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  1. That's only proposed isn't it? I was referring to the alignment from Mount Dennis to Renforth. It does look like I missed something ... I thought they were still debating above-ground versus underground and number of stops. Underground west of Royal York? Good grief ... the willingness of the province to burn our money is shocking!
  2. Did I miss the announcement of final alignment (horizontal and vertical) and station locations?
  3. Precisely! I haven't observed much change - not now it's all been in place for a while. I have observed the trip north of Bloor to Eglinton is slower than it used to be - I don't think it's doors. In AM rush hour, there are more passengers egressing at Dundas station than any other station south of Bloor. The Richmond Hill GO doesn't help anyone who is exiting north of Queen, or entering south of Highway 7. And little to those using King ... as far are going to choose to take the Richmond Hill line with it's infrequent service, over a subway train departing every 2 minutes, that adds a 15-minute walk at the south end ... and takes longer to get from Highway 7 to Union than the subway will take to get to King!
  4. Doors don't seem to have added much south of Bloor or on the University line. North of Bloor extra time all seemed to be slow orders for track, and work areas. But I'm more often on Line 2 than 1 (or I used to be BC). What the times like ... say between Wilson and Union now, compared to the old trains, without the track issues, and with ATC completed?
  5. That was the rush-hour schedule. Though yes, stuff does happen, and things have certainly been slower in recent years between Bloor and Eglinton, with various issues. But once the new signalling system is in, and trains are automated, then the gains increase. The station downtown with the most arrivals in AM peak is Dundas - that's not going to be served by GO. Even walking from a GO Train platform to King can take near 15 minutes by the time you get off the train, and off the platform, and fight the crowds. And those boarding at Vaughan will be the ones with the seats all the way to King or Union. Perhaps the reason that demand on the Richmond Hill GO line shows such pathetically low increases in the long-term modelling compared to all the other lines, once the network is complete.
  6. Never has been before for overnight services.
  7. Ah - interesting to see the Covid changes. And surprising they are running the 306 buses every 20 minutes overnight. I guess there must be overnight bus storage constraints as well!
  8. I was lazy once, and it detected the forgotten extra senior's Presto Card in the middle of my wallet, rather than the regular one with a pass at the front of the wallet. Also, they've already done some Debit/Credit tests ... who knows when it will be testing something, and there's some clash.
  9. I can't imagine any impact on the 509 or 511 service, other than moving the loop. Though it would certainly provide more demand for extending tracks west from Exhibition station - which could be a 509 service. Not sure it would do much to 501, given that it wouldn't change westbound at all, other than some who get off earlier at Queen/Spadina station. Even in the east, will many get off at Moss Park, and go deep into the subway, rather than just staying on the streetcar? I suppose some will get off at Leslieville. I'd think the bigger impact might be on 504, with some Broadview and Corktown travel moving to the subway. But I suspect it would only be some ridership, and not service changes. The biggest question is what happens at East Harbour station? The East Harbour development also includes the extension of Broadview, and presumably streetcar tracks, towards the Portlands. Recall that back in late 2019, TTC published the proposed streetcar network once they get enough new streetcars. This extended the 504B from Dufferin to Humber (and later Park Lawn ), the 503 to Dufferin Gate and split the 501 into a 501A from Neville Park to Sunnyside and a 501B from Long Branch to Broadview/Queen (I figure they've got 501A and 501B backwards there).
  10. It didn't ask you to tap your card on the phone? If it didn't, then it can take up to 24-hours to get to the machine you used to tap at ... and buses rarely take only an hour.
  11. Ironically, I might have to try that too one day ...
  12. I really don't see the need to discuss unrelated events. I'm surprised that it's news to you that no more than a couple of CLRVs will be preserved. Rob Ford was mayor before the order was finalized ... sometime in late 2011 if I remember correctly. The funding arrangements weren't confirmed until November 2012. Ford seemed to do his darndest to put a spanner in the works, but there was a big enough poison pill in the 2009 agreement with Bombardier, that there was little benefit to cancelling the new streetcars.
  13. Giambrone was long gone before the order was finalized. We've been hearing about 2 CLRVs for many years now ...
  14. They are coming from a different assembly plant. They are almost the very first vehicle that plant will ever have assembled. Even less of a headache, could be a huge headache.
  15. They are literally the same trains. The only advantage they have here is that the weather isn't quite as harsh. And I suppose they must have slightly different signalling, with all the road crossings.
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