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  1. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Have you been to Toronto? You see it enough on weekends.
  2. Streetcar News

    Supposedly - I'm probably just not out early enough to see them lately. Hmm, supposed to be 7 in the morning, and only 2 in the PM? And only one ALRV tripper? That doesn't seem enough. There's been quite the subtle service cut here. The base 33 cars during AM/PM rush hasn't changed - but they've magically dropped 5 minutes off both the AM/PM run time from before the summer. And now there's only 7 bus trippers in AM peak, compared to 15 before the summer. And only 3 in the peak, compared to 10 bus CLRV. Then last fall they had 16 bus trippers in the morning, and 14 in the afternoon? Digging back another year to fall 2015, before the 514, the run/terminal time was the same, but they had 21 bus trippers and 6 streetcar trippers in the AM and 18 bus trippers in the PM, and and extra 2 minutes more time than 2016 (an extra 9 minutes more than 2017). Further back to 2014, and that was before they tried to fix the timetable. Run/terminal times were 128 minutes in the AM and 142 minutes in the PM, compared 132 in the AM in 2014 and 152 in the PM now. But in 2017 we are at 127 minutes in the AM and 143 minutes in in the PM. So basically, they've gone back to the old run times, to avoid putting enough vehicles on the route. I've not been out as much in peak - how's it doing?
  3. Streetcar News

    511 is all buses only because there's a streetcar shortage. Even though for this board, 502, 503, and parts of 501 are buses because of construction. There's a huge streetcar shortage currently. It's not a stretch ... it's just wrong.
  4. Streetcar News

    Rarely used? You see that one on CLRVs every day. And until recently, every 514 used that after 10 pm. Other than Queen/Leslie, Spadina/King I don't think any Flexity short-turn signage has been as well used. Which is a bit annoying on hot humid breezy days, when you sit at a stop for a couple of minutes, and discover you've lost all the coolness in your car.
  5. Streetcar News

    I thought it was more a local councillor thing than a TTC thing. Given the change in fare policy though, I'd have thought that communicating it was a good thing.
  6. Streetcar News

    Or it was actually not in service. They do run out of the yard occasionally, to test something.
  7. Streetcar News

    No, it (and other routes) change their signage to 501 Leslie. I frequently ride them in and out of service on Queen East and King East. Running into service, they just tend to show which route they are going to. Presumably they'll run as a 512 north on Leslie signed for St. Clair, or possibly Keele. Though what route will they take? King? Queen? Carlton? Dundas?
  8. It is an odd claim. You can hear Presto beep differently for concessions. You don't hear it that often compared to a regular one, and when I do, I look up. I'm yet to see an obvious case of someone who wouldn't pass as a student, or less often, as a senior.
  9. Streetcar News

    That's true - I was thinking of the year before, when th December ones, took a while to get into service. Gosh, that IS a lame complaint!
  10. Streetcar News

    Slapped for what. It was with the awareness and permission of TTC. if they are backlogged on some odd interior part, and they can ship them to Toronto without them, and have Bombardier staff install the part in Toronto, isn't that everybodies best interest
  11. GO Transit

    Hmm ... I think we simply have to wait and see what they file in court.
  12. GO Transit

    If the contract is just for this study of how to do future though, that's fine. But if means that it precludes everyone else from getting operation work in the future, that's a problem. That's now how this stuff is normally contracted. The various newspaper articles have been so poor and vague though, that I'd think we'd have to see the contract, to see if Metrolinx is in the right. Though based on Bombardiers's claim (which they'd hardly be bluffing about, if they had filed a lawsuit)!, and Metrolinx's previous incompetence in this area, I can only assume that they screwed up the RFP.
  13. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Wow ... how many vehicles is that? There's still H1s in service aren't there, or are they all H6s now? Funny to think of H1s (or H6s) with ATC but no T1s. That must be costing a pretty penny.
  14. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Surely there must be ways to move equipment on Line 1, without ATC. I can't imagine that all the equipment you see running on the subway lines after 2 AM is going to be ATC. Not sure if they still do it, but I've seen the Montreal Metro operating when ATC has failed, and there are no signals. It's a slow bumpy ride though. I can't remember what they call it ... I think it's based on an operating speed that slow enough, and stopping as soon as you see another vehicle in front of you.
  15. Streetcar News

    Hang on. Of course it occurs. There's always going to be some of it. Is it a problem? Not if the rate is kept low, and in line with international norms. Your comment was "a lot of people don't pay for a ride". What does that even mean? With over half a billion (linked) trips a year, there are lots of people not paying for a ride. One percent is quite a low rate. So millions is a lot of people. But on any given CLRV, that's less than 1 person. Which isn't a lot of people Oh, taxis are bad too. And downtown, I'd say the more expensive the car, the worse it is - at least for pedestrian encounters. And most operators are great. (oddly, and anecdotally, there are less issues with streetcars than buses, and perhaps least of all with Flexity drivers). But if we go the fare evasion rate at about 1% ... that means I'll only see 1 streetcar in a hundred run a crosswalk while a pedestrian is still on it; which is a bright line violation of the highway traffic act. Crossing the same crossing on King Street every day, I keep my eyes open. I haven't tried to count, but it's way higher than 1%. Probabl Procedure - sure. Just the other day, I saw someone spill coffee on the floor, stop to clean it up, and fail to file the appropriate company-mandated paperwork. I've even seen someone take a band-aid out of the first-aid box with out phoning the health-and-safety hotline afterward. (can you believe it?) And you wouldn't believe the number of times I see a secretary fail to put in Oxford commas when typing! But I think company procedures are different than violations of of provincial regulations, and in particular the Ontario Highway Code. I could be terminated if I'd fail to report someone else violating provincial regulations. Doesn't mean I need to phone the cops if I see a coworker run a red light; but I need to report it internally. Though, if I go check the procedure, I'm not sure I have to identify the individual who did it. Perhaps I need to only identify their supervisor.