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  1. Thanks! Waiting for that on my 136...
  2. 134/136 is shuttles today. Won't "find out" for another 23 hours.
  3. Burnaby is so beautiful this morning!
  4. Talking about this? Translinkkid isn't the only one to get it.
  5. N9758 Freshly Wrapped for Tim Horton's "New Latt-eh"
  6. I presume that it was for a movie. 974 was sitting in a parking lot near Lake City Skytrain since January this year.
  7. It used to, before the Millennium Line opened. It even went to Scott Road on certain afternoon trippers.
  8. The whole Millennium Line has the Compass TVMs.
  9. They were "XXX Not In Service" and "no f-----g way". They have been long removed from the system.
  10. When Translink reopened the Lougheed Bus Loop, they combined the 136 and 110 at Bay 7 (58431). On multiple trips, the buses leave at the exact same time. (Excerpt from the schedule below). At Lougheed Station, Bay 6 (58430) only has the C24. A suggestion I would make is to move the C24 up to Bay 10 (58434) where it will share a stop with the C9 and the N9, then move the 136 or the 110 to Bay 6, eliminating the issue of having two buses with the same departure time from the same bay.
  11. Those photos were taken back in January.
  12. TTC partnering with Translink (Skytrain) to source parts and expertise to refurbish their trains. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/2015/02/26/scarboroughs-creaking-srt-gets-a-makeover.html
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