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  1. Hang on. Of course it occurs. There's always going to be some of it. Is it a problem? Not if the rate is kept low, and in line with international norms. Your comment was "a lot of people don't pay for a ride". What does that even mean? With over half a billion (linked) trips a year, there are lots of people not paying for a ride. One percent is quite a low rate. So millions is a lot of people. But on any given CLRV, that's less than 1 person. Which isn't a lot of people Oh, taxis are bad too. And downtown, I'd say the more expensive the car, the worse it is - at least for pedestrian encounters. And most operators are great. (oddly, and anecdotally, there are less issues with streetcars than buses, and perhaps least of all with Flexity drivers). But if we go the fare evasion rate at about 1% ... that means I'll only see 1 streetcar in a hundred run a crosswalk while a pedestrian is still on it; which is a bright line violation of the highway traffic act. Crossing the same crossing on King Street every day, I keep my eyes open. I haven't tried to count, but it's way higher than 1%. Probabl Procedure - sure. Just the other day, I saw someone spill coffee on the floor, stop to clean it up, and fail to file the appropriate company-mandated paperwork. I've even seen someone take a band-aid out of the first-aid box with out phoning the health-and-safety hotline afterward. (can you believe it?) And you wouldn't believe the number of times I see a secretary fail to put in Oxford commas when typing! But I think company procedures are different than violations of of provincial regulations, and in particular the Ontario Highway Code. I could be terminated if I'd fail to report someone else violating provincial regulations. Doesn't mean I need to phone the cops if I see a coworker run a red light; but I need to report it internally. Though, if I go check the procedure, I'm not sure I have to identify the individual who did it. Perhaps I need to only identify their supervisor.
  2. I'm not entirely sure you don't have bias. Nor do I believe you remembering that it is those people which employ you, and that you serve. I enter through back of the streetcars at every opportunity. So many reasons to do so. Faster. More chance of getting a seat. Less chance of being at front and losing a seat. Not having to open my wallet and pull out card. So I also sit there and watch those in the back being checked. Almost everyone has paid. Just the same as other cities where many studies have. Quite frankly, i see more violations by TTC operators than I do with fare dodgers. Just yesterda there was an operator (an ALRV even) enter a pedestrian crossing on King immediately after the person had gone in front, rather than waiting for him to reach the sidewalk. Which was bizarre, given I was also in the crossing heading the other direction, and then had to stand there in the middle of the road while this slow ALRV lumbered past. And right next to me (fortunately stopped) was a CLRV also stopped. The op was about 3 feet from me. I looked at him. He looked at me. We both shake our heads and shrug our shoulders ... And the number of 501 and 504 bus shuttle operators who have told me they don't have to open the back doors even at a very busy stop, because they are not effing streetcars ... If I treated my clients like this, I'd be out of a job. Precisely, this was the comment above, saying that they are slower. Because they so powerful and accelerate so quickly, they have to be much more careful and gentle, and end up going slower, rather than the CLRV where they just gun it, and they are good. Obviously there is a software solution to this.
  3. Yeah, thanks for that image ... Honestly ...
  4. It's out and about - but no indication it's logged into a route: <vehicle id="4440" lat="43.658501" lon="-79.325165" secsSinceReport="18" predictable="false" heading="-4"/> Compare to 4439 which also doesn't (right at this moment have predictions): <vehicle id="4439" routeTag="510" lat="43.6671679" lon="-79.403831" secsSinceReport="7" predictable="false" heading="-4"/> Mapping 4440, I'd say it isn't in service. That co-ordinate maps to Leslie Yard, in the centre of the barn. So out quickly and failed, or still testing ...
  5. ??? Because it's faster to board at the back, and you don't stand there behind someone trying to get directions, while all the seats vanish. Most car inspections I've seen, the fare inspectors haven't found anyone, or only find one. This means, that almost everyone who went through the back door, had a pass - which is what I'd expect on a run like that. Worst I've seen is 2 people caught. Though one was me, and half-way through writing the ticket, I finally found my pass hidden in my wallet - much to the annoyance of the inspector who pondered if he should finish it, because I couldn't produce it fast enough ... (to be fair, he didn't ... I don't think he'd ever been the half-way through the ticket situation before - and I don't think he bought a word of the "oh no, I think I left it on the kitchen table, when my wife gave it back to me this mornining" excuse - so it appeared to destabilize his world there for a few seconds ...)
