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  1. This morning, it would seem. But they seem to change up what they are doing every week.
  2. 514 is back on Nextbus. Only 4 cars on 509 - but also 4 Flexities on 514 as well. So they've maintained 22 in service (with the 14 on 514). edit - with rush hour over, dropped to 3 cars on 509 and two on 514.
  3. 4429 was offloaded today. 4430 is loaded on a flat car in Thunder Bay, ready to ship.
  4. It's in service on 510 this morning.
  5. With the upcoming requirement that TTC has announced to tap into buses in fare paid areas, all buses need Presto at all doors.
  6. Well, it's in service now. Hmm, Nextbus showing 15 510s in service, with 4 on 509 and 2 on 514 that makes 21. (actually shows 22 with 4428 on 506, but that doesn't count and is obviously testing). (edit, looks like a swap, with 4416 now heading east on Queen West, presumably to Leslie)
  7. 4427 is out on 509 this morning. There are 20 cars out currently. 14 on 510, 4 on 509, and 2 on 514.
  8. Car 4429 awaiting pickup in Thunder Bay earlier today: So that will definitely be 29 cars in TTC posssession by end of December. At this rate they'll hit 30
  9. It must have been pretty brief. Every time I've looked since 10 AM, it's been 3 CLRVs and 3 Flexities on Harbourfront. Still, even a little progress is nice.
  10. That clearly states that the Dundas streetcar would run along Dundas or Gerrard. So nothing final. Preferably they'd extend along Dundas, that would cut down on unnecessary turns, and bottlenecking between Dundas and Gerrard on Broadview, once the Broadview and King services are both running.
  11. And yet the prototype is grey.
  12. Yes, that's exactly what it is! You can see the flatcar number in the photo -
  13. Thanks for the update Dave. Now with car 156393 at Hillcrest after just dropping off 4402. And car 158091 en route with 4427. What just got loaded onto the third carrier in Thunder Bay? Car 157693 is reported as being loaded yesterday.
  14. Hence the use of the past tense in my post. My point was, it was never converted, as far as I recall. The conversions of the Swiss units were done years ago, long before retirements started.
  15. I thought some were, and some weren't. 4004 isn't. I didn't think 4005 was either. The ones that were converted, still use the red single seats in the rear.