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  1. Last time I checked, the travel time from Richmond Hill Centre on the subway would be about a minute or two slower than the subway. But far less waiting for a train, with trains every couple of minutes at peak, compared to long waits. Surely anyone travelling to any station on Yonge, they'll be riding this line. And many using Union as well - even if the fare was the same.
  2. There's always some in the stations - but I haven't been in any of the stations since March - so I haven't observed.
  3. Are you seeing more homeless on TTC? I've not seen any recently - but my sample size is smaller than usual. To my surprise though, I've been walking downtown occasionally, and haven't seen any. There seemed more around in mid- and late- March, just as this was getting going. I was giving out $5 bills all over the place. And then none recently, where there normally is some. I did see one up on Danforth the other day ...
  4. That appears to have been on Queen near Coxwell based on the 22 and 501 detours; 506 cleared about 9:20, (506 is currently running from Coxwell Loop to High Park, with track replacement going on between Coxwell and Main).
  5. How would management not know at the time? What do they do ... one get's out a block or two early and walks? How would they have avoid fines ... police have been clearly targeting two people of the same gender in cars together? My gosh ... if one broke the law, and lead to Covid spreading - what's the personal liablility? Could TTC seem compensation for shutting down a garage and the extra overtime costs? Would bereaved spouses sue personally for damage? I bet one's insurance wouldn't cover that ... some interesting implications ...
  6. Presumably those infections must have been weeks ago then - carpooling has been illegal for over a month.
  7. I don't think you need a pay pal account ... just a credit card. I certainly don't recall telling it about my pay pal account ... just my credit card. I hadn't realised that was premium data though ... I thought that just got rid of the ads! Most of the overnight traffic I see when I rode ... except perhaps early Friday to early Sunday - are people heading to/from work. Especially by 3 or 4 AM (you don't have to tell me about insomnia ... fortunately mine is mostly cured!) Often to and from the hospitals (at least on 506).
  8. Some of the 15 cars that are currently reporting on 506, I've seen listed as having VISION upgrades. Seems odd that all the VISION cars would be on 506 though ... here's the currently active ones - http://webservices.nextbus.com/service/publicXMLFeed?command=vehicleLocations&a=ttc&r=506&t=0
  9. Looks like it, looking at 310's data from this morning - https://www.transsee.ca/triplist?a=ttc&route=310&date=2020-04-01 306 every 20 minutes as well!
  10. When I asked if the machines took cash, or was this for bus drivers only, you said it wasn't just the bus drivers. Perhaps don't answer the question, if you don't know the answer.
  11. Isn't that where they are installing the ATC hardware?
  12. You can't present misleading information, and then say that people should contact GO, when someone politely points it out. It's only humans that are an issue - machines that took cash, still continue to take cash.
  13. So the machines are also an issue? They are not taking cash any more? Are you sure?
  14. They've extended the cancellation dates, so it can still be done.
  15. They need to go to some kind of modified Sunday service ... which is almost 50% of weekday AM peak. Streetcars look pretty empty.
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