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  1. If they needed to be replaced that frequently, it's no surprise they didn't have open payment back in 2015, when they weren't planning to have it running until the 2020s - would have been unnecessary.
  2. That's not rerouted though ... the route stopped 2-3 stops early, within walking distance. And more the exception than the rule.
  3. The detour-on-route sign has been used for years on the buses. The streetcars tell you every stop that "this is an off-route vehicle". Scheduled short-turns are signed when leaving the terminal (even if the short-turn location is only a handful of stops from the terminus). Normally, as soon as a TTC vehicle leaves it's scheduled route, there is an announcement, and at least an attempt at an explantion. Where have you seen TTC not showing rerouted routes?
  4. Is there a repair program to fix the looseness?
  5. There's a cross-over just south of Lawrence station.
  6. I agree the colour choice is dreadful (though at least matches the grey for Line 6). But I thought this was Metrolinx's decision.
  7. It was - but I didn't note it, as I see no relevance, and have never noticed it was listed. I'm not sure the purpose of that. There's no pattern to it.
  8. Looks like there's some re-entry to service dates missing on the Wiki - https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission_4400-4603 Looking at historical Transee data: 4445 returned to service on February 23 4449 returned to service on May 18 4455 returned to service on May 10 4456 returned to service on May 26 4459 briefly returned to service on July 6 for 3-4 hours (could have been a test - but did 3 runs) before returning on July 27 4 still off-property (plus 4471 and 4478); 2 waiting to return to service (4461 and 4463)
  9. I was thinking about visibility more than a physical barrier.
  10. Or the curb apparently. Time to put bollards along the streetcar tracks.
  11. What makes Humber loop so slow? The travel times and speed are excellent on the grade-separated 2.5 km stretch from east of Parkside to Humber Loop. How would fixing whatever that issue is, be more expensive than building a new ROW (on the south? where would it fit?)
  12. That's a good thought! I have no doubt that Gerrard Square will be redeveloped in the next decade or two with the new subway station to be built there. Though it may be a bit on the small side. But if they only use it for storage, it might work! And more central than other locations - assuming they develop on top of it! I thought the Waterfront West LRT was supposed to join the Queensway, somewhere between the Humber and Roncesvalles.
  13. Given how frequently there seems to be some construction issue west of Roncesvalles - I don't really see this as an option. There's still lots of other options, if you are creative. Move some of the bus facilities at Hillcrest elsewhere, and you can build a full scale yard there (and I thought they were leaning that way). Start going vertically. Deck over Greenwood yard, and put a streetcar yard on top (though track access would be difficult); then develop above that to pay the cost for the whole thing. Buy Dufferin Mall (surely it will be redeveloped some day), dig down for a yard, and redevelop on top of it. Might even make a profit on that one.
  14. I hadn't heard that - is that for real? If so, they'd have most of the 44 Kipling South route covered!
  15. That's at afternoon peak, when there's already 4-minute service. In some of the off-peak slots they are adding 5 trains, increasing the number of trains from 14 to 19. This pushes Saturday daytime service from 20 to 26 trains - it was only 24 trains in summer 2019 (but 26 trains in January 2020). Sunday daytime is now 22, same as summer 2019 and January 2020. The real deficit is still rush-hour with 31 trains at AM Peak compared to 41 in summer 2019 (and 46 trains in January 2020). PM Peak will be only 27 trains, compared to 36 trains in summer 2019 and 43 trains in January 2020.
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