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  1. Well, just over the storage tracks - it was your suggestion ... Yes, probably should have something in the west. Lots of opportunities in the east. West more of a challenge. Have to think Hillcrest in the long-term - unless there's a parking lot at the Ex they could repurpose or something.
  2. Then put the streetcars at Greenwood.
  3. Yes - not sure why I often type it wrong. It's the K I think. I frequently use it to get to Pearson. And the other one to get to STC.
  4. Yes, the suggestion has been to use it for Line 2, as it's right near Kipling station. That would free up space at Greenwood to support the Relief Line.
  5. That might have made sense in 2005. The TTC ridership analysis based on fare payment indicated there were 42.8 million trips starting on streetcars in 2005 (doesn't include trips where the first mode is bus or subway). This had increased to 60.6 million in 2016 (after peaking at 65.4 million in 2014 - perhaps the impact of all these bustitutions). At a minimum though, that suggests that streetcar ridership has increased 40% since 2005. So if the 2005 TTC streetcar service was sufficient (and it likely wasn't), they'd need 40% more capacity now, than they did in 2005. Hard to say how much pent-up-demand there is - we might need better than 1:1 now - more than the 248 car fleet - without even considering proposed new services.
  6. Simple solution. All night service on all routes, every 15 minutes. Problem solved!
  7. In terms of amount, no. But the TTC board directed staff to take the compensation as more streetcars, not cash.
  8. I'm starting to think Metrolinx are getting into "there is stuff they don't know that they don't know" territory.
  9. if ...
  10. Brad said that all 31 were out last Sunday.
  11. Financial Post a couple of weeks ago - I think he may have also mentioned this verbally during the meeting last week.
  12. Widely reported -
  13. While I'm sure there is an occasional faulty farebox, I've never actually witnessed one. But faulty Presto readers were a daily occurrence (though it seems to have significantly improved in the last 2 weeks on the streetcars). And at least once or twice a week I'd see a vehicle with both readers out. I've already had a couple of free rides because of this - and I use a Metropass most of the time.
  14. Heckle. They can always heckle ... Though sitting on the offender does seem unwise.
  15. The next stop announcements? Almost all are the same, but some of the newer stops sound like a computer voice. 506 east at Blackburn comes to mind.