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  1. That's a first isn't it? In 2019 it was still running 3 times an hour with a 30-minute gap. Or was there an early 2020 schedule I forgot about, that didn't last long with Covid.
  2. Yes, there would be costs ... I'm trying to talk about what the costs would be - not that there are costs. For temporary operations, could even simply run the busway at surface level with priority lights in the peak direction.
  3. With some modifications, (including that tunnel), why couldn't one-way bus operations be possible (peak direction).
  4. Interesting - I'd have guessed heat.
  5. Ah - that makes more sense. I was thinking of normal service, not during the emergency.
  6. I hadn't realised the express doesn't run on weekends. I'd have thought that was a no-brainer.
  7. Need to extend the streetcar north from Queen to Bloor. Another option is extending the Ontario line up Dufferin.
  8. Great - completed survey to suggest it be reused as a rapid transit line ...
  9. The latter. They already operate in both directions on parts of the Line 1 tracks.
  10. I can see with the approach they are using, that Royal York to Renforth wouldn't open anytime soon. But why not build the at/grade and elevated section to Scarlett sooner than later. Wouldn't it provide a revenue stream earlier for the consortium?
  11. Keep in mind, that presumably these routings are temporary until the west extension opens. Is there any timings on those? In theory, Jane station could open much, much earlier than the underground section.
  12. If it's by Q3, that gives then about 60 hours. Perhaps more likely it's in Q3.
  13. Looking randomly at the February 2020 board (during Eglinton construction), they weren't that dissimilar off-peak ... 20 to 30 minutes at various times of the day. The big difference is peak. 51 was every 20 to 21 minutes. But 56 was split at peak, with remaining Donlands to Eglinton service being every every 10 to 10.5 minutes, with the Laird to Eglinton Station section being every 20 to 21 minutes. I suppose they could easily run it every 20 minutes north of Eglinton, and add the extra buses south of Eglinton to make it every 10 minutes.
  14. And yet the same technology in Vancouver has been both expanded many time, with significant capacity increases over the years. Not the best choice, but the issue is neither the capacity nor the ability to expand.
  15. There was a significant cut to service on 12 (and many other routes) because of the pandemic. Details, and the changes, are in Steve Munro's article - https://stevemunro.ca/2021/06/06/ttc-service-changes-effective-june-20-2021/
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