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  1. What a fucking asshole though How can you be a transit enthusiast and literally go destroy an artifact
  2. Is there more documents missing? The mccowan express looks interesting.
  3. Wait are these crazy transit enthusiasts or people stealing shit to sell? WTF?
  4. Does anyone remember the MCI classic that had an experimental paint scheme back around 1999/2000 or so. It received the new livery but the back end remained white. I also think the front received a giant fleet number. I think it was 6293 but I'm not sure if my memory is playing tricks with me and if this bus even existed. I cant find anything online. Also does anyone know why 6742 had the 1990 CNG style interior complete with cream doors and different lighting? Was it manufactured like that?
  5. There's a Van Hool vaccine bus parked on Rutherford just east of Islington.
  6. Does anyone have any history on YRT's Southwest garage at 8300 Keele St? I took a look on Streetview and it seems the shell of this garage has existed well over a decade ago (minus any garage doors). It also appears the administrative part of the building simply received metal cladding over its old brickworks. Also according to Streetview, YRT has had a presence at this location since 2009 given the old Orion Is and Fishbowls parked at this spot. Is the garage simply a repurposed former factory or warehouse? I always assumed this facility was brand new.
  7. Route 20 has now reverted to full time artic operations
  8. As of right now, they just say take anything that is "new", which is anything 2014 and up. Novabuses make it onto the Route 20 almost daily later in the night so it's not rare at all. Transit fanning is quite boring in York Region. Any type of bus can show up on any route except Route 20 and 760. Though one time I saw a 40" conventional non-Zum Novabus on 501 Zum Queen absolutely packed to the rafters. Has anyone ever seen or photographed conventional buses on Zum routes. I've only ever seen it once and I'm always near the Hwy 7 corridor.
  9. Someone please find it. I'm sure it's still there. Among the thousands of YouTube videos. Lol The motor screaminggggg between NYC and Sheppard was amazing
  10. Anyone have clips of the H6 trains on Line 1? I remember seeing a clip of an H6 travelling between Finch and Sheppard. I cant find it though!
  11. For those who remember, way back in 2005 to coincide with the introduction of Viva. A-Channel/Breakfast Television provided transit updates live from YRT's Transit Control Centre in the morning. Somehow YRT was able to hire Gary Archibald, who was at one point the national meteorologist for NBC Nightly News. Does anybody have recorded clips of this?
  12. Does anyone know why older 2003-2010 New Flyers are not permitted to be used on Route 20? I'm an operator and even I don't know. Does it have to do with the automatic passenger counters? For the most part, this route is operated by artics. But there are 40 footers (1400 series & up) in the evening usually coming over to finish the day from Routes 85 and 77. 334 was on the route for most of the evening tonight. So consider it a rare sighting. It was probably a changeover at some point in the day.
  13. Spotted TTC Orion V 9411 in Markham the other day in operation. It is still in full TTC colours minus the logos. Yea I had to rub my eyes to wake myself up. It was followed by a D40LF in ghost scheme. It had 5 digits. Ex barrie? Yes I snapped a pic. Needs a new paint job.
  14. I havent logged into my account in ages because I work and only saw this post now. That's incredibly rude. I'm not "obsessed" as you put it and was simply asking about the status of a vehicle that the TTC itself has deemed historically relevant. I'm an operator for a transit agency and not some "kid". Thank you very much.
  15. Hi everyone. Am visiting the Ottawa region today. Just curious. Does anyone know places that still sell the OC branded Presto card??
  16. Is a non-Zum bus on 501 Queen rare? Spotted 1612 on the Rapidway in Vaughan.
  17. Is there a way to search up route history of a specific bus on TransSee? 1196 was temporarily moved to Southwest from the North division for maybe 1 or 2 days, then moved back. Curious to see what routes its been on.
  18. https://stevemunro.ca/2019/07/22/comfirm-or-deny-big-changes-coming-to-go-bus-service/ Mass GO Bus network dismantling and layoffs potentially coming. This is crazy if true.
  19. It does say Viva service will operate at 15 minute frequencies in the asterisk though. Does any Viva route currently operate higher than 15 min frequencies rite now?
  20. Surprising this hasn't been mentioned anywhere, but I assume its because its nowhere in the news. A passenger was stabbed on one of the last runs of 98/99 last night, with police saying it was random.
  21. Last time on the Blue Line. But has the MR 63 ever seen service on the blue line?
  22. Skip to 00:22 in the first video. 3016 and 3017 have been sounding different lately. Are these the two units that have received special treatment from Bombardier? It's really loud in the second video.
  23. The best option for a UTSC route would be Markville Mall -> STC GO Terminal -> UTSC. Perhaps this would present an opportunity for YRT to take over the popular 129A and build new ridership heading to UTSC? Perhaps: 29 McCowan between Major Mackenzie -> STC GO 29A McCowan between Bullock Drive -> UTSC via STC GO Having the bus loop around Bullock Drive would be beneficial as it would create a $0.75 connection from Lincolnville/Uxbridge/Stouffville GO Bus riders looking for a direct connection to UTSC. Having a one seat, one fare connection to two major trip generations (STC and UTSC) would make this a fairly successful and high ridership route. Also whoopee for free connections to DRT! Thoughts?
  24. If your trip begins and ends in Markham (for example 14th/Markham Rd -> Markville Mall), this is considered a trip that is fully within York Region and only requires one fare. FYI, if you are taking a Northbound "TTC in York Region" bus, you simply board the bus and you do not pay until you exit the bus (weird I know!). You will receive a special TTC transfer with a bunch of holes in it. The holes show that it is a "YRT transfer" and will be valid on YRT & Viva for 2 hours. Take TTC 102D North to Highway 7. Then take Viva Purple or YRT 1 West to Markville Mall. Route 54 is not a YRT/Viva bus. It is a GO bus and your transfer will not be valid for that bus.
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