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  1. They have the new style driver window. The 2019 series still had the same ones as the 2010 LFSAs
  2. LOL The delusion is real with this post. YRT a good system? Have you seen their frequencies on the majority of routes from a user perspective? They run on time on a lot of routes because they are scheduled to run 20km/h below the speed limit. Of course they stay on time. As someone who drove and loved Route 20, I loved it because everyone got on at one stop and the majority got off at either Wonderland or Vaughan Mills. Lol and you sitting here trying to compare it to the zoo that is 35 Jane LMAO How can drivers play games when the next bus is 45 minutes behind them Though I will give kudos to YRT, they will not cancel service and screw over people. They just won't. If need be, supervisors or even trainers will be thrown into service before cancelling service. At the larger systems, they will cancel service without skipping a beat despite the wait being more than an hour for the next bus which really boggled my mind. YRT also inserts cover buses when trips are more than 20 minutes late so you don't notice delays when they do occur. It's just you're on a phantom bus while the actual bus for that trip is somewhere else deadheading.
  3. They are considering possibility of restructuring this route to serve Brampton and Hwy 50 They are considering
  4. https://www.wayfair.ca/GFloor--Commercial-Coin-5-ft.-x-10-ft.-Garage-Flooring-Roll-in-Slate-Grey-GF75CN510SG-L975-K~GFLR1091.html?refid=GX588698885717-GFLR1091&device=m&ptid=403202188233&targetid=pla-403202188233&network=g&ireid=130871526&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0bunBhD9ARIsAAZl0E0mZDH0SRYx7GKCb2zMMjr4PwRM3TO7lxpZtBV6TTjYe32oTH3Kk5caAmMxEALw_wcB No it was like this but orange
  5. The stupid thing about the Presto is when a card doesn't work, it simply states NOT ACCEPTED. We don't know if the machine is not working or the card is being declined. Some customers take advantage of this to board without paying by presenting a dummy card that either has no funds or they know will decline. Don't think the "I have $20 only" is a coincidence. I see these types of people often. Ok and? I've let you on 5 times for free before. Put the damn $20 in then. LMAO What do you guys mean the bus is brown? The discount 1970s wrap?
  6. The floors were not the same as a CLRV. They were orange. Like a light tan orange with raised round circular pegs. At least from what I remember of the 1990s. But I'm sure of it. The doors were also a coffee brown. They were painted white during refurbishment in the 2000s. There was a car that retained brown doors and special grainy looking floor, not the dark grey T1 style floor found in all the other cars. I think it was 3026-3027. Was this some sort of prototype car or something? I distinctly remember this car being different in the 2000s from all the others until it went for refurbishment. The perimeter seating at the car ends were also different in this car was different too. It wasn't flush and seemed as if it was arranged as a prototype to test perimeter seating. Does anyone else know what car im talking about?
  7. Bus Medic. How easy would it be to switch out the maxi brake knobs? As I recall TTC is push to apply whereas everyone else is pull to apply.
  8. I have a general GO Transit question. With full GO all day two-way service coming online for most GO Train lines by 2030. What is the future of GO Bus operations? If I were to be hired on around now, is there a chance I could get pink slipped in the coming decade? Realistically what percentage of GO's bus operations be reduced by with the impending conversion to train service. Will there be a likelihood to introduce new bus routes?
  9. Doesn't YRT have like an insane amount of spare 40' Van Hools lying around that are due to be retired within the next year? Dont even bother repainting them. Slap a green sticker on em AND OFF THEY GO.
  10. No, they are the same contractor. Miller now operates Viva as well as YRT Southeast. The operations of both divisions are bundled into one contract. https://york.bidsandtenders.ca/Module/Tenders/en/Tender/Detail/06133860-2e57-4520-9c09-0c3450e55303#
  11. Southeast & BRT are kind of one division now, no? I wouldn't be surprised if they are mixing equipment now. The other day I saw 60 footers training on Kennedy Road. Perhaps preparing them for conventional service? ----- Southwest & North are one division too. While the buses don't tend to move around, sometimes they would move around supervisor cabs between divisions if they needed to.
  12. Do you guys think not routing the 361 towards the Brampton border is a missed opportunity? Usually any bus I see in Brampton at rush hour tends to have healthy ridership. I always wonder why YRT never takes advantage of that and get more of their routes to connect to Brampton (aside from Hwy 50/Hwy 7). There's a large residential area along Highway 50 that this route comes close to but does not service. Maybe their service planning simply doesn't take into consideration Brampton residential households when they do their planning? I could see two benefits to this route, people in that Brampton neighbourhood using it to get to the subway and also using it to get to Vaughan Mills. As of right now, if you are in the Rutherford/Hwy 50 area, it requires 3 buses to get to Vaughan Mills. With 361 going via Hwy 50, it would only require 2 buses to get to Vaughan Mills. 361 > 85, or 361 > 20/720.
  13. I've been told the East Gwillimbury garage is closing as of the next board period. Why are they closing it? Didn't GO build it just 9 years ago?
  14. Hey guys. Is there any route you guys suggest to get special non-Nova non-New Flyer buses on exo? For example what routes would you find -Alexander Dennis Minibuses -Chinese buses -Dinky school bus looking types -Coach buses Prevost MCI etc. Thanks for your helps guys. I'm in Montreal right now and have 2 days to run around. Please help! THANKS
  15. Lol it's always been this way. Back in the 2000s, you'd have buses out there with brown, black or grey panels. The best was a fishbowl running with a blue STCUM engine hatch grabbed off one of the spare buses they bought from Montreal.
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