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  1. I find the Xcelsior brakes are not as smooth as the other buses. It's hard to explain, you really have to drive the buses to understand what I mean. Its like how the hell did they go from the smooth brakes of the D40LFs to the XD40? For the Novabuses and the older New Flyers, the brakes respond as you want them to. As you step on the brake and gradually push harder, the brakes respond accordingly to how hard you are pressing just like a car would. Because the brakes actually depress as you step on them, it allows for the bus to come to a gradual and smooth stop. For the Xcelsiors, I find their brakes feel more like stiff planks that don't really depress much. Because of this, there's either light braking or harsh braking and no in-between because the brake pedal doesn't really depress as much as the other buses owing to its stiffness.
  2. See Sign Below is a destination sign that is used by the MTA in NYC Could this be some sort of MTA demo for them that is In canada for some reason?
  3. https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews/news-wire/pop-up-metro-aims-to-provide-affordable-passenger-operation/ Interesting pilot project in Pennsylvania
  4. Is it safe to assume 332 has been retired? It hasnt seen service since April. Its still on property though
  5. Apparently destroying/stealing things at school (as well as outside of school) is currently a current Tiktok trend called Devious Licks... God this generation is moronic Does anyone know if this guy has a Tiktok of him stealing shit?
  6. BECAUSE THE POLICE DONT CARE. Off topic but around the beginning of 2020, I was the first person in this country to notice fake toonies showing up in Markham every week. I reported it to police and they could have monitored all financial institutions in Markham to be on the lookout for who was depositing these in large numbers. But no, they chose to ignore it. Now these counterfeits have spread like a plague and can be found across the damn country. If thye dont care about counterfeit money, I doubt theyre going to act on retired buses that are no longer in public service https://www.reddit.com/r/toronto/comments/hncl6v/a_tsunami_of_counterfeit_toonies_is_coming_to_the/
  7. I hate that the region doesnt integrate route schedules For example, you'll be riding on an Eastbound 85 bus, but the Eastbound 16 bus is scheduled to be 1 minute ahead of the 85 Meaning riders on the 85 will never catch up to the 16 bus which is literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, and be forced to wait 30-40 minutes for the next one The other route that pisses me off is the 107 and 96 They are always scheduled to operate North on Keele near the same time. Why?!?! Why not coordinate their schedules so that instead of both buses coming together every 30 minutes. Why not have the 107 and 96 depart Pioneer Village roughtly 15 minutes apart so Keele has 15 minute headways between Steeles and Teston?!!? Stupid stupid stupid
  8. Does this individual have some mental health issues?
  9. What a fucking asshole though How can you be a transit enthusiast and literally go destroy an artifact
  10. Is there more documents missing? The mccowan express looks interesting.
  11. Wait are these crazy transit enthusiasts or people stealing shit to sell? WTF?
  12. Does anyone remember the MCI classic that had an experimental paint scheme back around 1999/2000 or so. It received the new livery but the back end remained white. I also think the front received a giant fleet number. I think it was 6293 but I'm not sure if my memory is playing tricks with me and if this bus even existed. I cant find anything online. Also does anyone know why 6742 had the 1990 CNG style interior complete with cream doors and different lighting? Was it manufactured like that?
  13. There's a Van Hool vaccine bus parked on Rutherford just east of Islington.
  14. Does anyone have any history on YRT's Southwest garage at 8300 Keele St? I took a look on Streetview and it seems the shell of this garage has existed well over a decade ago (minus any garage doors). It also appears the administrative part of the building simply received metal cladding over its old brickworks. Also according to Streetview, YRT has had a presence at this location since 2009 given the old Orion Is and Fishbowls parked at this spot. Is the garage simply a repurposed former factory or warehouse? I always assumed this facility was brand new.
  15. Route 20 has now reverted to full time artic operations
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