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  1. Curious...are you sure you are even going to be working for the TTC? What position did you apply for? Many of the positions listed by Cadre are for the Eglinton Crosstown Line 5. Although it will be operated by the TTC, many of its maintenance positions will not be performed by TTC staff but rather a third party contracted to maintain the line as part of the Private Public Partnership. The line is owned and managed by Metrolinx (GO Transit). Just be careful you know what you are getting into before it's too late to realize you don't even work for the TTC.
  2. Usually they're pretty detailed in emails they give you. But you know be prepared to supply to general stuff: SIN Card Void Cheques What agency did you apply through?
  3. Hello I have a Fall 2022 map if you are interested. You are just going to have to figure out how to get it off of me.
  4. They do not stock them on buses, no. They did print one for the 2022 summer board period so you might be able to find them at 50 High Tech Rd? Best to call and find out. They randomly stocked some in my supervisor cab and I think I kept 2 since I knew how rare they are nowadays. No idea where they went but I might have one if you need one. This is my last week as a supervisor so I will try and see if there are any system maps in the office.
  6. Bus 2211 time travelled on Route 4 today. Anyone who saw the bus was in for a treat. Prior to entering revenue service, the technicians seemed to have uploaded outdated destination signage from more than 10 years ago!!! The destination sign was displaying the old style of 1 line only in big capital letters. The destination sign said "ROUTE 4 TO VAUGHAN MILLS VIA CRANSTON PARK". A route that has not existed since 2013. Yes I do have pics. Expect this problem to be fixed very soon. All the bus needs is a software update.
  7. Bus 611 has different rear doors. Any idea where these doors came from? Another bus? The 300 series?
  8. Seen a 2022 New Flyer Artic being transported. Looks like the 2022 units are going to start in the 224x numbering scheme. Nothing noticeably different from the 2022 units. They look exactly the same, same seats and all.
  9. Rumour has it Jane Express will be starting soon, numbered 720
  10. The 300 series buses are in the process of being mass retired. Their numbers have been removed from the exterior.
  11. There is an all white Nova LFS Artic at Jane south of Highway 7. It has the new gen driver window and it has an elevated roofline along the entire bus. (Is it electric?) No idea who it belongs to. It's sitting in a private parking lot. Somebody goooo get pictures.
  12. 332 is confirmed retired. It's been retired since Transdev days.
  13. Does anyone here work for Brampton Transit? Did they ever explain the rationale as to why Brampton Transit buses turn on their 4-way flashers every time they serve a stop? At YRT, operators are told to only use 4-ways at railway crossings and only when you are expecting to sit and stay for a while at a stop. The rationale being that we don't want the bus signals to confuse motorists as to what the bus is doing. A right turn signal signifies the bus is serving the stop and will be moving along shortly, please wait. A 4-way signal signifies the bus is sitting at the stop and will be for a little while, please go around. It's also far safer to not have cars go around and try to right hook the bus, especially when the bus is about to pull out from a bus bay. Not to mention passengers disembarking the bus that might be in the car's path when they're trying to go around the bus. So why does Brampton Transit do this? It's also very annoying when you are trailing behind a Brampton Transit and serving stops together. You never know when the Brampton bus is going to suddenly decide to take a 2 minute hold at a stop because it has its flashers on at every single stop and you can't distinguish them serving a stop or holding back because they're running hot. It's confusing. I gather this is also the same reason why TTC removed 4-way signals from railroad crossings, to avoid confusion and telling drivers to go around when it is obviously safer for them to not go around.
  14. Does anyone know how long they plan on keeping the 300 series New Flyers? I thought they were going out the door in 2021 as they were going to be 18 years old. However, almost all of the buses have received some body and cosmetic work both on the exterior and interior relatively recently. There used to be holes all along the body of the bus on the side. The floor looked like it was rotting under the heat vents. It seems they've refreshed these buses with the purpose of extending their life in service a little bit. They installed stainless steel metal plates and new underseat lighting along the floor of these buses. They also repainted the black steps near the back of the bus.
  15. While driving my bus, I saw two TTC Nova's on Route 160. Both travelling like snails and attached together. Both buses also didnt turn in to serve Promenade Terminal. LOL I guess they're doing what was told in training. If you don't know the route of another division, find another bus and tag along. Welp in this case, both buses were from another division.
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