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  1. Streetcar News

    Ah, that's good to know! Commissioner's looks rather dangerous currently.
  2. Streetcar News

    But will they use them. A couple of hours after you posted this, I rode a 510 Spadina to King all the way to Leslie. BTW, will they let you ride down Leslie to Eastern, Lakeshore, or - dare I say it - Commissioners (which probably isn't very safe, with the turning lane there - but the other two Leslie stops look pretty normal. (though could put a very safe stop just after you turn onto "Commissioners" into the yard if they wanted).
  3. TTC in the news

    I don't recall a joint mayor/TTC Chair announcement about fare freezes. The TTC Budget committee approved 2-hour transfer on Friday. We'll see what happens at the full TTC meeting next week, but I'd be surprised if it's anything other than approval.
  4. TTC in the news

    The mayor doesn't sit down with the chair of TTC and say something about this a couple of days before the budget meeting without knowing how he'll be paying for it.
  5. I'm not sure what you are referring to Dan. Isn't that the configuration they ran for 6 months starting in 1966? I thought the word was that if TTC had even intended not to run the original onfiguration, they would have designed Bloor-Yonge differently.
  6. They've been considering it for years. There was certainly discussion when they widened the Bloor station platforms, and I suspect they've been thinking about it, since they realized that there would not be the planned Yonge-University-Bloor and Yonge-University-Danforth services in 1967.
  7. Spadina Subway Extension

    Ten years ago? It only opened 8 years ago. Look what's happened since. The DLR ridership growth there has been massive, 3.2 million riders in 2016 (about 10,700 a day) up from 1.3 million 3 years earlier. Meanwhile the ridership of the commuter rail station there is about 1.6 million riders a year - that's higher I think than any GO station other than Union. TTC would kill for numbers like that at 407 station; why don't you think it's good enough?
  8. Hmm, and rode the buses every day through 1984, and pretty regularly until 1986 (less often because I was taking the Metro every day then, and lived near a station). I remember the numbering started to change, but hadn't though it was that early. Or perhaps the Anglo neighbourhoods didn't get the new buses.
  9. Hmm, not 23-XXXX? My recollection living in Montreal in the early-mid 1980s, is most of the buses started with a low-20s or high-teen. Though I recall the odd 4-digit one.
  10. Streetcar News

    Here's the schedule: Hidden later in the CEO report on page 68 is the estimate of 30 being delivered this year instead of 40. Which would be something like 5 delivered for October, November, and December.
  11. Streetcar News

    It makes perfect sense. It's clearly from a glance, what streetcars have been delivered each month, in the same format TTC is using for the schedule. That's very germane to the current conversation. We can handle 60 more 30-metre cars without a new house. And presumably 120 more 15-metre cars (probably more, because they were getting less than half the current capacity at Roncesvalles and Russell, because of the odd numbers that can be stored on some tracks). Which get's into the question I posed when the RFI dropped - what length cars? It's a shame no one has access to the RFI. They are, but they've achieved 1 a week. Or 50 a year. If they never improve beyond that they'll finish deliveries at the end of 2020. Which is only 1 year later. As the original schedule only called for a maximum of 39 a year (presumably off one production line), there is progress.
  12. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Have you been to Toronto? You see it enough on weekends.
  13. Streetcar News

    Supposedly - I'm probably just not out early enough to see them lately. Hmm, supposed to be 7 in the morning, and only 2 in the PM? And only one ALRV tripper? That doesn't seem enough. There's been quite the subtle service cut here. The base 33 cars during AM/PM rush hasn't changed - but they've magically dropped 5 minutes off both the AM/PM run time from before the summer. And now there's only 7 bus trippers in AM peak, compared to 15 before the summer. And only 3 in the peak, compared to 10 bus CLRV. Then last fall they had 16 bus trippers in the morning, and 14 in the afternoon? Digging back another year to fall 2015, before the 514, the run/terminal time was the same, but they had 21 bus trippers and 6 streetcar trippers in the AM and 18 bus trippers in the PM, and and extra 2 minutes more time than 2016 (an extra 9 minutes more than 2017). Further back to 2014, and that was before they tried to fix the timetable. Run/terminal times were 128 minutes in the AM and 142 minutes in the PM, compared 132 in the AM in 2014 and 152 in the PM now. But in 2017 we are at 127 minutes in the AM and 143 minutes in in the PM. So basically, they've gone back to the old run times, to avoid putting enough vehicles on the route. I've not been out as much in peak - how's it doing?
  14. Streetcar News

    511 is all buses only because there's a streetcar shortage. Even though for this board, 502, 503, and parts of 501 are buses because of construction. There's a huge streetcar shortage currently. It's not a stretch ... it's just wrong.