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  1. I've heard rumours they are planning on 4-digit Arabic numerals this time.
  2. That means they are actually taking passengers (as this one was)? I assumed it was a RAD car. I've seen the occasional, apparently not-in-service car since ... not a surprise as training runs were always frequent up to Main.
  3. They were making venitilators as well - perhaps that ended. https://www.sudbury.com/local-news/bombardier-begins-ventilator-production-at-thunder-bay-2401641
  4. Exactly. Sooner they restart the production, and place options, the less risk that will not be be possible if they find more money later. Of course it would have been cheaper and better to have done this 3-4 years ago. But it's surely cheaper now, than in another 3-4 years.
  5. Not sure how that's any different than gearing down as you approach a light ... which few seem to do now, given the huge time lapse between when I see the break lights in front of me go on, and I need to touch mine to completely stop. Not sure the cost is that difference ... normally I trade a car in around the 7-8 year mark, before the first brake job.
  6. Seems unlikely - Metrolinx is surely not that ignorant. But more to the point, they surely aren't specifying the number of cars. They are specifying frequencies, capacities, volumes, radii, etc. Surely how many cars per train is up to the vendor.
  7. Still seems odd they'd need 250 trains eventually. That's more than Line 1 and Line 2 combined. That does create concern that the capacity of each train is too low. The new plans are showing the station boxes are only 100 metres long. But the box is normally longer than the platform. Are they going for only 50-metre or 60-metre platforms or something? Or 40-metres like in Vancouver on the overloaded Canada line?
  8. Gosh ... having to walk outdoors between the two stations until September 2022? I wonder if they connection between the GO platforms and subway platforms at Bloor-Dundas West will have opened by then ... that they've been working on for over 45 years ...
  9. Yes - so all you could have ever been out of pocket is how much transit one could spend in 24-hours. It's not like people are jumping on planes to Vancouver with their Presto Card! If you have auto-reload (and I do), then it must be a registered card, so you still get the rest of the reloaded money back, if one is triggered.
  10. Debit/credit card info isn't saved on the Presto Card.
  11. I got a $50.71 credit on my $143 monthly pass. That would be about 11/31 of the value. My last regular day of travel was March 18th, and then, because I had the pass already, I used it to go a couple of stops whille shopping a couple of different day. So looks like they did 11 unused days for me. If I'd have known it worked like that, I'd have walked, and got the extra $9.22 instead! I can't complain though, I used the pass quite heavily until the 18th. So it was still significantly cheaper paying for rides. Might take a long time to burn through $50 ... I've only paid 7 fares since March!
  12. I've had an old H&S manual once from the makers of Aroclor, and it's perfectly safe ... they said if ingested, just drink milk. I bet you oppose Organic Dry Cleaning as well! (this is real, and local, BTW - https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.649409,-79.3674653,3a,28.7y,206.23h,84.29t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sNoVtyPyogBs8LeewdCUgEg!2e0!5s20150901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en - not fully off-topic ... you can see the Lakeshore East/Stouffville/Richmond GO in the background)
  13. Not sure what "like it or not" and "get use to it" are written above. I'd be quite happy to see gasoline and diesel engines banned in urban areas. Not because of climate change - just for health and fresh air issues. But that doesn't mean that TTC is going to suddenly stop ordering diesel buses - that only last 12 years, in 2021. The best way to successfully end diesel buses, is to make sure that the transition goes smoothly, with all the kinks worn out. For TTC to be 50% electric by 2040 (I hope it's higher), they need to start taking deliveries in 2033 or 2034.
  14. Did you have a pass in March or April? It's probably the refund. They started trickling out a couple of weeks ago. http://www.ttc.ca/News/2020/August/21_08_20NR_presto_credit.jsp
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