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  1. Interesting. I had indeed failed to tap off of GO at Hunter Street, I'd never taken the train there before, and for some reason it completely escaped me while I was distracted by the station! Though I'm not sure how that made the HSR tap show as 2006 instead of 2019. GO did indeed charge me a penalty - but not until about 4 hours later, when I tapped back on a GO Bus at Hunter Street. (that's why I'd checked the transaction on my phone in the first place, as suddenly, hours later, I had a bad feeling I'd forgotten)
  2. I expect it will catch up sooner or later. Was the missing tap at a subway station? They always seemed to have the oddest lags. As far as I know, they have fully enabled the Presto app on Apple products now using NFC, as you can now load money directly to your card with your Apple device. So I'd think simply reading the card would also be there. Looks like they got it out in June 2020. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2020/06/04/no-more-waiting-presto-launches-enhanced-app/
  3. I've seen that very occasionally. When I looked at the data later, it was because it seemed to tap twice initially. The first was good, and the second was an X because you'd already tapped! (and how is the operator supposed to know that???). Do you have the Presto app on your phone? You should be able to scan your card with NFC active, to see your last 3 taps, straight away. (that's what that image I showed above was).
  4. Looks like the transactions from the time you tapped when the reload triggered are missing. Both the load and the charge, which should have the same timestamp. Give it time ... it might show up. Might also help to see the time/dates and the Transaction number ... I suspect there's a gap of at least 2 transaction numbers in there. One time I saw something like this, was for an HSR trip ... which I never found on my account. But I had happened to check by using the app to check my card directly. How's this for time travel!
  5. As far as I understand it, the 13 streetcars are part of the 60 new ones. The construction of the other 47 is conditional on money from other governments, or the city finding more money.
  6. It's not fancy, but on Android, if I really want to see where they heck things are, I use the https://totransit.ca/ website - as it only maps what's reporting on a certain route, with no concern about what they are doing. Hint ... if 506s are missing, it's not impossible to find them signed in as 306s in broad daylight. Normally I just leave all the 500 streetcar routes and 304, 306, 301,310 on at all times ... occasionally I see some odd situation when a 501 is up at Main Station, giving me a quick trip to Queen and Parliament!
  7. Ah - but that's where the bait and switch really starts. I actually agree with bridging the Don. But then how is moving the two portals at Pape to east of East Harbour a net loss? There's still the same number of portals. Why not just put in the portals, transition to Eastern (an easy curve), and then follow the original alignment up Carlaw to Gerrard, and then over to Pape? Yeah ... the hypocrisy on the deep stations, Have they shown the new stations for Lawrence East anywhere? The last iteration I've seen was the TTC one - but it only had the one station - but was very deep at Lawr
  8. It doesn't even begin to address the question. The question is why can't they just follow the original alignment and stay underground. The answer is all about the need to build a second portal (just stay underground!) and then about trying to build underground stations along the rail corridor. It's a straw man argument. Most of the stuff they cite as reasons why not, are related to this new alignment. They don't even start to address why they can't have a new portals and head down Eastern to Carlaw. (and suddenly all these portals they are building everywhere are too big? What,
  9. During the public consultations they were very clear that the new Metrolinx works didn't preclude the continued existence of Line 4 - which at that time was going to operate until 2026, and they did anticipate both would operate together briefly. Presumably it's more constrained in that spot because the SRT track is partly in their right-of-way. So presumably if city has BRT there temporarily, and doesn't require more space, then nothing changes.
  10. It's a bargaining chip to make sure they don't get screwed like the other GTA agencies, having no other option. If the province wants TTC to pay a lot more money for Presto, then it does give TTC the option of going their own direction., and not having to pay an huge overhead for a complex integrated card that TTC doesn't really need.
  11. City property map https://map.toronto.ca/maps/map.jsp?app=TorontoMaps_v2 says over 38 feet wide. Looks closer to 17.5 feet wide. But the northbound track looks to be on the Metrolinx property, not in the city ROW.
  12. The current standards are at http://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Crowding_Standards_2015.pdf At peak, a 4-car SRT train is 220, so each car is 55. And the current buses are 51. So yeah, 60 buses should more than do it.
  13. My kids love it. They think it's a roller-coaster!
  14. The Line 3 vehicles certainly look a lot better now, simply by replacing the old wooden panelling with neutral colours.
  15. Ah, interesting. Looking at the timetable, they have 3 minutes to get from the corner of Auckland and Dundas to the new terminal! Though all the buses I use use Dundas rather than Bloor
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