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  1. nfitz

    TTC in the news

    With the 5+ year delay in the 60 additional cars, and them no longer planning to keep any older cars for peak service, TTC is now talking about using replacements until 2026. With Line 5 opening in 2021 and Line 6 opening in 2023, I'd think they'd want this new portrait-size map up sooner than that.
  2. nfitz

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    I'm seeing elsewhere that neither have been delivered yet, and 4526 was delivered first. Was 4525 ever seen at Agincourt?
  3. I'll have to check that one out. Seeing the run numbers, tells you there's something missing ... and if on busy streetcar routes, means if you start looking around nearby, you might see it turning somewhere useful. If everything is present, but just late, it's very rare I find something turning into service nearby. And personally, seeing if the 506 is running late compared to other runs, is a very good indicator if it's going to be short-turned at Coxwell ... and better avoided if there's nothing close behind. After years riding the same route, the extra data gives you a good idea about how things are going. Typically Transee is the first thing I check standing at my local stop with an Android. Was quite useful in Manhattan recently too using wifi in subway stations, telling me how long I had to wait for express versus local subway trains! Though I also use the Nextbus app, Transit app (for GO Buses mostly) and the simple http://totransit.ca/ on my mobile as well as things start going south with my commute.
  4. Not an app, but a website - https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=ttc - dig through the settings, can show all the run numbers, and scheduled versus actual times, etc.
  5. nfitz

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    There wasn't any accumulation occurring up on Gerrard earlier, until about 10 AM. Ice pellets didn't stick, and then looked more like snow than anything. And it's not accumulating much downtown now. Looking at the radar, the precip has mostly pushed off to the south. Is there somewhere in the city where the ice is building up? Seems like an over-reaction to me. Last good ice storm I remember, I tried to use Queen East from Broadview ... and they could keep that free of ice ... it slowly came to a virtual standstill ... spent forever (over 10 minutes) going between Carlaw and Jones ... by which point I was just trying to stay dry in the streetcar waiting for the Jones bus to appear.
  6. nfitz

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    There were 3 more prototypes that they were supposed to deliver by February 1. One would think they are all but finished at this point. I'd also assume they wouldn't advance the remaining ones too far until Metrolinx signs off on the prototypes - does anyone know the schedule for that? Though the Edmonton LRVs they need to deliver would be a bigger issue during 2019. For TTC? They might have shipped an early one there, but that's not been happening. The cars go directly from Thunder Bay to Hillcrest. They do test runs at Thunder Bay. Thanks. That's a reasonable assumption. I thought the additional beyond 204 rumour was dead, with nothing in the TTC budget for additional cars until at least 2024 (which remains unfunded). Even additional cars in lieu of a penalty seems increasingly unlikely, given the number that TTC keeps throwing around. Service is still scheduled to start September 2021 on Eglinton. Less than several! I'd assume they'd require all the cars by spring 2021 - so only about 2 years left.
  7. nfitz

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Wasn't there a photo months ago of 4570 under production in Kingston? Or is my memory tricking me? I certainly wouldn't be surprised if some of the 4590s or 4600s end up back at TB, given how far behind Kingston is, with TB only needing to build 44 more in 11 months - after building 60 in 12 months last year.
  8. nfitz

    GO Transit

    I'd assume GO provides it somehow, given I was sitting in the Yorkdale GO terminal, watching the virtually identical timings on both the app and the screens in the station. Either that or GO is somehow crowd-sourcing it's own data ... which would be very impressive given how few people were on my bus when it arrived!
  9. nfitz

    TTC in the news

    Yes, I really believe that a few in transit control are not competent - although it's not as bad as it once was. Based on the comments I've heard from frustrated operators over the years, some of them would agree with that assessment! I'm not sure how that relates to my comments advocating that fares increase with inflation, and cash fares increase more.
  10. nfitz

    TTC in the news

    Still, it's good to people fighting to improve service. The difference is night and day on different weeks ... it's pretty clear to any regular rider, that it's at the whim of whoever is in Transit Control that day - and some are clearly incompetent. Though things have improved in the last few years - I'll give them that.
  11. Only a handful on Nextbus, but TTCHelps was tweeting that there were 50 out there ... Which is great until you are standing at the stop freezing to death, with no idea if you have to wait 2 minutes or 20 minutes.
  12. nfitz

    GO Transit

    Through Text or phone call - but not on the Internet? How bizarre. Though I've noticed that one of the transit apps on my Android does report on GO Buses in realtime. The app is (unfortunately) named Transit from transitapp.com
  13. nfitz

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    The GO attendants are great. I've found the ones at Union Station very pragmatic and friendly! But not everyone works near Union Station ...
  14. On 506. Looks like more buses than streetcars out on 501. And no CLRVs or ALRVs. But with temperatures heading back to normal, hopefully everything back soon.
  15. Based on the half-hour I walked along Gerrard around 7 pm, waiting for a bus, and only seeing a single bus heading the opposite away (on the tracker), and then the only other bus I passed when one finally came also on the tracker ... there was nothing out there I saw that wasn't on the tracker. Peak must have been ugly - even the one I finally caught at Greenwood was at capacity when I boarded.