienced by the elimination of children's fares, and would be inconvenienced by restoring them. I think you are choosing to feel inconvenienced, when all the information shows that little would change by restoring children's fares - and if it's done in your manner, it would reduce TTC revenues.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Articulated said:

    The 5.5% increase is on the standard budget; there is also a separate 1.5% increase in property taxes for the City Building fund. Therefore, the total increase that property owners will see is 7%, which is above inflation.

    We'll see where it really lands, when they actual numbers come out in Julyish.

    The 1.5% is for capital works. It does nothing for operations. Even a 5.5% increase in the main budget, doesn't even cover inflation.

  15. 1 hour ago, smallspy said:

    5.5% increase is greater than inflation? The federal and provincial government both used about 6.3% this year to increase the tax brackets and credit.

    And that's on the city budget, not on an individual tax bill, which always a bit less, once they account for the increase in the number of dwellings, etc. We won't see those numbers for months.

  16. On 1/9/2023 at 12:47 AM, Gil said:

    Wouldn't an across the board schedule adjustment of 1 minute have met with less bad press?  

    Why? They've added padding, particularly at Union Station, more than once. Compare the recent Danforth to Exhibition times compared to historic times.

    I don't remember any press about this, let alone bad press. What they are doing now got bad press. Simply padding another minute (yet again) wouldn't have gotten anything.

  17. 19 hours ago, H4 5600 said:

    Its still very common to wait 10+ minutes for a train on line 2 any time after about 8 pm. 

    I can't say I've observed this.

    And it's certainly not scheduled - the worst scheduled on Line 2 is six minutes. I can't say I've seen worse than 7 or 8 minutes lately - and not frequently.

    If we see 10 minutes, I'd think it would only be on Line 3 or 4 in late evening or some weekend periods.

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  18. 3 hours ago, lip said:

    To be honest, the TTC could use that extra money at this point. I'd rather them scrap the cute kids free ride program and use that money towards wither upping safety on the system, or you know getting some more fare inspectors which are virtually non existent these days.

    It's a rounding error. It only collected about $6 million back in the day. But it cost a huge amount to print, distribute, and recollect the tickets. They'd get more revenue by raising adult fares by 1¢.

    Even recently, I've seen a lot more fare inspectors than I ever did when they had the kids fares.

  19. 2 hours ago, raptorjays said:

    To be exact..

    Those who are actually high schooler pretending to be 12 and under and just hop on the bus without paying fare. I do see a lot of them do that during my morning commute. 
    It is unfortunate that the operator’s hands are tied on this.. they should have a right to kick them out of the bus

    So frigging what?

    With the operator's hands tied, they could restore the child's fare, and it would still happen.

    I don't know why this is an issue for anyone - it's not like they are travelling on 2 buses and a subway train, taking up huge capacity. Normally they go a handful of stops, seldom restricting anyone else from boarding.

    There's little extra revenue to be gained. I'm not sure why some are stuck on this issue. If one wanted to tackle issues, then one could charge those with massive strollers or wheelchairs extra fare for using up more space. Or charge by distance. Or weigh people entering. But these too would be bad ideas. I'm not sure why bad ideas need to keep being raised again and again.

  20. 4 hours ago, raptorjays said:

    A lot of little high school students are a big part of a fare evasion since a lot of them are pretending they are 12 and under..

    A big part? If you go back to the old model, where 13+ were about $2 and 6-12 were 50¢, you don't think that the same kids wouldn't be evading fares?

    As child fares moved more to tickets, and away from cash, it barely covered the ticket distribution and collection costs.

    A better move would be to eliminate children's Presto cards completely, rather than having a card that charges you $0. Though a bit inconvenient for a child who is 12 and trying to get into a subway station.

  21. 13 hours ago, Wayside Observer said:

    I was wondering the same thing a few days ago so I looked around but I couldn't turn anything up.  If there is a date set, it hasn't been announced to the public yet.

    Steve Munro article on the July 2022 board meeting notes that it closed in November 2022. Presumably it was mentioned in the meeting. https://stevemunro.ca/2022/07/21/ttc-board-meeting-july-14-2022/

    I'd guess on or around the early hours of November 18, 2023 would be my guess, assuming it lasts that long.

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