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  1. Eventually ... as they were servicing Kipling, presumably they reversed directions twice.
  2. As I frequently change there from the 504A to the 504B, I can't say I've particularly noticed noise, when it turns in either direction. Seems a lot of fuss about nothing. A bigger issue to me, is why isn't there a northbound stop at on Sumach at King? They blame the road design and safety ... but looks a lot safer to me than many other stops (being at the back doors of the 506 westbound at Carlaw comes to mind, with a big huge concrete wall between you and the sidewalk).
  3. Cool! Now southbound on Connaught ... wonder how long before they move again.
  4. If the track is still blocked, then those two GO trains are still east of Hamilton somewhere! Then ran into Toronto on Monday morning and never returned! But yes - academic. Though VIA could run it's other Niagara services that way ... oh wait ... the Conservatives cancelled those runs ...
  5. Which would be all the VIA trains to Niagara Falls! I suppose they could back it into Hamilton James Street, like they do with the GO Train from Niagara Falls, and then terminate it there ... but that would probably take too much thought.
  6. Looking at the first post .... looks like 4422 went back in service yesterday Nice to see the list getting shorter only 7 left on the list, that are in Toronto (and the two 4405/4406 recently returned from rebuilds).
  7. TTC proposals dates to the 1960s (well 1940s as streetcar/subway). Resurrected in the 1980s until Jack Layton and the NDP killed it, so as not to encourage growth downtown. Resurrected towards end of David Miller mayoralty, and included in 2008 Ontario Big Move. Metrolinx considered something similar when looking at how to deal with Union capacity issues - more focused on relieving Union than relieving Yonge/Bloor.
  8. There's a lot living nearby in Liberty Village - many backing onto the station. This is the resurrection of the old 2012ish Metrolinx Relief Line, that intersects the Lakeshore Line both both east and west of Union.
  9. Over. With the platforms and tracks straddling the existing tracks (and proposed platforms). Similar set-up at Exhibition GO.
  10. I'd heard similar ... but I assumed (wrongly perhaps) that it would be in lieu of (or perhaps in addition to) service to Union. It never crossed my mind that there'd be any significant Union to Kipling bus service - at least for reverse peak, shoulder-peak, or mid-day. I can see perhaps more so late at night. I guess we'll see!
  11. Wow ... GO has been very hesitant to open Pandora's box and start express bus services with Toronto. Seems at complete contrast with both their history and current management.
  12. I'd be really surprised if GO starts running Union to Kipling buses. Have they talked about this? I'd have thought that some services that end now at Square One, would be extended to the subway at Kipling.
  13. The biggest limitation would probably be the complete incompetence of Metrolinx on the legal front - and that it would probably take them about 3 years to negotiate the change order necessary to do that. So unless the consortium offers it, not an option. Though I suspect the penalties the consortium would receive from Metrolinx by not being able to open the entire line because of an unforeseen problem at Eglinton station would likely be higher than they'd get from operating part of the line with a lower penalty.
  14. Is having everyone get off at Spadina and walk down the passageway to Line 2 really any worse than unloading them all at St. Clair West? Though Spadina's not accessible. I assumed the problem was power issues. Where was the work car exactly? Perhaps it become safer once the new exit and elevators open at Louther Avenue.
  15. Had the derailment been slightly further south near Museum ... or anywhere south of there, even ATC-equipped trains would not have been able to get through. There's going to be situations where everything goes down. Sure, could throw some $ to cover some of these contingencies. But it won't cover a lot of situations.
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