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  1. Ah - my first card clash! Normally I pull out my card, but I was lazy today, and with the Presto Card right in the first holder in my wallet, I just open the wallet, and tapped the whole thing. And heard a concession beep instead of a regular one. Normally I have a kids card in my wallet as well - so no damage. But I'd forgotten there was a seniors card in there as well. Oops ... putting that somewhere else now ... This will only become more of a problem when they get Interac tap enabled.
  2. Ah, I looked at the other article. Hmm, that one doesn't even mention Toronto. The complete lack of context in some these posts makes them difficult to comprehend. If the focus of the post is the Zurich cars, then what has that got to do with Minnan-Wong - which was what was in the larger font? And hang on, they were ordered in 2017, and delivered in 2019? What has this got to do with Bombardier being late?
  3. I'm not seeing that in the article. Which quotes Minnan-Wong as saying "Bombardier ... ... demonstrated that they cannot deliver on time"
  4. If Minnan-Wong says we shouldn't buy more, then clearly we should. Why is he always wrong?
  5. That's the problem though - all you have to do is say "from the TTC mailing list" or something. There's no need to be rude here. Please be civil.
  6. In terms of context? No. You knew who it was from, how it was sent, etc. All we got was cut-and-paste without the necessary context.
  7. It would be more useful to link to where this information was, rather than just copying and pasting it without context! Do you have the link?
  8. I'm not sure how it would have much impact. The station platforms would be north of the Gardiner, and I'd think all construction activities would be north of any land that's normally accessible during the CNE. Perhaps some minor impact to some of the non-public storage areas. Though it's a big leap, that this project will have started construction by then. I don't think 3 extra soccer games has much impact under any scenario. It's only about 4,000 more in the temporary stands, than during some earlier events.
  9. I'd be quite happy to see him come back, as he was willing to hold feet to the fire that was missing both before and after. But it won't happen.
  10. No. The assumption is that everyone transferring to GO at those stations, either has gotten there on TTC, or has a pass loaded. Then, if they are inspected, the inspectors know that a valid TTC fare on the card, is okay. I suppose those that live near the stations and pay individual fares and instead walk to the GO platform, are out of luck - but I guess they can just tap into the TTC station, and then leave straight away, if they are that desperate to save the 60 cents difference between a TTC fare and a GO fare.
  11. I can see how once you are in, that you end up down there. Though I'd have thought the gates, etc., would have put a stop to this (though it's surely reduced it). This seems to not have been alcohol related ... but the driver may have had medical issues. Either way ... perhaps a trench or trap or something just past the gate might be in order, if only to make the retrieval of the vehicle easier!
  12. Could be ... but it's reporting as parked on the west side of Russell ... so I'd assume it's for the wrecker.
  13. Not sure that's necessarily conclusive, as 4024 is tracking as well. But 4207 doesn't - and it's being saved.
  14. Or more particularly, the settlement agreement. I thought we'd discussed the weld issue here long before 2017. TTC was reporting publicly on "manufacturing difficulties with weld processes in Sahagun, Mexico" at least as early as January 2016 - and it's inconceivable that it wasn't part of the October 2015 Board decision to commence a claim. Surely TTC was aware of welds issue much earlier than you claim it surfaced!
  15. It's interesting to note that Metrolinx is only terminating it's $1.50 co-fare agreement with TTC - and not the ones it has with any other transit agency ... which are often larger than $1.50 a ride!
  16. Next week's CEO report seemed to show that one ALRV and two CLRVs would not be disposed of - for what's that worth (given the errors that often appear in that report).
  17. However 4401 was also sent for welding repairs - unlike 4400 which was sent back for completion in 2013 had to leave a second time for welding repairs in 2018. (I'm curious about 4402, if they did the welding repairs when it got sent back in 2015). In terms of arrival in Toronto ... all 204 have arrived at some time or another. Though 4603 is still on a CP flatbed somewhere, rather than on TTC track, if I've been following along at home correctly ...
  18. I meant for welding repairs. No surprise that they need additional streetcars with service not frequent enough at peak.
  19. This could only happen during a strike, or some kind of massive system shut-down like the G20 (at which point, they couldn't even get many back to Russell anyways). Why would operational issues be an issue when there's no operations? Whole thing is academic anyways ... I'd be surprised if TTC goes ahead with even 60 more streetcars with the current batch of incompetent politicos.
  20. In such an unusual situation, can't they simply store them on all the excess track at Hillcrest ... or Exhibition loop?
  21. I'm surprised it's just one then that needs welding repairs. The first four ION cars were delivered in the same timeframe that TTC cars had issues. Though wasn't it only the first Ion car that was assembled originally in Thunder Bay? I suppose it's when they stopped doing the welding in Mexico ...
  22. The calcuation was made a decade and a half ago. Has the final design of the yard layouts changed since then? One thing that has changed since then, is how much fleet operates at a minimum, overnight. Back then, only the 301 and 306 operated at night, every 30 minutes. Which back then required 8 cars (5 cars on 301, and 3 on 306). So 256 cars would be in the yards at night. With the expansion of night service to 304 (4 cars) and 310 (2 cars), then only 250 cars would be in the yards at night. Now with the "temporary" 15 to 20 minutes service on these routes there are 28 cars in service overnight, and only 236 cars in the yards at night. Does this mean they can now add 80 more cars without needing extra storage, instead of 60 more cars (assuming that the overnight service is maintained at current levels)?
  23. If there's no space for anything, why does Russell look so empty? Total capacity was supposed to be 264 Flexities.
  24. There were certainly issues - early in the contract, that's for sure - and I've been very critical of Bombardier for this. But should we in response, delay getting enough streetcars to operate the current lines for half-a-decade or more, and pay a lot more per car? Why should Toronto transit riders and taxpayers be penalized by the desires of a few (some of which I'm convinced don't even ride streetcars every day) for vengeance?
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