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  1. That's all the rollsign says. It's got "REUNION" and enough black to make sure it's seamless. I designed it for them. "Reunion" is the name of the music troup that owns the bus. If it attaches, Here's a pic of it I took in my living room before I mailed it to them.
  2. aahhhh.... I remember the days when then "Metro Toronto Police" had their fishbowl (ex TTC #7930) and their 35 foot Orion I suburban. Glad I got photos of those at the Jane yard when I did! Anyway, I digress since this is about GO buses. Is this only about retired MCI 102s or can we GO back further (no pun intended LOL). Over the years I've photographed lots of older ones, like for instance all the 10xx series fishbowls that were at Dufferin St and (now) Highway 407 (#1067, 1071, 1080, 1093, and more), the one that Fun City in North York used to have (#1074), and several others, as well as ex GO MC9 #1300 at the Bus Bash in Olean, NY back in the summer of 1999, and the demonstrator Orion I CNG when it was stored at Miller Paving in Markham.
  3. Old post, but I figured I'd close it. Yeah it was my old site. Transit International was created before Rollsign Gallery. I also had another website called "INDIBUS" on Geocities, which concentrated on photos and information of systems in Indiana. I saved all the raw data, info and photos from both sites, but let them lapse and shut down when Geocities was discontinued. To maintain three separate websites and pay the costs of having three different URLs would have taken up too much of my time. Since there are so many "photo gallery" type websites out there, and since I put so much more time and work into it, I chose to keep ROLLSIGN GALLERY active. It was a concept that was entirely unique on the internet, and I believe even today, still is the most comprehensive collection of destination sign images, e-sign lists and info on the web.
  4. That looks like it could be the former Peterborough Transit 30 foot New Look that Toronto Transportation Society member Adam Zhelka used to own, but with the light blue colour on the front (below the windshield line to the bottom) repainted white. (Peterborough Transit's colour scheme used to be two tone blue and white before the orange colour scheme.)
  5. Thanks for the reference to my website Rollsign Gallery. It was that HSR trolley bus that originally caught my eye. It was parked in clear view from Highway 2. The property that had that bus also had two old Ottawa ones: A Brill bus and a Mack bus. When I talked to the owner of those buses that day. back on July 4, 1995, they told me that they were scheduled to be taken away for scrap "in a few days", so there's a strong possibility that, in the 16 years since I visited there, they've most likely been destroyed.
  6. The bus is owned by a local music troup in Guelph, Ontario called "Reunion". It is formerly the "Fred for Mayor" campaign in Hamilton from November 2006. Before that it was Brockville Transit's last Orion I bus, OBI 01.502 #50491 (1991 built). Imet up with them in Barrie, Ontario in June 2010. We traded information, and after some negotiation, traded them the origianl Brockville front rollsign for the existing "REUNION" display. The Brockville rollsign I got, as well as more information, can be seen on Rollsign Gallery. www.rollsigngallery.com
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