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  1. According to the map, they are using Manitoba Drive, which is closed during the CNE. I'm not sure why they just don't extend the 29 or something, if this service is really needed. 171 Map 29 Map
  2. I really don't get the Ontario Place route ... surely it's faster to walk from Exhibition Loop to Ontario place, rather than take that bus - especially when there's any traffic on Lakeshore. I'd have thought they'd have taken a more direct route through the Exhibition grounds. 172 will get some usage as time passes.
  3. That's not so much a tail track, as the one/third of the station that isn't used for 4-car trains.
  4. We all know that CLRV had issues in the early 1980s after deliveries were complete. I was thinking more about the last couple of decades, than 2018 and 2019.
  5. Mostly for construction. Partially because of the shortage. The rebuild itself hasn't had a lot of impact, given Covid started weeks after the last delivery. Had they ordered the new cars earlier, fixed the ALRVs properly (which indeed likely wasn't worth it), or signed the option for 60 more cars back when staff said it was necessary (not to mention cheaper), then it wouldn't be the same type of issue. As for the day-to-day performance - even for cars that the welding issues have yet to be resolved - I think it's very good. Anyone got the 1982 faults/km data?
  6. I suppose; CLRV deliveries ended in 1981 (with about 78 delivered that year), so say compare 1982 and 1983 to, say, 2020 and 2021 (ignoring that the 4 final cars weren't delivered until January 2020). I really can't remember any horror stories with the Flexities, other than the welding issue, which is all warrantee work. And that didn't seem to have an impact to riders.
  7. In what way? It's only been 2 years since deliveries ended. I've certainly had less breakdowns while riding than in CLRV days.
  8. I don't see how those numbers have any meaning whatsoever without normalizing them by ridership. It mostly reads like a list of TTC's busiest bus routes. Only thing that jumps out is the 320 Yonge - which is by far the busiest night bus.
  9. From Ellesmere to Kennedy is now approved, and they just have to sort out funding with Metrolinx. Using the existing stations at Lawrence East and Ellesmere, and adding one at Tara/Mooregate about half-way between Kennedy and Lawrence. I wonder if they'll continue to use it after 2030 - and where service would go then. I don't know the ridership along Kennedy enough to know whether it may be a good idea to be part of a 943 Kennedy service - similar to how the 939 Finch still uses a piece of that BRT that used to run from Sheppard West to York University.
  10. The city is in charge of the eastern extension; they are focusing more on the second platform for Bloor TTC station currently..
  11. Because it's in Doug Ford's riding.
  12. I thought the platforms were 120 metres long, with a pair of 48-metre cars - or four 30-metre cars.
  13. Ottawa is designed for up to 4 (somewhat shorter) cars though. So could have as many as pantographs. It's already running every 5 minutes - which is more frequent than we'll see Finch for a long time.
  14. No. It doesn't refer to the weight of the tracks either.
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