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  1. The 57 Russel Lake doesn't have the name of the route in it's new destination sign. Their signs are now "57 Woodside via Baker Dr" and "57 Portland Hills via Baker Dr".
  2. According to their new rider's guide which is here, Metro Transit seems to be renaming the 51 as the "51 Windmill". It makes sense since the route primarily goes down Windmill Road. It would be interesting to see the new destination signs for this route. They also changed the name of the 87 to the "87 Glendale" and the 88 to the "88 Bedford Commons".
  3. Pretty interesting read. They are also proposing route changes to the 34, 57 and the 330. They're making the new routes low floor, but also making the 2, 4, 21, 23, 60, and 64. The 11 (I think it'll be rush hour only) 23 and 64 are the first rush-hour only routes Metro Transit will be offering low-floor only service to. Your logic for the 11 seems sound.
  4. Metro Transit just released their annual service report. You can find that here. Some surprises in here, such as the new 11 Dockyard replacing the 51 in that service area (I thought they would just increase the service to the Dockyard on the 51, not create a new route for it, but that's just me), and the new 90 Larry Uteck. I thought they were going to branch the 81 for this service, but I guess I'm wrong.
  5. That's a shame. Those were some of the best buses in the system. They've had a good life. Soon they'll be in the transit garage in the sky...
  6. A couple of days ago, I saw a new destination sign. It said "3 Inglis and South Park via Downtown". I'm wondering when this change occurred, and what the other new destination sign for the 3 is because I'm assuming the 3 is removing "Manors" from its destination signs to remove the stigma that the 3 is a "seniors only" route.
  7. Shows you how I'm thinking these days . Maybe the IT program's getting a little to stressful for me!!
  8. I didn't understand what was meant when the issues stated were "minor". I was thinking minor issues meant things like the tires not performing well, but that was a misunderstanding on my part, which I apologize for that. As for the MetroX bus, I will only be able to understand the change-off to a MetroX bus if it is the only type of bus left. Same thing with assigning MetroX buses to a particular conventional route.
  9. I've never been close enough to see the side sign of the 57. I do not like the scrolling of the signs of the 72 and 165. The only signs like that which i like were on the 56 Dartmouth Crossing or any of the buses that scrolled between "XX Portland" and "Hills" (XX represents the route number).
  10. That could be a safety concern. As well as a major inconvenience if a bus breaks down and there's no bus to replace it.
  11. I agree with the 72 and 165 not being great attempts of sign programming. I'm wondering what you think is wrong with the 57, as I don't see a problem with the 57's destination signs. I'm not a huge fan of the scrolling of the 72 and 165, especially the 72.
  12. I've seen the 20, and it usually full to overflowing even with an artic. I can see why that would be bad. Why would they put one on the 20? The only conventional route I have any chance of being able to justify receiving a MetroX bus might be the 3.
  13. I agree with the 7 as there was another 7 right on its heels. Hopefully the buses that need work will be back in service ASAP. I also hope that the shortage will end ASAP, as some of these route assignments can be truly unusual. Hopefully, I don't see another MetroX bus on the 16, or any other busy route, like I did about a week ago.
  14. Another strange bus sighting today, as I saw a new Nova artic on the 60 Eastern Passage today. Considering the fact that the 60 is not low floor only, I thought I would have seen a classic artic on that route, even though artics rarely appear on the 60 (mind you, they should, especially during rush hour). As well, despite the service reductions, I still see MetroLink buses on conventional routes, like the 7 today. I'm wondering if this is because of many break-downs, or are there other reasons for what I said above.
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