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  1. That's 7, and the other 3 were reported around in the last week or so, and were only recently hauled off. The report says there were 10 left on June 5 - which seems to be correct. I find it more surprising that there were still 89 CLRVs on both April 24 and June 5. Though it's often wrong - it still notes that only 1 of 192 CLRVs have AC - so that's been wrong for many years! The schedules too can be completely wrong and out-of-date - for example it still says the 92 Woodbine South will never have more than 2 buses on a weekend, at best every 12 minutes, unchanged since back in 2018. Anyone who rider it, knows there's been far more than that since May - even the current TTC website schedule for a Saturday shows every 5 minutes! http://www.ttc.ca/Schedule/schedule.jsp?Route=92S&Stop=Woodbine_Station&Day=Saturday And Sundays too.
  2. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    Yeah, I posted a photo of it on the sightings thread -
  3. Do you have a link for that? I don't see that in the twitter thread.
  4. The original question was about pantographs on CLRV/ALRV "for when trolley pole ops end". https://twitter.com/AlexRToronto1/status/1112150604233596929
  5. nfitz

    Today's Sightings

    4549 running up Parliament today.
  6. I thought there were parts of the network, particularly on St. Clair, where you couldn't use poles any more? Nothing precludes putting pantographs on the historic Witt, PCC, and A/CLRV cars does it?
  7. Seems rather pointless for capacity - particularly given 506 doesn't have the summertime reduction in service it used to get - so presumably it won't be at peak again until late September/October when the Universities are back in. Lot of trouble for 1 or 2 ALRVs. Sounds like the CLRVs and ALRVs will be all done by January. At this point, I think we've seen the end of the ALRVs other than perhaps a handful of runs on Bathurst, a last ceremonial goodbye, and the museum circuit.
  8. Why would they? Most of 501 will be converted in a few days. And 511 shortly after. There'll be no where left to run them soon, other than Long Branch until September. They've barely run for months ... one or two days of service in nearly 4 months. Clearly they are done except as museum pieces and some kind of ceremonial last run.
  9. nfitz

    The Eglinton Center Track in Line 1 Yonge

    I didn't say it was an error ... but really? I was hoping it would be moved into an existing thread.
  10. nfitz

    The Eglinton Center Track in Line 1 Yonge

    Do you mean the old storage track left over from when Eglinton was the terminus? Haven't they already ripped that out as part of moving the platforms at Eglinton in preparation for Line 5? Do we need a new thread for this? If so, can someone fix the spelling?
  11. Oh certainly - he should Miller should get some (much) of the credit for this. The right-of-way along Eglinton was massive! It was 125 metres at Kipling! It's still huge at 37 metres. We considered St. Clair very wide, and it's only 30 metres. Even the piece of St. Clair west of St. Clair West station with the portal is only about 30 metres wide. On the east side, it's briefly a bit wider, and at one point fits in the portal, a stop platform, and parking lane, and even a strip of grass between the sidewalk and the property line at only 35 metres wide. Eglinton remains wide enough for 6 lanes of traffic, LRT, platforms, and structures to grade-separate major (or minor!) intersections. It's only 4 lanes of traffic now.
  12. uh ... yeah ... hence why I asked if in September, by which point 501 and 511 will be Flexitiies, that they'll only be running 28 CLRVs at peak ... on 506 ... rather than running some on 505 or other routes. Though now I think about it, there are the 7 CLRVs on 501L, which they said in May that they'd replace with Flexities between 511 (summer 2019) and 506 (late 2019) in Fall 2019. Though I'd think by somepoint in September, they'll have enough Flexities for 501L. With the plan to only have 27 Flexities on 501, they aren't far from that now in AM peak. They had 25 out the other day in AM rush hour - and I'm not looking every day. Meanwhile they've averaged the delivery of about 1.5 cars a week this year. Shouldn't take long to start seeing some cars on 511.
  13. Hard to say - so much conflicting information. One would think so, but they've also said that CLRVs won't run past Q4 2019 and that streetcars would return to Dundas in Q1 2020. Though other things have been said too ... Are they really going to be only running 28 CLRVs in September (on 506)?
  14. It certainly wasn't done in a day - though the vote to dispose of those particular parcels of land (offer it for sale) went to the Executive Committee and to City Council under Ford. Both Ford's voted in favour of selling the land.
  15. Ah ... I remember that ... Andray Domise ... and he finished in third with Rob Ford getting 59%. I guess Etobicoke gets what they deserve with such consistently poor choices. His replacement Michael Ford got 70% of the vote in 2016. As leader? He died 16 months after the election as a result of a rare stomach cancer - which isn't particularly surprising given he admitted (before the election that he got 58% having consumed every illicit (cancer-causing!) drug under the sun ...