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  1. Though looking at the current roster, there's only 23 of the 43 ALRVs that haven't been refurbed or retired yet. Given how much wetness I've experienced on CLRVs (hmm, though stayed dry today), perhaps the ALRVs are now in better shape!
  2. Well, I was joking mostly. My commute mostly keeps me on CLRVs ... so perhaps I just haven't noticed the ALRVs are worse. Or perhaps the CRLVs are now just as bad!
  3. Yes, that all seems very sensible. Someone mentioned there were restrictions on males - but presumably not. Good to know. Though living near Upper Gerrard the through-running Coxwell bus was a much more convenient way of getting to Toronto East General - which is annoyingly difficult to get to quickly without walking much, despite being so close - and as one might understand, there are times, one doesn't want to walk much if one is heading to the hospital.
  4. Have you been in a CLRV in the rain lately? Don't sit near the windows ...
  5. That seems odd. How do they even keep track of it, given you aren't allowed to ask employees their gender if there's no relevancy. What is the choice for the other genders.
  6. You know they haven't posted in 6½ years, and haven't logged on in almost as long, right? Though I suppose someone will know ...
  7. Presumably temporary until they get the kinks out (or they finally go to simple 2-hr transfer). We know there's a lit already of exceptions where they do must give out transfers. 121 at Union for example (and I bet 72 at Union as well, but I've had no confirmation). And now 70 (and 22?) at Coxwell. Probably others. Lots of solutions. Just need one, make sure all TTC staff know, and then communicate it clearly.
  8. I've seen various reports over the years, and comments from people who have visited factories there saying similar. On which point is he completely wrong? I don't generally disagree with you, and agree with him, but it seems pretty in line with, for example,
  9. I don't think that's been the case since Presto was implemented at Coxwell. All they had to do is put up a sign.
  10. There's no way BBD comes out of this smelling like roses. But that doesn't mean that Metrolinx knows exactly what they are doing!
  11. Yes, true I suppose. But I sill don't see the point when there is no through service. In the meantime though, it will be amusing to see as the new tap onto a bus in a paid-fare area of a subway station rule starts to take effect, the conniptions they will have to go through to only have people who are leaving the subway tapping, rather than changing from the other 36, so they don't get charged twice.
  12. I noticed later the 10K run was creating havoc downtown. Probably wasn't much where else they could run really other than Gerrard East, Queen East, and Kingston.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry ... laughing so hard. Where's that defibrillator?
  14. I can't imagine anything more confusing than having two different routes that go two different places, and don't even overlap, having the same route number. It would play havoc with directions. Catch the 36 Finch from Finch West station ... I have no doubt wiser heads will prevail yet. If this approach worked, we could just renumber the 91 and 92 Woodbine buses as both being 91! Then both bays at the station would have the same number on them!
  15. At any time it's possible that a 514 might sent up to Broadview or Dundas West to fill in a 504 gap. In fact I see one on Nextbus right now (4429) heading south on Broadview. Also, I just saw 4435 just go pass outside, presumably still testing, but I didn't think they usually did the burn-in up to Main Street - though perhaps with all the detours downtown today, it's easier to play up here than along College. It's certainly not in service. Didn't have my glasses on, so didn't catch what the signage said. Edit - oh, 4431 going down Broadview too. 514 looks complete mess with the Sporting Life on. All 514s east of the marathon - 2 on Adelaide! And now 4428. I wonder if this continues after the marathon, and they've finally learned their lesson about what happens when the subway stops at Broadview. Edit of edit ... oh hang on, the Line 2 closure was Saturday only - guess they are just trying to do something with all the 514s stuck east of Yonge. Looks like 4429 heading back up Broadview again.