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  1. sseguin

    LRT Spotting

    1126 and 1109 were parked just in front of Tremblay Station this morning around 11:30am. 1102 parked at Blair Station at about 3:30pm. Photos of the trains and stations (Blair, Cyrville and Tremblay) taken today now available on www.otrainfans.ca/blogs
  2. Thanks for the links. Much appreciated.
  3. The audio on the old Yahoogroups OC Transpo bus fan club was recorded by me back in 2001-2002. Good old times. Wish I had had a better recorder but they still sound decent today. I remember there was also a Polls group, which I can't find anymore. Does anyone have the link? I'd love to see if I had uploaded more audio there... Thank you. On a side note, we all associate the motor starting sound of the Montreal Metro as being part of it's identity and a classic sound, to me the Orion Ikarus (at least the Detroit Diesel ones) were that for OC Transpo back in the day. No buses ever had a sound like that, a true classic.
  4. sseguin

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    Hello, is the overpass walkway at Blair station re-opened? or just the section that crosses the Queensway as it has been for a long while now, with a detour to get to the bus stops and Gloucester Centre? Thank you.
  5. Come check us out at otrainfans.ca. Going to be adding lots of content over August to get us started.
  6. sseguin

    GOA transit news, info etc

    All to be replaced by the Novabus LFS. How many are tentatively being acquired? Around 80-90 right?
  7. Thank you for the info. It is appreciated.
  8. Ok thank you for that information. For what would be done it wouldn’t be for commercial purposes or to generate revenue. Both TTC and STM allow for non commercial purposes so from the document you attached it would seem the only issue is commercial purposes.
  9. I am in the process of putting this project together little by little, in the leadup to the Confederation Line opening. The intention is to hopefully put out a site that is similar in content to www.MetrodeMontreal.com whereby they showcase and discuss the unique aspects of the stations as well as the trains, as well as a separate forum area to ask related questions, or share news. As in the original post at the top, I know in the past OC Transpo had a no photography policy and so forth. I can't find any info on their website if this is still the case. It would be shame as in Montreal the STM specifically allows it and encourage it (so long as it does not interfere with the service offered). What do we know of OC Transpo's current policy if there is one? I do plan to reach out to their media relations to get the final word but just checking with other transit enthusiasts here to see, as we have all shared photos... any issues? On the TTC's website they state "Tourists, families and individuals filming or photographing within the public areas of the transit system for non-commercial purposes, are not expected to contact the TTC to obtain permission or a permit so long as such filming/photographing does not interfere with the safe and orderly operation of the transit system and/or our customers." https://www.ttc.ca/TTC_Business/Filming_on_ttc_property/index.jsp And on the STM they state : Film and photo shoots by students or amateurs involving small teams and light material (smart phones and basic camera equipment) do not require special permission, as long as the activity complies with these conditions: Film or photo shoots are done with a smart phone or small-size camera Tripods and camera flashes are forbidden inside métro system installations Activity must not get in the way of people circulating Images of STM employees are forbidden http://www.stm.info/en/info/rules/activities-taking-photos-and-shooting-videos
  10. So they would be evenly matched? Or did one edge out the other? So the two fastest accelerating buses ever in the OC Transpo fleet would be the Invero and the Orion VI?
  11. Does the Invero accelerate faster than even the Orion VI?
  12. Hmmm. This is really going in a weird direction. Haha How would you rank the buses from fastest to slowest acceleration?
  13. Hi guys, Sorry to jump in but would it be possible to keep it to a ranking so that there is a comparison being done, rather than saying just one model. Please see the questions above in the original post. Thank you.
  14. Hello, I'm just curious for those in the know, if they can rank the following buses on the following areas. Obviously this will be your opinion and that's what I'm interested in. Fastest to Slowest Acceleration. Highest Top Speed. Most Enjoyable/Fun to Drive. Most Reliable to Least Reliable. Best to Worse in Winter and Snow Conditions. Here are the buses to rank. GM NewLook GM Classic GM Artic Orion Ikarus Nova Classic New Flyer D40HF Orion V Orion V 97-98 Nova LFS 97-98 Orion VI New Flyer D60LF New Flyer D40i Invero Orion VII Hybrid New Flyer D60LFr Alexander Dennis Double Decker Thank you.