  6. Size Thanks for the perspective! Interesting. It's going to vary though. It's easy to see how different operators handle the CLRVs. Riding it every day, you see some operators, even in tough conditions, keep schedule, and even gaining, make every opportunity to slip through a light, and accelerate. While others seem to be nervous nellies, slowing every time there is something with a foot clearance, or as the light turns yellow (and I'm thinking when they are already late - I know that at times they do drive like this to not get ahead. It's pretty easy to tell what kind of driver you have. Presumably handling of the Flexities will also vary by operator. 2-3 minutes on the 6 km and 34-minutes from Dufferin to Cherry doesn't sound that bad. We lost that much today west at Sumach behind the Flexity training car, who seemed unsure of how to make left turns. This after a 1-2 minute delay at Gerrard swapping drivers. I've easily seen a 505 or 506 lose that much at Yonge stuck through 2-3 light cycles trying to unload/load under crush conditions. And there are so many delays while there discussions with drivers, and you sit there, watching the person on the steps, paralyzed in indecision about whether to get on. Or the person with disability problems tying to climb the stairs, when meanwhile 5 people have entered the rear door and sat down already, and 5 more are lined up in the front waiting. I'm interested that they are too powerful. In the very early days, perhaps even before any were in service, I remember sitting up front in a 506 (probably 306) from Broadview to Woodbine, not far behind a Flexity, with the operator saying they just couldn't get as fast as the CLRVs, and they'd never be able to make the current night schedule. If they can really go that fast, once they get up to speed, I doubt that's going to be a problem. I wonder if there is a way to modify the software, to reduce acceleration. Still - all the buses on 501 and 506 remind me, that the buses are far worse for this than the CLRVs are. And then there's all the side-to-side movement that you don't have in streetcars. I haven't really seen that on 514. Sure, sometimes they don't know what to do, but they don't tend to start by talking to the driver, as how to talk to him isn't the most obvious thing in the world if you have no clue. I'm not seeing the stand on the steps, and have the do I want to get on, and how do I pay discussions that I see on CRLVs. And I don't see the people standing by the back steps to get off, and not figuring out how to open the doors problem, while 80 people chant "step on the steps". People are listening to headphones, and staring at their devices. They don't listen to the announcements, and it's easy enough to see the sign, and not process what it means. I confess that a couple of times coming down Broadview I've realized I'm on the 505 instead of the 504, when it turns right. Of course, I should have noticed because it was so empty in rush hour (505 has a very different pattern, it's pretty empty at Broadview, but packed by Parliament. 504 is much fuller heading down at Broadview, but you get a lot people getting off while more people get on after that.
  7. I don't think it's an issue. The low-floor cars have shorter dwell times at busier stops, with more doors to load/unload. And you don't have that frequent, the whole things stops, while someone tries to get a stroller or groceries up the stairs. Or even while someone who has difficult walking climbs the stairs. I haven't noticed much issue on King Street which has been a mix of CLRV, ALRV, and low-floors for sometime now. You don't routinely see a line of CLRV/ALRV behind the low-floor as it get's to Cherry. Heck, often it's the other way round, with the Flexity following the jam-packed CLRV that's at crush capacity, and has long dwell times. At least in PM rush approaching Cherry.
  8. The problem is, it's the wrong direction. They have about 20 weeks before the option expires. They won't have pricing in that time. A cynic might think it's a preperemptory strike by someone who doesn't want to buy 60 more streetcars. I wonder who the motion is from. Let's see ... it's from a Denzil Minnan-Wong and a John Campbell. Do I need to say more?
  9. I suspect the municipal transit comment is because it's designed to leave space in the future for additional/extended platforms along the Bay Street streetcar connection to Union.
  10. 33 cars in service right now - 14 on 510, 6 on 509, 5 on 514, and 8 on 511. Those route are 100% Flexity. A record? All vehicles except 4414, 4427, and 4432. Hmm, and only 4 ALRVs out. Times change. Edit. Meanwhile 4437 is up on Bathurst near St. Clair and 4414 looks to be about to leave Russell. Edit ... and now heading home to Leslie.
  11. There's a Facebook group?
  12. A debit card, sure - they eat the cost to keep you a a customer. It was this apple pay thingammybob.
  13. It's more if you abuse it than anything else. Mine is doing fine after 7 years, stuffed in my wallet. What's the average life of an Apple mobile? 3 years? If you don't drop it too many times. All the TTC devices will be able to handle it. TTC's contract with Metrolinx does say they'll activate open payment (before the end of the year I think). Most riders don't travel often beyond TTC. Many don't even use GO.
  14. Yeah, would have to pass under 404/DVP twice ... and the 401 (though on bright side, does leave open an option for a Consumers/Yorkland station). I'd think it would be an evaluation option at least. Curve not necessarily that expensive. Don Mills major node. I'd think it would divert some Oriole/Leslie station to downtown traffic from Yonge line to DRL. Also provides good connections from DRL to Richmond Hill line at Oriole (assuming they ever move those platforms, as they promised 20 years ago). Not difficult to quantify with model. But perhaps not worth the cost, in particular, the lost of the ability to send Sheppard Line further east, and DRL further north in distant future. Personally, if DRL makes it to Sheppard, I'm not convinced that a York Mills station at the middle of mostly floodplain nowhere on Don Mills is best option, and would prefer to see the line perhaps head up Upjohn instead, and put the York Mills station near Upjohn and Lesmill, that has much better redevelopment potential. Perhaps with an extra station near Duncan Mill/Valleybrook as it curves back towards Don Mills/Sheppard. I guess these will be factors for the Phase 2 alignment studies that are just beginning. Mind you, branching service is always an option. I didn't say that joining was the best option. Just not the worst option.
  15. Probably beyond the expiry date (warranty period). I've seen no indication yet that there'll be any free Presto cards, like we saw elsewhere (I got a couple out of GO exchanging ticket strips). But if you have VIP, it's always possible, there might be something. I've got MDP, and I've wondered if I'll get another one that way. Personally, I could always use more. Currently got 5, but I reckon I need a minimum of 7 when it's all completed. (1 for each of 2 adults, 2 for each of 2 kids, and a spare adult). (I don't see how with a 6-year old, you wouldn't need 2 cards, one for each parent, as otherwise, you'd always lose track of who has the card - not so bad for just GO currently, but if needed for every TTC trip - nightmare - especially if different parent drops off versus picks up from school).