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  1. Ah, interesting. Looking at the timetable, they have 3 minutes to get from the corner of Auckland and Dundas to the new terminal! Though all the buses I use use Dundas rather than Bloor
  2. The new electronic signs on MTA are neat - but also more necessary in a more complex system, especially with the branching and express trains. But it's amazing how little of their rolling stock still doesn't have internal walkways between cars. And how they still think cattle-car style seating is okay, even in the very wide cars. I do have to say though, the urine smell at the lesser used exits seems to have significantly improved in recent years though - at least pre-covid.
  3. They want 60 more, but city funding is for first 13, and the lower-priced option of 47 vehicles come out of the provincial/federal funding. So they can set up the contract now, and take up the options if and when further funding appears.
  4. To each his own - I just found the light bulb, to switch to light mode, because dark mode is too much of a strain on my brain!
  5. TTC voted in about 2006 to get new ICTS cars, along with upgrades to the line to support them, and longer trains. The cost for the line modifications were about the same as for the 44 new cars. It was Mayor Miller who screwed this up, and forced them to instead lump it in with Transit City - and this became the eighth Transit City LRT after the announcement of the initial 7. It really was this easy. There is no indication in the August 31st approval in principle that it was too expensive. The amount in the 2006 report was $170 million for 44 new cars - or 3.8 million per
  6. Absolutely it will be down. I'm just saying I don't think it's going to be less than half of historic as soon as everyone is vaccinated. I'd expect it to be closed to historic in a couple of years, if population growth and employment continues to increase.
  7. I'd be very surprised in the quarter after vaccinations are completed that ridership is less than half of what it was in the same quarter in 2019 (or in this case the original 2020 budget) for the entire system.
  8. I guess that means the budget was released today. Yes, there it at http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2020/Dec_21/Agenda/index.jsp Hmm ... even though the government is forecasting that vaccination will be complete by end of Q3, the TTC is only forecasting that ridership will less than 50% of pre-covid in Q4? I think everyone expects that full ridership won't be back immediately ... but that seems overly pessimistic. Though perhaps it serves to make sure that the Covid contingency amount that is available covers the situation if vac
  9. They didn't seven seem to refer to it as BD in the interview. East-west and crosstown! One day they'll be talking about building the crosstown ... along Steeles or Major Mac! The shots of the downtown stations didn't seem any less crowded than today. I guess when there's a full train arriving there's as many people to get on and off no matter what the frequency.
  10. I'm not surprised. They didn't seem to be playing around with Phase 1! Hmm ... with that new public walkway over the tracks between Phase 1 and Phase 2 - will there be stairs from there down to the platforms? That could be useful in helping congestion - and relatively cheap.
  11. Yikes ... I'd hope they'd let passengers from the east out at Pickering GO, or Scarborough Centre, or somewhere. Though at the rate the private intercity bus business is vanishing, the whole discussion may be moot.
  12. I'm not west enough to be aware of the benefits, but in the east, I'm not sure they gain that much extending to the DVP (near River/Queen Street). When they implemented the change at Jarvis, there was an immediate and significant drop off in car traffic from River to Jarvis. It's been a lot easier, for example, to walk across the street mid-block. There's a bit of congestion at River. A bigger issue is at Cherry/Sumach - but that's a lot more to do with the poor light-cycle than turning ... I guess that's the one point that there might be some benefit. The biggest issues at the east end o
  13. Indoors? Why, I don't think the diesel for the buses will get in. The ones in Central Station in Montreal have done well enough over the decades - with the only noticeable issue over the decades being from smoke damage from the bombing. The painted concrete in the bus bays might be more of an issue - but probably easier to repaint occasionally.
  14. Fundamentally, I don't understand how they have to replace all the Presto TTC devices to enable Open Payment, given Metrolinx were contractually required to have Open Payment available ... already.
  15. Bingo. Meanwhile there's more Underground that's overground than underground. And parts of the Overground are underground. And though Line 3 might be a subway ... I keep telling my kids it's a Skytrain.
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