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  1. ? We've all seen what happens here. Operator shouts out that bus is full. Everyone behind the line. Doesn't move until everyone is behind the line, as suddenly, magically, everyone is able to compress more. Once in a while, someone gets off. You act like this isn't an unusual event. But at the same time, I've also seen, with a vehicle already with people in front of the whilte line. A bus sitting at a light - with no one actually trying to get off - or more likely, already opened and closed the doors already. Then open (or re-open) the doors, to let one more person on. You say "There is no such thing as "letting people onto a bus" ". How is that not letting people onto a bus?
  2. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    I saw one or two buses heading eastbound. But I walked over 2 km westbound from Woodfield to Carlaw, without seeing one - despite there being something heading east at Woodfield! And there were a lot of people already waiting at Woodfield when we got booted off there, so I was concerned that I'd be able to squeeze on a bus, if one came. The incident was 45-minutes old (and probably longer given that the alerts take a while) when I got to Woodfield! Looking at the TTC alerts, today's 501/504 issues were reported clear 4 minutes after the first alert. It was 2 hours 45 minutes yesterday from 9:52 AM to 12:37 PM!
  3. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    Cars were all turning left on Connaught (heading west). Is there a way of turning back east without entering the yard? If same in both, then not sure why they were choosing to turn at Connaught instead of Leslie. Especially in an absence of shuttle buses.
  4. Simply talking to someone could be considered harassment. Personally, I always ask permission first - or take photos from the sidewalk. Hardly a regular occurrence though. Happens maybe once a year. The discussion was about letting people onto a bus over capacity. That's not my experience. Most are normal. At the same time, I've had the odd bus driver (it seems to be the bus drivers, not the streetcar drivers that are the worst - despite that I take more streetcars than buses), that try and pretend you aren't asking them a question - and ignore everything. It's a two-way street.
  5. nfitz

    No Dogs on Go Transit

    Allergic or not, it's annoying sitting in seat on a streetcar covered with dog fur. Even on TTC, operators fail to enforce the no dogs during rush hour and on seats rule - and they can see the entire vehicle. Though I can't imagine the demand will be as high on GO.
  6. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    That's unfortunate they didn't design it so there was an easy way to loop. Especially given the lack of shuttle buses yesterday!
  7. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    With today's troubles on 501 this morning (overhead issues - apparently at Degrassi, but I saw the line truck working at Carlaw too while I was hoofing it), streetcars in the east, were looping back and forth between Neville/Bingham and Connaught. Does anyone have any idea why they wouldn't have been looping to Leslie instead? I didn't see any streetcars stranded until I got near Carlaw, so I assume the overhead was live. (the thought crossed my mind, as I walked past Leslie, thinking that would have been a shorter walk. Must have been chaos with Queen East down for 3 hours, just after morning rush hour! (I jumped a 72 bus, and headed downtown - so I don't know where all the streetcars were parked - cut off from both Leslie and Russell yards!)
  8. You followed the driver's directions (or lack of them). You shouldn't apologize for this. If there's a real safety issue, take a photo of the driver, and report him and the bus number to customer service, so that appropriate action is taken. However as we ALL know that this happens every day, I really don't know why there's a reaction by some, to blame the customer, when the failure is clearly 100% by TTC employees! He can simply ask politely. I'm not sure I've ever seen an operator ask for people to get behind the white line (though the ones that get snarky because half a foot is over the line, but no leg, really need to get a reality check). At the same time, with customers already in front of the white line, I've seen some operators open the front door, and invite even MORE people on. With inconsistent and conflicting direction from operators, it's not the customer's fault! Not sure what this has to do with people attacking operators. I've never seen this after a white line request. And good grief - we are talking about the 92 Woodbine here. It's about a 3-minute ride, not particularly fast, and hardly a route where the passengers make trouble!
  9. If the driver isn't raising any safety issues, then I'm not sure why passengers should be expected to take action. I don't think anyone is indicating that anyone ignored the driver's instructions. If there's an issue, it's the failure of the driver to operate the vehicle in a safer manner. But really - I think we've all seen vehicles operating crush loaded, with people standing on the steps even!
  10. Hmm - maybe I was closer to the truth than I'd intended!
  11. Very good question. The flakey data has been available to see for weeks at least at (for example) http://test.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=vehicleLocations&a=ttc-test&r=501&t=0 But then suddenly Thursday evening it was also at http://test.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=vehicleLocations&a=ttc&r=501&t=0 and http://webservices.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=vehicleLocations&a=ttc&r=501&t=0 All that says, is they've obviously been testing something new for a while. Be that at the Nextbus end, or in an alternate TTC data feed to Nextbus I don't know. All finally seems back to normal today. And I'm not seeing much odd or different in that test feed either ... though oddly car 4450 is shown on 501 instead of 504 ... My best guess is that someone at TTC changed over the feeds late on Thursday before buggering off on a long weekend, and no one left knew how to switch it back! But I'm pulling that out of my ass ...
  12. nfitz

    TTC in the news

    TTC Customer Service is saying August 26. Along with Student passes on Presto. And MDP passes for concessions. Then October 15 for daily rate capping, and March 2019 for weekly rate capping, and June 2019 for single-use paper Presto tickets. I think those are the big upcoming changes in the June report to the board - http://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2018/June_12/Reports/13_PRESTO_Update_and_Transition_Overview.pdf
  13. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    This was not true on Thursday and Friday, when you can stand on the street, watching Nextbus telling you a Flexity was passing, when this was not the case. What it sometimes was reporting was that something had passed a few minutes earlier. The lag had vanished Friday evening ... not sure how accurate it is now, as I haven't bothered to look out the window.
  14. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    It hasn't exactly matched. Often there's been up to a 5-minute lag for some vehicles I observed, riding on 504 and 506. And that included Flexitys! Many of the ghost vehicles are fictitious numbers. Right now on 501 there is 33 vehicles that aren't streetcars. Vehicle numbers include 235, 251, 3010, 647888, etc. You can't say for sure that every one of those record 73 cars are real.They quite possibly are. Looking at the data, it looks even worse today than yesterday! Highlights right now are vehicle 4475 on route 42. 4476 on route 89, and 4481 on the 116 Morningside!
  15. nfitz

    Streetcar News

    Maybe ... There seems to still be problems with the Nextbus data, which was showing bizarre 3-digit and 5-digit vehicle numbers yesterday. And even now on 501, shows 46 CLRVs and ALRVs (might be real), plus 36 buses (what?), 39 buses on 504, 2 buses on 509, 6 buses on 510, 3 buses on 511, and 9 buses on 512!